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Chapter 864: What Constrains Hua Huo  

"What I hesitated was whether I really wanted my daughters to get close to him."  

"Although my daughters are actually a part of me, they always feel strange."  

"They have the courage I don't have.

They can always love bravely, but I can't do it myself."  

"I have things I can't say to him, and I have damned restrictions!" Speaking of this, Hua Huo's expression became very unwilling.


Yes, she could have done it.

Whether in the small town or in the White Lotus Sword Palace now, there were many opportunities for her to get closer to Little Xi.


However, she is carrying an unusual fate, as the strength of her blood makes it particularly easy to be violent because of her emotions.


If her Sky Flying Bloodline goes completely out of control when making love with Little Xi - no, it will certainly go out of control, then the result is really terrible.


This is why she likes Little Xi so much, but she can't go further with him.


The power of the Sky Flying Bloodline has brought her incredible combat power, but it has also brought her great trouble.


Recently, her strength has increased faster and her form is more unstable than before, which is really a big problem.


If she suddenly spread her wings in front of Little Xi, it must be a great tragedy.


Obviously, she also wants to have the opportunity to do things that lovers should do with Little Xi!  

At this time, her strong bloodline became her biggest bondage.


That's why she envies Zakas.


"So… that's really annoying…" Yun Xi was also struggling.

He was also vaguely aware that Hua Huo never seemed to allow him to further contact her body.


She seems to have some secrets that cannot be told, and she has always avoided further intimacy with him.


However, Zakas, who were bred by the original dragon in her dreams, were so enthusiastic about him that they would even betray her.


At that time, Yun Xi found something hidden in Hua Huo.


Is it not that she doesn't want to go further, but she can't  

This kind of Hua Huo is pitiful and lovely, which makes Yun Xi excited.


"I have been waiting for the time when I could really hold hands with him."  

"I defeated all my opponents, but I was bound by myself.

It's really unpleasant."  

"One day, I will completely cut off all the shackles and gain real freedom." for some reason.

It's a secret that can't be told to Little Xi, but Hua Huo can tell it in front of this person.


Perhaps it is because he has the shadow of Little Xi when he grows up, which can give her a sense of peace of mind.


"Is that what you want, then" Yun Xi always felt that he had heard things he should not have heard.


The secret that Hua Huo has been carefully protecting has slowly revealed a tip of the iceberg.


It turned out that the original giant dragon who reigned in the world of the Dragon War, the invincible childhood sweetheart in his mind, would also have some troubles.


She has the highest force to defeat all her opponents, but she can't defeat something she has to bare.


Compared with the omnipotent Hua Huo in Yun Xi's eyes, this kind of Hua Huo is more real and lovely.


She is still the most dazzling star in Yun Xi's mind and the queen of summer.


She has the characters of all four Zakas, She is the original giant dragon that can breed great creatures, and she is the eternal first love in Yun Xi's heart.


"This enemy… is too powerful…" Hiding in the sandwich of Heart Asking Cabin, White Lotus bit her finger and looked at Hua Huo, who knew nothing but attracted Yun Xi's heart.


She is not only powerful in reality, but also powerful in spirit.


It is extremely difficult to interfere in the relationship of these two people.


However, it is precisely because of this that the infinite possibility of fate is even more apparent, isn't it  

The stronger the enemy is, the more convinced White Lotus will be.

Only by defeating such an enemy can she change her destiny.


"Yes, I like him better than anyone else."  

"Even if I can't do it now, I will join him one day and give birth to a child who can shock the entire endless god's domains."  

"A child who has the strength of both of us at the same time must be the best of the entire endless god's domains."  

"On that day, I will pick up our child and proudly declare to the whole world."  

"This child was born king!" Hua Huo's eyes became excited, and she narrated a story that was like a girl's fantasy.


If it was other girls, Yun Xi may only smile and thought this fantasy was very romantic.


But if the object is Hua Huo, this may be a fact.


She really believed and felt that she could do it.


The birth of Desert Dragon Zaka is the best proof.


Really, she's an incredible childhood sweetheart.

I must have been lucky to meet her.


"If possible, I will give my child a Golden Dragon Army, a Red Dragon Army, an Archangel Army and a Hydra Army." The more Hua Huo talked, the more excited she became, as if she had seen part of the infinite future.


Hey, hey, hey, is this to conquer the world Even the gods will cry when they see so many armies.

Yun Xi couldn't help but look at Hua Huo immersed in the fantasy of the future.


Compared with Hua Hao's invincible armies, Yun Xi's vision of the future with Hua Hao was more real.


A large house with a lawn where Mei'er and the dogs of the Star Spirit team can run freely, a tower where four Zakas can fly happily, and a love nest for him and Hua Huo.


In the spring, he can take them to the riverside for a picnic.


In the summer, he could see their lovely appearance in swimming suits.


In the autumn, they can roast sweet potatoes with fallen leaves.


In the winter, they can make one snowman after another.


Since he has accepted the existence of Zakas, he will also regard the four Zakas as his daughters after marriage with Hua Huo.


Well, at that time, the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll could help him resist the temptation of the four Zakas.

Yun Xi still had great expectations for this scroll.


"Thank you.

I think I understand what to do." Hua Huo was also surprised that the person had not raised any suggestions.

She just said her troubles and naturally became refreshed.


If Little Xi grows up and becomes mature, can listen to her well and tolerate her everything, maybe it will be like this.


It is clearly a demon, but it has some similarities to Little Xi.

Is this also fate  

"How much do you want" Hua Huo brought out the red gemstones, which were the remaining flame gemstones from when Red Dragon Zaka was conceived.

Just one of them could probably buy a city.


"No, it is free."  

"I just need to listen to your troubles, and I'll be satisfied." Yun Xi shook his head and looked at Hua Huo more gently.


The more you understand Hua Huo, the more you understand her strength.


The more you know about her, the more you will like her.


As the two people grew, this feeling of liking has not weakened, but rather has increased every minute.


Hua Huo was the eternal brightness in his eyes, the star that will never disappear.


If he can become the sun, then she must surely be the brightest star in the night sky.


"If I meet you on the battlefield in the future, I will let you go once." For Hua Huo, this promise is thousands of times more precious than the gem.


Her destiny makes her bound to step on the battlefield with the demons at a certain time.

This is the mission brought by her blood.


"This promise will come true one day." Hua Huo vaguely had such a premonition.


The demon in front of her may be weak now, but he has some potential that she could not see through.

In the future, this demon may even become famous in the entire endless god's domains.


"I think… we will never meet on the battlefield." Yun Xi didn't know that his demon appearance had even attracted the attention of Hua Huo.


After all, for him, the talent of the six-eyed demon is just an accessory to the cultivation of the Paranimita Vasavartin Scroll, just like the butter one gets when buying bread.


"Well, goodbye." With a sense of satisfaction, Hua Huo left the Heart Asking Cabin.


Yun Xi's six-eyed demon mask has also collected the most terrible "emotional power" so far.


Hua Huo's emotions even filled one-third of the six-eyed demon mask.


Yun Xi looked at the sentiments collected by the six-eyed demon from his childhood sweetheart, and showed an amused look.


It turned out that his Childhood Sweetheart's desire is so mundane and lovely.


In this way, half of the emotional power to cast the real body of the six-eyed demon mask has been collected.


"Click!" White Lotus pushed open the door of the sandwich, held Red Lotus who was completely drunk, and looked at Yun Xi with a strange look:  

"Chidhood sweetheart… is really the strongest enemy…"  

"The prince… I see…"  

"But… this is the beginning…"  

With a smile that puzzled Yun Xi, White Lotus's fingertips stroked Red Lotus's cheek:  

"The prince, I hope you will find it out earlier…"  

"What do you really look like."  


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