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Xu Xinghe went straight to the bathroom after returning to his room.

After washing his face with water, he gradually calmed down.

He patted his face dully, a little annoyed.

Was he too sensitive just now

When Marshal Ling asked him why he wanted joint custody of the child just then, his temper suddenly flared up.

But after thinking about it carefully, Marshal Ling actually didnt say anything excessive.

It was different from Mu Qingyun back then…

Xu Xinghe sighed silently and thought to himself: “Forget it, just let it be.”

Although the first meeting between the two was a bit unhappy, going forward, theyll walk on their own sides of the road, which is better for everyone.

He took a quick shower and came out of the bathroom steaming in a bathrobe.

Then the bell sounded.

Xu Xinghe thought it was the servant who came to deliver something again, and said casually, “Please come in.”

The electronic door opened in response—

He never expected that it was Marshal Ling who came in!

This shock was really a bit big.

Xu Xinghes feet stumbled and he tripped over the too long bathrobe.

The edge of the bathrobe was violently stepped on, and a large section was instantly torn off, revealing a large area of ​​smooth and tight skin on his chest.

Marshal Ling, who had just stepped into the door, and bumped into such a picture—

Since he had just taken a bath, Xu Xinghes originally fair skin was dyed a light pink, with hot vapor wafting off, like a small shrimp that had just been peeled.

A few small drops of water fell down the ends of his hair, rolling across his chest and over his flat abdomen, and then dripped down into the half of the bathrobe he grabbed in time…

Ling Changfeng stopped.

His calm eyes rolled down with the drop of water.

A light flickered in the eyes.

At this moment, Xu Xinghe had only one thought in his heart: “F*ck! So embarrassing!”

He lifted his bathrobe angrily, wrapped himself up tightly, and tightened the belt.

The silky bathrobe and belt only outlined his slender waist.

The one-size bathrobe enveloped him.

Like a child stealing an adults clothes, he looked funny and cute.

Also surprisingly attractive.

After he quickly tidied the bathrobe, Xu Xinghe raised his head and asked, “Why are you here”

Marshal Lings expression had already returned to his usual indifference by then.

“Ill ask them to send you some suitable clothes later.” Then he added: “Im here to tell you – yes.”

Xu Xinghe was confused.

“Yes, what”

Ling Changfeng looked into his eyes and said, “Joint custody of future children.

If you want, of course you can.”

Xu Xinghes pupils shrank.

He never thought that after experiencing countless questions, ridicule, and abuse, just as he began to doubt himself, and question whether his insistence was really as unreasonable as people said, he actually got such a reply.

Ling Changfeng didnt reply to him with a “youre dreaming” like the Mu family did, but told him that ”if you want, of course you can.”1The Mu family dismissed his question as if he was dreaming/thinking wishfully

Xu Xinghes nose suddenly felt a little sour.

The black eyes warmed from the shower became even wetter.

He turned his face away quickly.

Still unable to believe it, he lowered his eyes and asked again: “For such a big matter, dont you need to discuss it with the people around you before making a decision”

As soon as he finished speaking, he regretted it, wanting to slap his big mouth.

The other party has agreed, why does he have to ask so much! What if he regrets it

Thinking of this, Xu Xinghe immediately raised his head and looked at Ling Changfeng eagerly, for fear that the other party would say, “Then Ill think about it again”.

Marshal Lings heart was a little itchy when he saw the watery deer-like eyes of the other party.

In his opinion, the way his newlywed partner stared at him was like an animal cub intently  staring at its beloved stuffed toy.

Such focused and hopeful eyes will undoubtedly make any alpha happy and satisfied from the bottom of their heart.

The evil desire and hope imprinted in his bones were also ready to pounce.

Ling Changfengs throat bobbed.

Looking away, he calmly replied, “Im in charge of my own affairs.

Who do I need to discuss it with”

Xu Xinghe felt relieved.

Even Marshal Lings iceberg face felt much milder in his eyes.

The corners of his mouth lifted up involuntarily, and he smiled.

“Thank you.”

A sweet little dimple appeared on his left cheek.

Whether intentional or unintentional, Ling Changfengs eyes glanced at the small dimple and were stuck.

Xu Xinghe, whos mind was relieved of this matter, relaxed, and he released a large yawn.

Since receiving notice of this second matching, he hasnt slept very well and even had a little insomnia.

Its rare to be so sleepy.

He wanted to climb into bed and get a good nights rest.

But Marshal Ling was still standing in the room, without any intention to leave.

And his expression is serious, as if there is something important to explain.

Xu Xinghe tentatively asked: “Is there anything else”

Marshal Ling looked at him.

“You dont need to use honorifics when you talk to me in the future.”

“Ah” Xu Xinghe was stunned.

He originally thought that the two would not have much interaction in the future, and it didnt matter what appellation he used.

But on second thought, even if theyre only superficial husband and wife, using honorifics at home is really strange.

So he nodded politely.


Ling Changfeng continued in a serious tone.

“I will try my best to pay attention to my tone in the future.

If there is something that makes you uncomfortable, you can tell me directly—”

After a while, he added indifferently: “I can change.”

If Marshal Lings adjutant, Major General Qin Yuan, was present, his mouth would have become a large O by now.

As early as when he was in the military academy, Qin Yuan once commented on Ling Changfeng with his comrades in class: “You said that hedoesnt turn back when hitting the south wall Youre wrong, he is the kind of person who will break the south wall.”2as in he always does what he thinks/plans, and will forge his own path forward instead of turning around when encountering something unexpected

In a blink of an eye, more than 30 years have passed, and Marshal Ling has broken through many south walls, still continuing in his own way.

And Qin Yuan has never heard the words “I can change” from his mouth.

It is a pity that this unprecedented sincere statement, coupled with Marshal Lings iceberg face that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, and a tone that is so serious as if he is blackmailing someone, makes the listener feel hes not being very sincere.

Xu Xinghe even felt that the other partys “I can change”, was really “It is impossible to change.

If there are any problems in the future, you should be more understanding.”

So Xu Xinghe had no choice but to shake his head with a black face.

“No, nothing, its fine now.”

Marshal Ling followed with an “en”.3En = sound of agreement, approval, or equal to yes.4

But he still didnt leave.

Xu Xinghe could only tighten his words and hint further: “Its getting late.


Just as he was thinking about how to euphemistically remind the other party that it was time to leave, Marshal Ling automatically took over: “You want to rest”

Xu Xinghe nodded quickly, not noticing the other partys deepening gaze.

Marshal Ling pondered for a while: “Lets rest then.”

After speaking, he walked further inside Xu Xinghes bedroom with his hands behind his back.


Anyone feel like its a chicken talking to a duck LCF is 100% genuine and honest, but his blunt manner of speaking, low EQ with emotional matters, and XXHs past experiences make everything flip flop 180 degrees.


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1The Mu family dismissed his question as if he was dreaming/thinking wishfully2as in he always does what he thinks/plans, and will forge his own path forward instead of turning around when encountering something unexpected34-

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