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Ive Already Investigated Who Drugged Miss Shen at the Palace Banquet

Yu Linlang had already changed into a white and red dress. She could not hide the smile on her flushed face, as if she was feeling incredibly satisfied.

Shen Yaowei could tell at a glance that Yu Linlang was different from before. She picked up her teacup and took a sip to hide the smile that flashed across her lips.

“Yaoyao, are you full” Yu Linlang walked to Shen Yaowei and asked with concern.

Shen Yaowei put down her teacup and nodded.

Looking at Shen Yaoweis fair face, Yu Linlang curled her lips mockingly and continued in a gentle tone, “Prince Zhao has matters to attend to. Let me bring you back first. Lets go back to the residence”

Shen Yaoweis gaze lingered on the red mark on Yu Linlangs neck before she nodded slowly.

A day passed in a flash, and night quietly arrived.

Yan Bei dragged his numb butt into the brightly lit study.

Huo Junhan was still sitting at his desk, but the memorials in front of him were clearly not as many as in the morning.

Instinctively, he glanced at the charcoal brazier. It was burning and there was no sign of the sachet.

Sighing in his heart, Yan Bei knelt on one knee to Huo Junhan. “Your Highness, weve already found out who drugged Miss Shen at the palace banquet.”

Huo Junhan looked up at Yan Bei.

“It was Princess Baohua who drugged Miss Shen. However, the night before the palace banquet began, Yu Linlang went to Princess Baohuas residence and the two of them spent an hour alone,” Yan Bei said slowly.

Huo Junhan narrowed his eyes. “Send someone to secretly keep an eye on Baohua and Yu Linlang.”

“Yes! Ill take my leave!” Yan Bei stood up and walked out of the study.

Just as he reached the door, Huo Junhans cold voice sounded again.

“Send a top expert to secretly follow Shen Yaowei. Unless Shen Yaowei is in fatal danger, tell him not to expose himself.”

Yan Bei could not help but smile. “Yes! I will definitely send the most outstanding expert to protect Miss Shen! Master, dont worry!”

With that, Yan Bei immediately rushed out of the study as quickly as possible.

Huo Junhan looked down at the sachet in his left hand.

His thin lips curved slightly.

The night gradually deepened, and everything was silent.

A small black figure silently flew out of the Shen residence and headed straight for Princess Baohuas Mansion.

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Princess Baohuas Mansion was still brightly lit.

After taking a shower, Su Baohua was sitting in front of the dressing table with her eyes closed as her maid combed her hair.


The maids hand accidentally trembled, and the comb scratched Su Baohuas scalp, accidentally breaking off a few strands of her hair.

“B*tch! Dont you know to be careful! My hair is more precious than your life!” Princess Baohua casually picked up a whip on the dressing table and turned to whip the maid.

The maid was knocked to the ground by the whip, but she did not dare to cry out in pain. She immediately knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

“Princess, please cease your anger! I didnt do it on purpose! Please spare my life!”

“Someone, drag this b*tch out and beat her to death!” Su Baohua said coldly.

Immediately, a few strong old women walked in from the door and forcefully dragged out the maid who was crying and begging for mercy.

Su Baohua listened to the screams outside the door and smiled happily.

This was what happened to those who made her uncomfortable.

Listening to the maids cries appreciatively, Su Baohua hummed a tune and went to bed.

By the time the maids cries completely disappeared, Su Baohua had already closed her eyes in peace and fallen into a deep sleep, unaware that a small figure had landed on her roof.



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