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At ten oclock in the morning, Xu Xinghe woke up from the bed in a daze.

It was a sound sleep untouched by dreams.

He didnt get up directly, but held his breath, opened his eyes a little, and quietly looked to his side.

His new husband has disappeared.

Instead, Xiaoqi was lying on the bed where Marshal Ling lay last night and gave him a sweet “meow”.

Xu Xinghe breathed a sigh of relief, turned over, and sat up: “Morning, Xiaoqi, did you rest well last night”

“Meow~” Xiaoqi stretched and looked in a good mood.

“Oh right! Did I forget to add cat food last night”

Xu Xinghe suddenly remembered this important matter, jumped out of bed quickly, and rushed to the cat food bowl.

“Why didnt you call me What if you get hungry…”

Before he finished speaking, his eyes suddenly widened.

The cat food bowl is full!

Looking back at Xiaoqi, the latter followed behind him calmly, wagging her tail leisurely, as if she was satisfied and full.

Xu Xinghe: “”

When taking a bath last night, he thought of getting cat food for Xiaoqi, but Marshal Lings unexpected visit made him forget all about it.

Xu Xinghe looked down at the full food bowl, and asked Xiaoqi blankly, “Who filled your bowl”

It couldnt be Marshal Ling, right That old man is such a busy person, and even gets up at 3:00 in the morning to read documents.

Does he still have the time to help feed the cat

His only answer was the meowing of Ms.


“Forget it, its fine if youre not hungry.” Xu Xinghe mumbled a few words.

Pushing the question out of his mind, he went to wash up.

He is now on wedding holiday, and does not have to go to work, and has a lot of leisure time.

“What to do today…” Xu Xinghe lowered his head to watch Xiaoqi while brushing his teeth.

“I dont think Ive been able to cook for a while, why dont I go to the kitchen for a while Ill make you some cat biscuits along the way.”

“Meow~!” Hearing her beloved cat biscuits mentioned, Xiaoqis big blue eyes were shining.

Stepping forward to rub Xu Xinghes legs, she raised her head and licked her mouth expectantly.

Cooking food is one of Xu Xinghes hobbies.

When he lived alone, he often cooked for himself and his friends.

He also collected some precious ancient recipes to reproduce, and his cooking skills were widely praised.

It wasnt until he went to Mus house a year ago that he had to put this interest on hold.

Dont know whether its convenient to cook in the Marshals mansion or not…

Xu Xinghe walked out of the bedroom and stopped a passing servant.

“Hello, where is the kitchen”

“Morning, Mr.

Xu.” The servant stopped, “Do you want to have breakfast Please wait a moment, we will bring it to your room.”

Xu Xinghe waved his hand.

“No, no, I want to make something to eat by myself.

Can you take me to the kitchen if it is convenient”

The servant was stunned.

Do it yourself

In the interstellar era, with the popularity of nutritional supplements and housekeeping robots, few people can cook food by themselves.

The marshals young wife said he wanted to cook by himself

He hesitated for a moment, and went to ask the steward.

Although the latter was a little surprised, he felt that there was no need to reject the marshals new partner for this trivial matter, and had the servant take him over.

Xu Xinghe was led to the kitchen on the first floor of the mansion.

What he didnt expect was that the back kitchen of the entire mansion was empty.

Although it was fully equipped, no fresh ingredients were seen on the countertops.

While some common kitchen utensils can be found in the corners, the housekeeping robot was even covered with a layer of dust.

“Does the marshal usually not eat at the mansion” Xu Xinghe asked.

The servant replied: “Our marshal relies on nutritional supplements for three meals a day, and seldom eats natural food, so there is no full-time chef in the house.

But if you need, we can ask professional chefs to take care of your diet.”

“Dont bother.” Xu Xinghe waved his hand.

“I can make it myself when I want to eat.”

The servant smiled: “There used to be no one in our kitchen, and now we have restarted operations to welcome you.

Someone will send fresh ingredients over later.

You can also use  the ingredients in the freezer and the kitchen and housekeeping robot, or tell us what you want to eat at any time, and we will try our best to satisfy it.”

“Thank you, theres really no need.” Xu Xinghe was a little flattered by his words.

This treatment was really different than in the Mu family.

“By the way, whats your name” Xu Xinghe asked.

The young servant opposite was stunned: “My name is Langdon.”

Xu Xinghe smiled at him: “Landon, go do your own business first, just leave things to me here.”

After that, he turned and walked into the kitchen freezer.

Originally, he didnt have much hope for the ingredients in the freezer.

He just wanted to see if there was anything Xiaoqi could eat, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there were several shelves full of all kinds of meat inside.

There was not only beef, venison, rabbit, and other frozen meat, but also seafood such as mussels, cod, salmon, blue lobster, and so on.

Didnt he say that the marshal only eats nutrients Why is there so much seafood and raw meat in the freezer

Xu Xinghe was not polite, and picked out a few boxes of meat and seafood and went out.

As soon as I walked out of the freezer, I heard a conversation between two young men outside the door: “Is he going to feed the marshal”

“This is not nonsense, but its a pity that this flattery slapped a horses leg.1as in failed The marshal is not interested in food at all.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Im sorry, Im not preparing a share for your marshal.

He looked up and saw two young men in uniforms walking over chatting and laughing, followed by a 1-meter tall cargo robot carrying a basket full of various ingredients.

The two of them were unaware that someone was in the kitchen, and continued chatting.

“I dont know if his cooking is good or not.”

“How can a science and engineering man be good at cooking The food he makes must not taste very good.”

Xu Xinghe: “” How did a science and engineering man offend you!

“I heard that the marshal left his room early this morning, and stayed in the study until now.

The marshal just got married and he doesnt want to accompany him.

Wont they be strangers in the future

Oh Xu Xinghe pricked up his ears and ate melon, thinking to himself, “Then I thank him.”2eating melons = enjoying listening to gossip.

“It was said on the Internet that hes still thinking about his ex-husband, but as a result, he started cooking for the marshal.

It seems that he is not sincere to General Mu either, and is just greedy for power.”

“Keep your voice down, York! Did you forget what the steward ordered Dont say such things in the house in the future.”

“What are you afraid of The marshal is such a good alpha, how could he be assigned such an omega by the mastermind…”

The voice suddenly stopped.

The two came to the door of the kitchen and saw Xu Xinghe as soon as they looked up.

The scene was very embarrassing.

One of the servants gave Xu Xinghe a stiff smile, pretending that nothing happened: “Good morning Mr.


The other servant named York turned his head away and stopped talking.

Casually leaning on the edge of the cabinets, Xu Xinghes eyes swept over the two of them.

Langdons enthusiasm just now made him almost forget, this is the norm.

The conditions of those who can enter the Marshals mansion at a young age cant be too bad.

Some of the Mu familys servants had eyes above the top, not to mention the Marshals mansion.3as in very haughty/prideful, and dismissive of people who attempt to climb the ladder

In the eyes of these people, hes just a lucky one who was selected by the mastermind with the right to reside in the Marshals mansion for one year, and will lose this luck in a year.

Therefore, they dont treat him as the “Marshals partner” at all.

Coincidentally, Xu Xinghe also did not put himself in the position of “Marshals partner”.

The difference is that he did not regard this matching marriage as “lucky” at all, but felt that he was an unlucky person who was tricked by the mastermind and forced to stay here for a year.

“Leave the things, you go down first.”

Xu Xinghe had nothing to say to them.

His eyes quickly shifted to the ingredients, and lit up.

The ingredients basket is divided into several layers, full of top-quality steaks and seafood, special fresh fruits and vegetables, and dozens of condiments on the bottom…

Xu Xinghes idea of ​​”making something to eat” instantly changed.

He walked around the two of them to the cargo robot without a word, reached out, and swiped on the list screen.

Premium filet mignon, prosciutto, black truffle, mushrooms…

As these ingredients came into view, Xu Xinghe suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

Recalling a recipe he had seen before, he decided to give it a try.

He first took out the filet mignon, seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, and then heated a pan with olive oil, frying each side until browned.

Melted butter was sautéd minced onions and  mushrooms until fragrant, then add black truffle and brandy, puree in a blender to make a savory, rich sauce to spread on the surface of the steak.

Use a few slices of prosciutto to roll up the sauced steak and tender foie gras, wrap with cotton thread to hold in place, and put in the fridge to set.

Finally, flour, eggs, butter and other materials are mixed to make puff pastry, which is wrapped on the outermost layer of the steak, brushed with egg wash, and scored slightly…

A “beef wellington” is basically done.

Xu Xinghe put his masterpiece satisfactorily into the oven and set the time and heat.

Looking at the watch, it was almost twelve oclock noon.

He was so focused on cooking that he didnt even know when the two servants left.

“Next is Ms.

Xiaoqis cat biscuits…”

The production process of cat biscuits is relatively simple.

Use a meat grinder to mix all kinds of beef, rabbit, fish, shrimp, eggs and other ingredients into paste, squeeze into the shape of small fish, and then bake in the oven.

When Xu Xinghe carefully squeezed out rows of small fish cakes on the baking sheet and put them in the oven, the beef wellington on the side was almost cooked.

The moment the steak comes out of the oven, the meaty aroma of beef, the fresh aroma of ham, the sweet aroma of pastry, and the umami of truffles and mushrooms instantly filled the kitchen.

The tantalizing taste instantly provoked one to drool and salivate.

Even Xu Xinghe himself felt hungry.

At this moment, a strange cat meow came from behind him—


Not Xiaoqis voice.

Xu Xinghe turned his head in surprise-

To see a Persian cat with soft white fur squatting at the door of the kitchen, staring intently at him.

This Persian cat has a pair of beautiful eyes.

Gold left eye, blue right eye.

Exactly the same as Marshal Ling.


Guess who this second kitty is

Also, I want a beef wellington now… never had one, always wanted to try, and then translating this…

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1as in failed2eating melons = enjoying listening to gossip.3as in very haughty/prideful, and dismissive of people who attempt to climb the ladder-

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