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Chapter 1402: Forced awakening, Ash and Eco

In Ferdiand city, on an airship owned by the Zepharos empire.

There is a weird instrument situated at the bottom floor of the airship.

The instrument looked like it was made from a giant beasts head.

It had a shiny exterior like it was made from Gold.

Although this machine looked weird, there is a transparent wall separating the interior of the machine and the exterior.

One could peer into the machine.

Indeed, the interior looked like a cockpit or a biological vat.

There are wires connected to the machine with displays showing the operations conducted by the machine.

This machine is also big.

It can contain adult dragons without any problems.

The machine also had multiple cores embedded in it.

A machine with Fafnirites adorning it.

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Isnt this the result of magic engineering

This magic instrument was attended by several researchers in white coats.

There were dozens of these researchers working on the machine.

The Millenium Fafnirites shone brilliantly as the machine hummed along.

If one were to look closer, there are two individuals contained in the machine.

A young lady and young man were hugging each other in the biological vat.

Ash and Eco were placed inside.

The lead researcher stood with a tanned young lady.

The tanned lady watched on with disgust and fear.

Meanwhile, the lead researcher looked on with calculated calm.

It was as if the older researcher wasnt experimenting on humans.

He looked like he was just examining two slabs of meat.

Anya finally voiced her thoughts.

“Hey, Why did you throw these two in the machine”


The lead researcher assumed she was in on this, he replied nonetheless.

“Milgauss ordered me to do so.”


Anya clenched her fists.


“To wake the Avalon imperial princess up.”

The lead researcher said with glowing eyes.

“In the past, all the dragons were said to be able to make it into the Maestro stage of their lives.”

“All the dragons can change into Maestros”

Anya gasped.

“The dragons have a rich culture.

Now, they are reduced to relying on humans for Astral.

In the past, they stood unopposed by other beings, they were the apex lifeforms.

They had the strength to back it up.”

The researcher replied.

“All the dragons can morph into Maestros because of this machine.”

The researcher looked at the machine.

“According to Milgauss, this machine was used on the dragons that couldnt grow into Maestros.”

“This thing”

Anya looked at him.

Then, youre using it on Eco…”


The researcher passionately replied.

“We want to forcibly wake the Avalon Imperial dragon up.

We want her in her original imperial dragon empress form!”

Anya asked.

“What about Ash”

“He is the chosen knight of the dragon empress, he is also her master.”

The researcher answered.

“Without him, the awakened dragon empress would quickly die of Astral starvation.”


Anya turned pale.


“With the Millenium Fafnirites, we can resuscitate the slumbering Avalon Imperial Dragon.

Then, we are going to force the two to merge and make Ash the battery for the Avalon imperial dragon.

He will be nothing more than an organ for Astral production!”

Wee woo wee woo

The alarms started blaring all of a sudden.

The researchers also started panicking.

“Abnormality detected.”

“Magic values going off the charts!”

“Unknown magic signatures detected.

The resonance cant be stopped!”

“The machine is going out of control! We are going to hit the point of criticality!”


The lead researcher turned pale too.

Wee woo wee woo

The temperature inside the room continued to rise as chaos filled the air.

All of them went wild on their keypads but to no avail.

“Why did this happen”

The researcher was visibly confused.

“What happened!”

Anya tensed up.


They heard a loud heartbeat.


The two stopped.

Then, the machine went silent.


In a furious explosion, crimson flames started licking the place.


The people started running for their lives.

“Calm down! Do not panic!”

The lead researcher yelled while no one heeded his advice.

A pillar of light sprung forth from the flames.

The light melted the ceiling away as it shot into the sky.

Ash and Eco floated with their eyes closed inside the beam of light.

Eco started emitting a giant wave of magic.

That magic is easily more than the total magic reserves held by dozens of adult dragons.

Ashs star brand also started burning up like flaming red snakes.

In a poof, the two disappeared in a cloud of condensed Astral.

Anya mumbled in a daze.

“Theyre gone…”


The loud explosion could be seen all across Ferdiand city.

They saw one of the Zepharos empires airships had been lit ablaze by a pillar of light.

The pillar of light lit up the night sky.

“Wh-what was that”

They gasped.

A magic totem appeared from inside the light pillar.

It slowly widened like a pair of giant Astral wings.

In the center of the formation, halos of magic power started expanding as an oval object appeared at the core.

The oval object glistened under the moonlight.

But, anyone could tell what that giant thing was.

It was an Egg.

The egg started shining brightly like a miniature sun.

The egg had magic circuits growing on it that resembled those found on Ashs arm.

The egg with wings continued to emit dazzling rays of light as the magic circles made it look like an angel was coming into being inside the giant shining egg.

All the people immediately knew something was about to happen.

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