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Prologue (…My Wedding was Hijacked by my Stepsister)

 By Antoinette Vanessa May 4, 2022

That day was the wedding of the duke and Avril.

Avril’s stepsister, Corinna, slowly stepped towards His Excellency Dylan Lancester, the duke who would become Avril’s husband.

For some reason, Avril was watching from a gap in the staircase that lead to the basement.

The reason was because Avril had been locked there by Corinna.

Not to mention, her stepsister had also stolen her wedding dress.

Yes, by that, she meant the woman who was presently walking towards the altar.

There were various twists and turns before that disappointing outcome took place.

It was regrettable that she couldn’t explain it right away.

At the very least, she’d like to declare that none of it was her intention.

What a wonderful dress… It’s the dress Dylan has tailored for me… That pure white silk fabric, embroidered and studded with rhinestones, is just gorgeous!

Avril then realized that it wasn’t the time to admire the dress.

She immediately paled.

Oh, no, I did it again… the beautiful dress caught my attention.

I’m so sorry, Dylan.

Even though it was a gift intended for me, I was robbed by Corinna.

Meanwhile, Corinna, clad in the stolen dress, advanced to stand beside the beautiful duke.

The moment she caught a sight of Dylan’s face, she yelped—


She released a clear voice of admiration, instead of a cry of repulsion.

That’s right.

Dylan has a very nice face.

Not only that, his appearance is overflowing with kindness and nobility.

The first time I see it up close, I couldn’t help but react the same as Corinna…

Corinna, who was reputable for being a player, probably fancied Dylan.

Although, Avril was confident that her admiration for her future husband should at least be slightly higher than her.

“Who are you Where’s my beloved Avril”

Dylan’s voice echoed sharply through the church.

The attendees immediately started an uproar.

Corinna began to tremble.

“L-Lord Dylan, I’m Avril.

Don’t you see My cherry-colored hair, my blue eyes—they are of the Avril you love! As you can see, nothing is unusual about me!”

“You, do you think I wouldn’t recognize the face of my beloved You could be imprisoned for desecration—but first, tell me where Avril is.

I won’t repeat my question twice—answer!”


Due to fear, Corinna collapsed on the floor.

Although our mothers are different, Corinna has always been mistaken for me due to our similar features.

Perhaps it was impossible for her to impersonate me at the wedding ceremony—wait, more importantly! The dress! The dress Dylan gave me!

Avril, who watched through the gap, bit the gag in her mouth and banged the door.

“I, I… I’ aym, herr—”

It hurts, but still—

The dull noise echoed through the church that had quieted down for a moment.

Whether he heard it or because he followed the direction of Corinna’s trembling fingertip, she felt like Dylan had spotted her.


At that moment, Dylan, who was grasping Corinna’s body as he questioned her, tossed her aside.

He proceeded to run towards Avril.

Corinna screamed as she rolled over the floor.

T, the dress…! If you do that, the dress will get dirty…!

The lady, Avril, who had been locked away, was being forced to witness her own wedding taking place.

She had a calm personality.

In other words, she had a strong mentality that left her unfazed despite the situation.

Even so, why is this happening

The answer went back to one year ago—

***T/N: Villainess story that doesn’t start with the annulment of engagement! Her thot of a sister hijacking her marriage to rob Chris Evan from her! This is how I know this story is going to be good!!


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