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The Devils Temptation Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: His Scar

His eyes immediately snapped open as he sprang upright from the bed, inadvertently getting himself into a sitting position, only to find himself back in the room where he was actually meant to be before landing in that terrible chasm.

He felt a terrible ache at the left side of his chest, as though he was being shot with a thousand arrows but having faced a lot more pains which were much worse than this, he ignored it and brought his mind back to his environment.

The room surprisingly looked much brighter than it did last night, letting his eyes feast more clearly on the structure of the room. It had a simple and sheltered structure but was barely spacious, which didnt surprise him since it was a small cottage. His lazy gaze finally fell on the open window.

The sun was already out, proudly showing off its golden light which penetrated into the vast room, and despite the weather being cool and calm from the rain that drizzled last night, he was sweating, his black ink-like hair fell on his face, making him look even more bewitching and dangerously alluring like a daredevil sculpted into perfection.

But the overwhelming, bloodthirsty aura surrounding him at the moment was enough to tell one he wasnt the type of person to be trifled with.

Only when the cool breeze met with his skin did he regain himself back.

He has woken up from his abyss.


Like a quick jolt to his memories, he abruptly glanced beside the barely big bed he was sitting upon, only to find the space beside him empty and the slim figure which was laying upon it last night was nowhere to be seen.

“Where did that annoying lady go” He questioned with his pretty brows furrowing into a look of disconcert, remembering she had, without any sort of warning, fallen unconscious in his arms.

He laid her on the bed and watched her face for a while, trying to process why she suddenly passed out and that must be when he fell asleep as well.

Did they end up sleeping on the same bed

Sighing to himself that he was starting to have her mentality despite not spending up to a week with her yet, he cascaded the thought away.

He wanted to get out of bed when he noticed another persons presence in the room, except it was a very harmless presence. Turning his eagle-like gaze to the door, a little head popped in, staring at the stranger with innocent Amber brown eyes like a shy puppy.

Roshan paused in his movement, meeting the stare of the little girl who was currently peeping through the door and he cocked his head slightly at her unannounced presence.

And where did she come from

Ignoring her stare and getting out of bed, he rose to his feet, lazily brushing his fingers through the softness of his hair, letting out a soft groan while turning his head from left to right until he felt a gentle stretch.

He stood before the window but to his obvious surprise, the little girl still remained rooted to the door, watching him with a playful look in her eyes.

Strange, why was she staring at him

“Can I...help you” Roshan chose to get rid of the awkward silence and popped a question to the little girl, who looked no lower than a six year old and her black hair tied in a cute ponytail.

“Mr, are you from Euphrasia” Her sweet, eager-filled voice asked him a question in return, leaving Roshan to go mute for a few seconds before turning his whole attention to the little girl.

“Why do you ask”

“Cause I think youre too handsome to be from Euphrasia.” She innocently added, causing Roshans firm demeanor to fade a bit, with a look that totally showed he wasnt expecting such a response.


The dulcet, familiar feminine voice coming from the door stole his attention and before he knew it, Annalise was standing before the little girl who looked up to smile at her.

A relief look crossed Annas face before a sweet smile appeared on her luscious lips as well, “What are you doing here You shouldnt step into peoples rooms without knocking first or receiving their permission to come in.” She softly queried the little one who giggled guiltily.

“I did knock, but he was asleep.” She explained before darting her gaze back to half confused Roshan whose eyes were only fixed on Annalise.

Judging from her situation last night, she looked like someone whose soul was about to leave their body, he felt her heartbeat and it slowed at a negatively low rate.

But right now, she looks like someone who barely passed out, her face looked bright and those big expressive chocolate brown eyes looked filled with life again. Her hair swooped in curls over her swan neck, before cascading over her shoulders to her back in cinnamon brown.

In other words, she sort of looks pretty.

Annalise equally met his devilish pretty stare and that smile on her lips slowly faded, she felt a tinge of embarrassment hit her deep, which she was unwilling to show as her neck strained in reaction.

She could barely remember what she had said before passing out last night but deep down, something told her she must have uttered something embarrassing.

Clearing her throat, she kept her expression firm again, “The lady who took us in, this is her daughter, Aviva.” She quickly introduced while holding the little ones hand in hers.

Standing before the being who looked even more attractive despite having his shoulder length hair disheveled on his head, only made her feel more uncomfortable cause when she woke up this morning, she found him asleep beside her on the bed.

Her heart nearly left her chest after waking up to find him beside her that she cross-checked herself to make sure they hadnt done anything.

With the way he acted last night, she thanked the heavens he didnt lay a claim on her.

“Come have breakfast with us once youre ready.” She finally said what had brought her here in the first place before turning away from him and leaving the room with Aviva following her trail.

The moment they left, a sudden sharp pain struck the left side of his chest again, causing him to clutch tightly to it as the pain felt unbearably painful for a few minutes.

“Not again.” He hissed out, shocked at the fact the pain had suddenly started again.

Quickly losing the knot in his shirt, he left his chest exposed to the radiating sunlight falling into the room, feeling glad Annalise had left before the pain started, else he wouldnt know how to explain his predicament.

Clutching his hand tightly to the mark on the left side of his chest, the pain was becoming visible on his handsome face as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. The pain felt as though his heart was continuously being stabbed with a knife and when he turned towards the door, Annalise stood right there.

Her pupils shockingly dilated as she froze in her spot, finding his shirt loose and his upper bare body exposed to her gaze, it left a tantalizing glimpse of his chiseled chest and delicious abs that itd leave one wanting to see the whole view of his upper body.

She nearly forgot what she came here for and immediately cleared away the sinful thoughts invading her mind. She had to keep her resolve before she ended up dropping the tray in her hand.

“Why are you....!” Just when she was about to scold him for acting improper in front of her yet again, her eyes indubitably landed on the visible scar on his chest, but he immediately covered up in an attempt to hide it.

“What are you doing here” He demanded while holding onto the pain which worsened. For some reason, the fact she had seen his scar offended him, but Annalise was too dumbstruck by the sight of the scar to hear the anger in his tone.

“Youre hurt!” Her brain finally worked and she quickly dropped the tray of food on the bed, taking a step closer to him.

“Let me see, maybe I can be of help”

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“I dont need your help!” He coldly rejected her genuine offer, he didnt need the help of an Euphrasia to treat his wound and never mind that, no one has been able to treat it talk more of a mere mortal like this annoying woman.

“At least let me see.” She inched forward, ignoring his protest and forgetting the fact that she would end up seeing his bare body. She was too focused on seeing his scar instead, oblivious to the genuine worry laced in her own tone.

Reaching closer despite his retreat, she moved his shirt aside so she could take a look at the wound and a short gasp fell from her lips, her pupils dilating horrifically after realizing it was straight at his heart region.

How is he still alive with such scars

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