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Chapter 21: Were Siblings

Quietly walking alongside the mysterious being, Annalise couldnt help but steal a glance at his direction, making a face like she had something important on her mind which she wanted to say but he barely looked at her to even notice it, staring ahead as though he was preoccupied with his own thoughts.

She had a lot of questions to ask him, she wanted to know exactly what he fought with and why he came back to get her, but judging from the look on his face, she could tell he didnt want to be disturbed and she had learned to give people that privacy.

However, the preoccupied being had his thoughts surrounded on how he plans on getting his revenge on the kingdom of Euphrasia, once he leaves this damned forest and makes it back to his own kingdom unnoticed.

He could barely recall everything that happened during the past years, all he remembered was piercing the most strongest warrior of the Euphrasia clan with a sword during the bloody battle, he equally got stabbed by something that had brought him down, something magical that had knocked him out completely.

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The sealing chamber was were he found himself next and it had been torture after torture, from those painful chains and handcuffs to the spirit which had mercilessly knocked him out and left him weak.

Slipping out of those sharp handcuffs was the most horrible experience he could say he went through cause he had his whole body covered in blood and wounds just to escape those chains.

The sealing chamber was specifically made for torture and once thrown in, the sealing spell is immediately activated, leaving you trapped to the point even he himself couldnt break the sealing spell.


Yet, this confused mere mortal beside him had somehow managed to open the doors, accidentally freeing him and barely realized it herself.

She seemed clueless about the chamber, but was the only one capable of opening it. Why did the mark on her forehead stun him and why couldnt he push aside the feeling that hes met her before, despite knowing it was impossible.

She had been chased earlier by a storm Demon but those Demons only hunt after special souls that are capable of strengthening their demonic core, could it be she wasnt as ordinary as she portrayed to be.

“Look! The rains are starting to reduce greatly!” Her songbird voice brought him back to the present, allowing his gaze to land on the girl who looked excited about the fact the rain had dropped to a relatively low rate.

“Strange, with the way it kept raining, I thought itd rain heavily all night!” She exclaimed as the rain only drizzled now, but the cold air still remained unflinching, she was a bit too overwhelmed by all of it to even realize the pair of hazel-green eyes which were curiously fixated on her.

She was completely drenched, her chocolate brown hair was wet and still dripped water, her soaked dress tightly hugged her slim body, revealing her delicate features to the eyes which she didnt know were studying her.

She looked young and fragile, but from her body structure, one could tell she lacked proper nutrition. She had several little cuts on her skin that if it wasnt for her bright eyes and the relieved smile lingering on her lips, she would have probably looked sick and helpless.

He suddenly remembered that she was actually chased into the dark woods by Euphrasia guards that wanted to end her life, thus, making her stumble into the temple where she found him.

Was she..... suffering

He averted his gaze from her with a look of disapproval flashing before his mesmerizing eyes, if she was alright or not, why did it bother him She was still an Euphrasia and to make it even more complicated, he was currently helping the enemy.

He was finding it difficult to end her himself.

“Look! Weve reached the exit!” She happily pointed at a path ahead, oblivious to the dreadful aura emanating from the mysterious being before her.

The stranger was forced to return his gaze back to her. His gaze followed her outstretched hand, only to see they had arrived at a route where trees were now further apart, indicating that the forest was ending.

When she finally met his gaze, she appeared calm and content, as if she had figured out all the intricacies and complexities that were bothering her.

“Come on.” Her face beamed as she took a step forward, but suddenly paused when that unexpected dizziness struck her once again, causing her to stagger backwards and she would have fallen if it wasnt for the being who had firmly placed his hand around her shoulder, holding her in place without even looking at her.

“Are you alright” He asked, despite telling himself he wouldnt be bothered about her anymore.

Annalise placed a hand on her forehead, moving the headband aside and feeling the meteor mark which made a slight frown appear on her pretty face. Its disturbing her again.

Realizing she was still in the arms of the stranger, she pushed herself forward while regaining her sight once again.

“Yes, but we should hurry and get to the cottage before its too late.” Something told her she could pass out any minute now and before that happens, she wants to find shelter first. Like her skin cells had finally begun to work again, the unflinching cold finally penetrated through her wet clothes and met her skin, causing her to shiver relentlessly as she hugged herself.

“Its so cold out here.” She muttered, surprised that she was only starting to feel the harshness of the cold now.

“Ill lead the way.”

He walked off, leaving Anna to stare at the pulchritudinous being as he walked ahead, barely feeling affected by the cold or rain. His black hair equally dripped water as they fell behind his back. He was definitely no ordinary man and hell have to answer every one of her burning questions when they find a safer place to stay.

He led the way while Annalise sluggishly followed him from behind, trying her best to keep her resolve and she couldnt dare to pass out just yet.

They made it out of the dark forest, stumbling into another premises, after what felt like a journey of a thousand walks, they came across a quiet landscape. A relieved look washed down on both their faces as though they had lost tales of whatever obstacle that was chasing them for a long time.

The house before them looked pretty in its true colors as the moonlight casted its silvery white light over the structures of the beautiful cottage.

Annalise knew they werent out of Euphrasia just yet, but they were far from the kingdom and this was just another small part of the Euphrasia clan villages that they had come upon, the good thing out of it was, they wouldnt be recognized.

Sprinting towards the stairs and reaching for the wooden door, she gently knocked on it.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

There was no response, so she tried again, thinking the people living in the cottage would have fallen asleep by now since its already midnight.

The moment she heard a click sound coming from the inside, she backed away and stood next to the quiet being, waiting for the door to open up.

A middle aged woman finally stepped out after letting her door creak open, holding her lantern out to see who would have disturbed her so late at night.

Before her stood two young fellows, drenched with only one of them shivering from the blistering cold outside.

“Good evening Miss.” Annalise was the first to speak, drawing the womans attention to her side.

“Good evening.” She responded, still baffled and taken aback by the sight of two strangers at her doorstep.

“How may I help you” She finally questioned.

“My brother and I were on a journey from the kingdom of Euphrasia when the terrible storm ruined our carriage and left us stranded in the forest. Were in need of an urgent place to stay for the night and were hoping youd render us a bit of your help please.” She pleaded politely, completely aware of the pair of glaring eyes which were secretly casted her way.

When did they become siblings The being silently scoffed at the thought, they arent even friends to begin with talk more of being a sibling.

The middle-aged-lady wasnt totally convinced with Annas words alone and turned the direction of her lantern towards the being instead.

“What do you have to say Are you two siblings” She asked while the being remained mute.

Annalise secretly prayed in her head for the stranger to just admit it and not let them lose the chance of finding a place to sleep tonight, after all they arent actually siblings, this is all just a pretense.

Bottling up his actual response, he finally uttered through gritted teeths, “Yes, were siblings.”

The middle-aged-lady finally looked relieved at his response and ushered them in.

“Come inside, its freezing out there.”

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