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Two hours later, the sky was still gloomy.

The villagers stood on a platform on the side of the mountain, listening to the roar of water waves coming from below, and couldn’t help but be afraid.

The women and children let out soft cries.

This was an open space next to the dense forest in the mountain.

There was a half-person-high stone platform beside the road, which could be climbed and viewed from afar.

Fortunately, it was far away from the water, and as the torrent below was rolling, it did not threaten the people above.

The disciples of Qingcheng Mountain had already lit two fires, and the villagers and the cultivators both surrounded each campfire.

Zhu Li hurried between the two groups, acting as the link between them.

Hu Zi seemed to be frightened, holding Mu Xiyun’s arm and refusing to let go, therefore he had no choice but to take him with him.

After a long time of tossing and turning, the first light of dawn appeared on the horizon, and the thrilling night finally passed.

The villagers were extremely tired.

The adults held their children, and the old people supported each other and fell asleep around the fire.

Mu Xiyun handed the sleeping Hu Zi to Zhu Li, got up and walked towards the disciples of Qingcheng Mountain.

The young man in the lead immediately got up and saluted him. 

“Qingcheng Mountain, Deng Xian, this one greets Senior Brother Mo of Moyun Mountain.”

Mu Xiyun took two steps forward, humbly supported his elbow, and said sincerely, “Thanks to everyone in Qingcheng Mountain this time, if it wasn’t for your help, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

“Senior brother’s reputation is too honorable.

It is the duty of cultivators to save people in danger.” Deng Xian said sternly as the dim morning light illuminated his face and tall figure. What a heroic boy!

After a few chats, everyone warmed up.

Two female cultivators from Qingcheng Mountain had seen enough men since they entered the mountain.

After finally seeing a girl, they quickly pulled Luo Qingyao to talk about themselves.

“Junior Sister Luo, your piece of jade is so unique!” The senior sister of Qingcheng Mountain suddenly shouted.

Luo Qingyao looked down.

What she meant was the jade she retrieved with the help of Zhu Li and company before.

Afraid of it being lost in the chaos, Luo Qingyao used a plain silk fringe and hung it around her neck.

It was originally stuffed inside the clothes, but when she went up the mountain just now, as she was pulling the elderly and children, it was exposed unknowingly.

“Yuyao That means there is a pair! I don’t know which immortal husband has the other one” The little junior sister asked with a knowing smile.

The martial brothers of Qingcheng Mountain had long since pricked up their ears, and when they heard the words, they all looked at her quietly.

Luo Qingyao’s face turned red, but she didn’t dodge, and took off the jade generously, “This is my mother’s, and I don’t know it origin!”

Although it was said that it was something left by her mother, it was probably related to her own life experience, but the origin of the jade was a mystery.

Luo Qingyao had the heart to inquire, so she simply showed it to everyone to see if she could find someone who could help her.

The jade was not big, and the little hand of the girl could easily hold it in the palm of the hand.

A deer was carved at the bottom of the round jade.

The body of the deer was round and sturdy, the four hoofs were curved upwards following the shape of the Yujiang River, and the tall deer had long antlers on its head.

The branches and willows of the antlers were stacked in layers, forming an elegant arc in the upper part.

Under the glow of the fire, the jade was as warm and moist as congealed fat, as if the deer’s body really had flesh and blood.

The disciples of Qingcheng Mountain took a look and shook their heads one after another.

Only one disciple on the side hesitatingly answered.

“When I was a child, I listened to my grandmother’s story.

There is a deer in the west, from a distant snow-capped mountain.

Its antlers are like the branches and willows of an ancient tree and it takes a hundred years to grow a layer.

A thousand years after that, the deer would transform into a human and become a goddess in the human world.

The goddess prays for the human world, so that it will rain in the Gobi desert and become an oasis.

It was also said that the blood of the goddess can keep people’s souls alive.”

After speaking, he blushed first, glanced at Luo Qingyao, and said, “My old grandmother’s story is not necessarily credible, I don’t know if it helped this sister.” 

Before Luo Qingyao could speak, the senior sister of Qingcheng Mountain laughed first.

“It’s rare that Xiao Ke said so much today, remember to tell a story to Senior sister tomorrow!”

After some remarks, the younger martial brother could not wait to find a hole to hide in.

Then a group of young people discussed a few more words, but there were no new ideas.

Luo Qingyao put the thread around her neck again, and took the two female cultivators to rest.

Zhu Yicheng and Qin Le just went to see the situation of the villagers, and came over now, and then sat down with the disciples of Qingcheng Mountain.

Although they hadn’t slept all night, the youngsters were full of energy, and not one showed weariness.

A disciple of Qingcheng Mountain asked, “Say, this mountain torrent and mud flow, could it be an illusion in Lingshan” 

Zhu Yicheng was confused.

“It shouldn’t be, it doesn’t say in the “Lingshan Collection” that after a day or two, one can already reach the array formation.

We’ve only been gone for a day, so we probably haven’t arrived yet.

“But does this kind of catastrophe and danger also happen on the Immortal Mountain It is said that Lingshan is the blessed land of the immortals.

How can such a catastrophe happen” 

Another disciple immediately yelled.

“It’s not easy to know.

You can jump down and try.

If you won’t drown, then it must be an illusion.”

The disciples burst into laughter, however Deng Xian frowned when he heard their laughter. 

“Junior Brother Deng, what’s the problem” Mu Xiyun asked as he saw him frown.


I’m worried about what would happen to these villagers.” 

As the sky gradually brightened, the dark clouds dissipated, and the newborn sun illuminated the scene under the mountain.

The village had disappeared without a trace, and the valley where the houses used to be had been replaced by a large river.

The river was turbulent, and there were broken branches and broken trees floating on the water.

The small village that was originally quiet and peaceful had disappeared.

Mu Xiyun raised his eyes and looked into the distance.

Yesterday, the top of the hill covered with lush trees seemed to be drawn from top to bottom by an immortal expert.

A huge waterfall hung upside down like a sea of ​​stars, crashing down from the top of the mountain.

However, the huge current last night had already covered the narrow riverbed of the previous creek, scouring out a new channel.

As for the lower reaches of the river, it seemed that—

Seeing Mu Xiyun’s solemn expression, everyone stood up and looked downstream.

For a moment, several people let out a gasping sound of surprise. 

Qin Le murmured, “Is that… the sea”

Far downstream of the river, the field of vision was divided into three sections: the misty sea of ​​clouds above and the nearby rocks below, and between the two, under the illumination of the rising sun, a dazzling golden light shone.

Outside the mountain, more than two hours ago.

Nie Yao and Zhang Jinjin were upstairs in Qingfeng, and when they heard the huge roar in Lingshan, they couldn’t help but change their expressions.

Nie Yao took out his sword “Yupeng”, squeezed a sword spell, pulled Zhang Jinjin to jump on the sword, and went straight to the entrance of Lingshan.

All those who entered the mountain had already entered the mountain, and the spiritual mountain’s barrier had been sealed.

Although the roar on the mountain was heard, there was still silence at the foot of the mountain.

The exit array at the other end of the square had become restless at this moment.

A guide boy beside the magic array just showed a quitter the way out of the mountain to the post house, and was about to sit down and take a nap, when the exit magic circle suddenly flashed frantically.

A man covered in mud appeared in the magic circle, the muddy water had already covered his whole body, even his long loose hair was covered with mud, and the daoist robes on his body were tattered and heavy that it was very difficult to even lift his hands.

When the guide boy saw that he was making a mess, he pouted in disgust, and was about to scold him when another person flashed out of the formation.

This one was even worse.

Half of his clothes were torn, his messy hair was covered with dead branches and leaves, and he was holding a tree trunk in his hand.

Before the guide boy could react, several more people appeared in the formation, all of them in messy clothes.

After a few breaths of effort, the platform was already full of people.

“What are you still standing there, get out of the way!” The boy felt a pain in the head, and his cheeks bloated out of anger as if he had chestnut in his mouth.

When he turned his head, he saw a Senior brother of the Nie family and a few guys from the Golden Pavilion.

The boy was pushed aside, and a few young people quickly came to the front of the formation and pulled the people away.

There were more and more people coming out of the magic circle.

If you don’t evacuate quickly, you will be trampled to death in layers.

The teenagers who were pulled out of the magic circle looked at each other, and all stood aside.

The little boy was stunned for a while, but then came back to his senses and ran to the crowd, guiding them to the hospital or the post house.

At the entrance, Nie Yao and Zhang Jinjin urgently transmitted their voices, dispatched their staff to the exit to respond, and planned to enter the mountain.

Nie Yao was in a hurry, and rushed up the mountain with a stride, but only saw a flash of golden light, and with a bang, his entire body was bounced out by the barrier.

Zhang Jinjin was fortunate that he was behind a few steps, but he asked curiously, “Aren’t you from the Nie family”

“Who told you that a Nie family’s biological member can enter at will” Nie Yao got up in dismay, “Hey, no, I am biologically from the Nie family.” 

After he finished speaking, he paused, “Why am I telling you about this “

This friend’s focus is always amazing.

“Okay, okay, I’ll ask again.” Zhang Jinjin couldn’t help laughing.

“After the barrier is closed, your Nie family won’t be able to enter”

“Probably, you have to ask the head of the family.

But there has never been an accident before, and no one had ever thought of going in after it’s closed.

Young Master Nie patted his clothes. At this time, I don’t know if the Patriarch could do it.

A faint vibration came, and it was impossible to see through the white fog of the population, however Nie Yao’s eyes  suddenly widened.

The roar came from far to near, and suddenly, a large tree appeared in the air, its roots were like the outstretched arms of despairing people, twisting toward the sky, and the dense crown of the tree hung down.

The big tree roared from afar, heading straight for Nie Yao and Zhang Jinjin.

The two hurriedly jumped aside, but the speed of the big tree flying was too fast, and it was in front of them in an instant.

There was no way to avoid it.

In a flash, Nie unsheathed “Yu Peng”, Zhang Jinjin used a blasting talisman to smash the tree.

However, they only heard a loud thud, the tree seemed to have hit a wall and was smashed to pieces in mid-air.

Immediately afterwards, the mud that was wrapped in thousands of sundries poured in, and a shocking wave was slapped on the transparent barrier of Lingshan. 

The flood came violently, but they were all blocked by the enchantment.

The calls of the disciples came from behind, and the momentum of the surging mountain torrent was too terrifying, even if one was standing outside the barrier, one couldn’t avoid the feeling of fleeing for survival.

Zhang Jinjin stared at the bottom of the barrier in front of him, and said nothing.

Nie Yao followed his gaze in confusion, and after a while, he also began to feel his scalp tingling.

Inside the barrier, a circle of water marks appeared on the bottom of a large stone, and unknowingly, the stagnant water slowly climbed up the stone wall.



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