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The Devils Temptation Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Die With Her!

Realizing at the spur of a moment that she could get absolutely cornered by the guards if they somehow get to her, then all her efforts of escaping would surely be in vain. She shook her head in demurral, theres still so many unanswered questions that she couldnt risk dying without getting to figure out the truth to each one of them.

First she wants to know what a meteor mark is and why it came as a tiny crystal birthmark on her forehead, its unlike any birthmark she has seen before and painfully rare, she also wants to figure out why having the mark meant her days would be short-lived, she was actually desperate for this answers and the physician would have given her the complete details if the whole murder interference didnt ruin it all.

Balling her fist at her unfortunate crisis all through the week, she was in the mood to smite someone but had a quick rethink about that idea which told her this wasnt the right time to accomplish all of that, she had to run.

Forcing herself to get up once more despite feeling the intensity of the pain that stupid branch had caused her knee, she limped her way through the forest which seemed to have no paths, only making her through the thickened bushes that it got to a point, she had to slice her way through using her sword, wanting to escape from the sight of the guards before they arrive.

Her knee hurt terribly the more she kept adding pressure to it that she couldnt count how many times she must have fallen on the way here already, but she would look into it after confirming shes in a much safer zone.

Taking in a deep breath, she continued to limp her way through the path, which seemed to take constant hours of walking, she felt like the heavens were punishing her for her past deeds or probably the deeds she might done in her past life to encounter such suffering, but that idea was disrupted when she unknowingly arrived at the center of the deep woods which made her stop in her tracks, the forest opens up to reveal a prehistoric temple that left Annas eyes growing horrifically wide at the sight of a temple in a dark wood.

“A temple”


Her pupils contrasted as she took a step back, the aura surrounding that particular temple was vicious, too dark, as though it was warning one of the impending doom which lurked inside if they dared to take a step further in. A gasp escaped her lips the moment the physicians question rang in her head.

Ever heard of the forbidden temple

“Could this be the forbidden temple” She whispered to herself, she looked too pale and her mind was too disconcerted for her to think properly, her clothes were messed up with dirt and her hair was scattered above her head. She was just starting to realize how dry her throat was the moment it started to burn, eating at her throat and it finally crossed her mind that she hasnt had any water since this morning.

“Need... water.” She held onto a tree for support, she glanced around but doubts shed find water in a sickly forest as this, even if she does find it, she bets it would be poisoned so she cant drink anything even if she sees one.

“There she is!”

“Shes over there!”

“Catch her!”

The same voices which Anna wanted to be the last thing she heard echoed behind her, the moment she turned around, an arrow was immediately shot at her, brushing past her right shoulder and giving her a cut in her arm.

“Ah!” The sharp pain stung through her skin that she immediately clasped her other hand over it, closing her eyes tight to deal with the pain as her breathing came heavier than before, she had no idea how long she could possibly run, she didnt have the strength anymore.

Releasing her hand from her injured shoulder, she stared at the crimson color which had painted her fair hands, she was bleeding!

“Dont let her escape!”

“Kill her!”

Biting at her lower lip, the look in Annas eyes changed as she balled her hands into a tight fist till her knuckles turned white, hitting the tree by her right using her injured arm. If they wanted to kill her that bad, they might as well die with her!

Turning around, she stared at the temple with a sudden glow in those fiery eyes of hers before limping her way into the temple, clutching once more to her wounded shoulder as she hurried her way through the steps of the temple.

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“We order you to stop!” Said the guards behind her but instead, Annalise only pushed the door to the temple open and hurried her way in, making the guards stop right in front of the temple, obviously taken aback by the ordersity she had despite their warnings.

“She went in, what do we do” A guard questioned.

“The high general, sir Arlow told us not to come back without killing her, we have no choice but to go in as well.”

Despite their fears, they swallowed it and immediately hurried in.

Annalise made her way through the cells, using the walls to support her as she kept falling to her feet countless times, she was tired. The temple on the inside was lit up by torches, but they were very few which gave it a dim look. The best thing she could do now was hide, she has to find a place where she can hide, a temple like this is bound to have many rooms, shell just find one and hide herself in it till those guards leave.

Yes, I think thats the best thing I can do right now. nodding to her own thoughts, she limped through the inner way, looking for a place to hide, the temple is quite big so its possible to lose the guards at a certain moment. Using that to reassure herself, she kept moving and after surveying the strange temple, she came across a door.

With a look of relief flashing before her tired eyes, she lazily limped towards the iron door except there was no handle, it looked more like a steering wheel which she had to spin if she wanted to open it up.

Gathering enough strength, she reached for the steering wheel thingy and tried to turn it so itd spin but she couldnt, it made her wonder if it was her lack of strength or if the door was extremely hard to open.

Stopping before she loses her breath, she glanced around quickly for a stick or even a rod to aid her and fortunately, she spotted one at a corner, which made her wonder what a rod could be finding here in the first place but nevertheless, she reached for it and placed it at the tip of the steering knob, using the last strength left in her to make the it spin and after so much effort, it finally paid off as the door finally opened.

“Yes!” Was the last statement which escaped from her lips when an unexpected arrow brutally shot her straight from the back, causing her eyes to widen as she immediately went still before the door which continuously opened before her eyes, revealing a darkness she had never seen before but the pain coercing through her back due to the arrow which was shot at her, made a trace of blood escape from her lips as the metallic scent engulfed her nostril.

She fidgeted, as though a very cold air had sank through the depths of her system as more blood escaped from her wounded back.

Was this really the end for her

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