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”What do you want Where are my friends” The mage looked around in panic. This place creeped him out, and he was eager to know about his teammates condition.

However, Jake didnt answer and instead stood up. He started pacing around in the chamber with a thoughtful look on his face, as if he was pondering over a theological question.

”Speak, where are they!” Alex gritted his teeth, using all his strength to tear the ropes which bound him.

”Well,” Jake turned to the struggling mage and stared at him. ”I said, I have a deal for you.”

Alex abruptly stopped struggling. But he again burst out. ”No! Im not dealing with a demon. Tell me what happened to them or el-”

”Tch Tch Tch…” Jake shook his head and went behind Alex. Placing his one hand on the mages shoulder, he said, ”Do you think you are able to threaten me”

[Dark Fire]

Alexs left pinky burned, and the black flame picked it while making churning sounds.


The fire spread to Alexs ring finger and began eating it as well. Jake was unperturbed by the shrill cries and continued, ”You see, there are better methods to torture you, but I have a deal… You shouldnt lose this chance when Im being so generous.”

He spoke in a slow and hypnotic way. Alex roared in pain while Jake went around with his hands behind his back. Half a minute passed. Coming back to the crying mage, Jake dispelled the fire, which had already consumed the mages four fingers.

”Ready to talk now”

Alex panted hearing that question, but he nodded right after he caught a breather.

”Good.” Jake sat back on the table and began, ”So the deal is quite simple. Youll go outside and tell the others that your party has killed all the monsters and cleared this dungeon.

However, your friends are trapped in a room, and only an enormous amount of mana crystals can open the door to it. Youve confirmed the priestess and the boy are also here, but they arent dead because of a mysterious jar which secretes live-saving elixir. How is it Can you tell your adventurer friends about it”

”W-what do you mean… Theres no way thats true!”

”Alex,” Jake titled his head. ”Your teammates are alive. Ive kept them in a chamber like this and I can choose to kill them whenever I want. Though if you do as I say, I promise to free them. But if you dont, then…”

”No!” Alex adamantly refused. If he did that, he would bring more people to their deaths.

”Hm.” Jake lazily stood up and went to bring a box containing sharp needles. Opening it, he clasped Alexs charred hand, and inserted one needle right through the thumbs nail. Jake sent some mana into that needle and the nail broke.

”What are yo- Aaaa- AAA!”

Jake then started peeling the nail without a word, as if he was peeling boiled potatoes. Taking another needle, he inserted it deep into the mages wrist.

”If you dont do, then Ill first kill that Gordon guy.” Jake lied. The berserker was already dead.

He continued, ”After that, Ill go find the two women and then ** them until they beg for more.”

Jake pinned another needle, and Alex screamed.

”Ill ravage their cunts, make them suck my cock. Theyll be my sex slaves, my toys. If I get bored, Ill just kill them.” Jake pinned yet another needle.

”However, if you just spread that lie to the adventurers, you know, Ill let them leave with you. See, its not that big of a deal.” Jake stopped and smiled.

Alexs own tears dirtied his face. He had bitten his tongue in pain and his hand looked like a bloody cactus. He had cried until his throat hurt, and even speaking a word was difficult.

Jake was expecting an answer anytime now, but the silence made him a little annoyed. He stood up and leaned closer to Alexs face. ”Tell me one thing, what does that Diana mean to you”

That question made the mage flinch. Jake smiled, catching that sight. ”So you like her…”


”No Then is it okay if I pound her ass right here”

There was silence again, a rather tense one. Jake clicked his tongue and headed to the chambers entrance.

”Wait!” Alex shouted and immediately began coughing because his throat hurt. However, he still uttered what he wanted to say. ”I agree! I agree with everything that you want me to do!”

Jake turned around and took out a squirming black worm from his pocket. “Then eat this.”

”What is… that” Alex asked with a disgusted expression.

”Something to keep you in check.”

[Name: Cursed Centipede]

[Description: A symbiote worm which would remain dormant as long as the host abides by what s/he vowed before eating it. However, if its host tries breaking the vow, itll release a poison thatll immediately paralyze the host, and then reproduce by consuming the living body until there is nothing left.]

[Cost: 850 Evil Points]

Jake made Alex recite every word he said before letting him consume the Cursed Centipede.

“Good. If you do not come back within two weeks, this thing will still eat you. So be quick.”

“You… wont do anything to them, right” Alex asked after eating the disgusting worm.

“Of course, I wont touch the women. I promise.” Jake smiled.

“Swear on your name!” The mage knew some things about demons. It was said that a demon couldnt violate something he swore on his name.

And thankfully, this demon obliged without doing anything fishy… but Alex didnt know about Jakes real thoughts.

‘Heh, as if Id ever swear on my True Name. Jake Farlen is merely a convenient human name I gave myself. It does not affect me.

Some time later, in a bright chamber on the seventh floor. Jake was sitting on a couch while looking at the two female adventurers he had caught.

Naked, with no weapons and hands tied behind their backs, they had no option to retaliate. Diana was strong, but she couldnt break Erins blood chains.

”Surrender your bodies to me.”

”Never!” Riri shouted. She had tears in her eyes. Why Why did they have to come here! Why did they take this quest

She felt regret. Her life was just starting, and now a demon had trapped her in this dungeon. She looked at Diana and found the woman only frowning. How could she stay calm in this situation

Jake stood up and walked to the girls. He could just use [Lustful Demon] title but there was one problem. Dianas Will attribute was just over 200, so the title didnt work on her. He could still have Riri, but a threesome seemed more appealing to him. Also, making them think they have a chance was fun.

He leaned towards Riri and looked into her eyes. Oh, the fire of hatred in them, how blazing. That fire will soon become one of passion, for pleasure. He would make sure that happened.

Diana spoke at this moment. ”Kill me and let her go.”

Riri turned her head in surprise. She had always envied Diana for her power, her courage. Riri even hated this woman who never showed any weakness.

To her, Diana was like an unsurpassable character favored by the captain. Brave and capable, one who had many admirers. However, today, this woman made such a decision. Tears again came out of Riris eyes, but this demons cold voice made her lose hope.

”Youre not the one making decisions here. I am just giving you two a chance.” Jake leaned towards them and whispered into their ears.

”Or have you forgotten that I have your captain hostage What if I were to cut off his limbs, peel off his skin while keeping him alive What if I then sprinkled some salt there and roasted his flesh” Jake straightened himself and smiled.

”You can prevent all that by offering me your bodies. Ill let your captain go. I promise.”

The two ladies shuddered and looked at each other after hearing him.


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