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1749 Owe Favor


Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue glared at him angrily.

Her eyes were sparkling, and her face was dyed with hints of red, causing her to look even more charming.

This glare wasnt threatening at all and even gently scratched Rong Xius heart.

Soft, sweet, and even ticklish.

He wanted to pick her up, just like that time…

Thinking of this, Rong Xiu calmly retracted his thoughts with restraint.

I cant continue thinking.

In front of her, he never had any willpower.

Previously, he pressed her down and wantedcomfort. Then, he really bullied her quite badly.

After that, Yueer didnt even let him touch her hand.

He had to coax her for a few consecutive days.

Rong Xiu held it in and chuckled as he rubbed his brows.

“Forget it.

Anyway, the person who suffers the most is always me.”

Chu Liuyues face turned slightly warm, and the corner of her lips curled up.

“Your Highness is the epitome of making life difficult for yourself.”

Rong Xiu stuck his finger up and shook it as he looked at her in a seemingly laughing manner.

“I dont feel that itsdifficult. Yueer is worth it.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Hence, thick-skinned and vengeful men are the hardest to deal with!

Chu Liuyue swiftly gave up fighting against him.

She never seemed to win in this area.

She stood up.

After some thinking, she added, “Your Highness, continue suffering then.

Anyway, you wont get rewards or comfort!”

Rong Xiu smiled with deep meaning.

“No need to hurry.

After we get married, Ill take it all back.”

Chu Liuyue grunted lightly and changed the topic.

“We have to leave this place first.”

She surveyed her surroundings.

Rong Xius bright purple illuminated the area around the two of them, and it was empty.

No matter if it were slightly further or behind, it was all pitch black.

Only the crazily miserable marks on the surrounding walls and the old bloodstains were especially eye-catching.

“Weve been here for quite some time already.” As Chu Liuyue spoke, she glanced at Rong Xiu again.

“When do you think its best to leave”

She directly asked about the time, not whether they could leave.

That was because after she entered, she realized that Rong Xius reaction was calm and composed.

For some reason, she was sure that Rong Xiu knew how to break out of this illusion!

Rong Xiu smiled and walked over.

In the entire world, only she understands me the most and can guess my thoughts! Even if I dont say anything, a glance can beat everything!

“The Thousand Summit hasnt ended yet.

Lets wait a while longer.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

Rong Xiu is indeed waiting, but why must he wait for the Thousand Summit to end

Just when she wanted to continue asking, a familiar ripple suddenly came over.

Chu Liuyue abruptly turned her head.

All of a sudden, a bright light flashed in the dark!

The light rapidly split into countless rays, intertwining and overlapping.

After a moment, they formed a transportation formation!

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat.

I recognize this transportation formation!

Following this, a familiar tiny figure appeared in the bright light!

“Tuan Zi!” Chu Liuyue widened her eyes in shock.

If its not Tuan Zi, who else can the little doll dressed in a red-golden lotus dress with two round hair buns be!

“AYue!” Hearing Chu Liuyues voice, Tuan Zi—who was originally dizzy—immediately looked over.

After seeing the appearance she kept thinking of, Tuan Zis cheeks immediately flushed red with emotions as she rushed over excitedly.

“AYue! I finally found you!”

As she spoke, she had already jumped right into Chu Liuyues arms.

Chu Liuyue lowered her body to receive her.

The big and small ones were tightly hugging each other.

At the side, Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly.

Tuan Zi hugged Chu Liuyues neck tightly.

“AYue! I had such a hard time finding you!”

Ever since she returned to AYues side, she hadnt been separated from her for so long!

Hearing her slightly choked voice, Chu Liuyues heart also ached as she lightly patted Tuan Zis back.

“Okay, okay, am I not fine Oh right, werent you previously stopped outside How did you come in”

Chu Liuyue let go of Tuan Zi and sized the latter up.

She then nervously asked, “Were you discovered Are you injured”

Tuan Zi hurriedly shook her head.

“No, no! I was very careful when I came, and they didnt discover me! Besides, Im not injured! With Director Grandpa around, how can I be injured”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood something.

“Mentor specifically sent you over”

The moment she saw that transportation formation, Chu Liuyue recognized that her mentor had done it.

However, she didnt expect Tuan Zi to come!

“Wheres Ancestor and Father Outside”

Tuan Zi nodded.

“Yeah! Theyre all with Director Grandpa!”

Following this, she briefly recounted what happened once.

“…So in the end, Director Grandpa told me to come look for you guys myself.”

Originally, Tuan Zi didnt dare to harbor much hope and was prepared to search for Chu Liuyue bitterly.

Luckily, Nan Suhuai was extremely strong and directly sent her over.

After all, Chu Liuyue was his disciple, and there was a certain telepathic connection between the mentor and the disciple.

To be able to find her directly, he had skills and also luck.

However, Chu Liuyues heart rose.

“Tuan Zi, were you really not discovered”

Tuan Zi is a red-gold heavenly phoenix after all.

The great phoenix dragons should be very sensitive to her aura.

After all, this was Godly Dragon Island.

If they werent careful, they would cause huge trouble for themselves.

Hence, Chu Liuyue was very careful.

“Those people shouldnt have realized it.

If not, they wouldve rushed over,” said Rong Xiu.

Thinking about it, Chu Liuyue felt that it made sense.

For now, there didnt seem to be any noise outside.

“AYue, lets go now!” Tuan Zi pulled Chu Liuyues hand, her eyes lighting up.

As long as we leave quietly, nobody can do anything about it!

Chu Liuyue paused, but she didnt agree immediately.

Rong Xiu and I were locked here by Miao Yang.

Miao Yang said that unless we are willing to wipe out all of our memories regarding Godly Dragon Island, they definitely wont let us leave.

His attitude was very firm.

Even if we leave now, the great phoenix dragon clan wont take this lying.

This matter might even be blown up more.

During this period of time, she was also thinking of the best solution but couldnt come up with an answer.

Just as she was hesitating, Rong Xiu said, “We cant leave for now.”

Chu Liuyue and Tuan Zi turned around to look at him.

Tuan Zi looked confused.


I found this place with so much difficulty.

Cant we just directly leave through the transportation formation”

However, Chu Liuyue increasingly confirmed her thoughts.

She directly asked, “What do you plan to do after the Thousand Summit”

The corner of Rong Xius lips curled up.

“If we quietly leave now… Although we can temporarily get off scot-free, there will be a lot of repercussions waiting for us.

The great phoenix dragon clan has always been vengeful.

If we dont solve the problem entirely, we will meet with countless troubles.

We should just get them to owe us a favor and willingly let us leave.”

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