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Somehow, the Surroundings Seem Strange

 By Antoinette Vanessa June 28, 2022

The next morning.

Avril’s food preferences were slightly on the odd side.

As a matter of fact, her definition of ‘delicious’ didn’t differ that much from other people.

At the same time, she also preferred slightly hardened bread, soggy pasta, and soup that had cooled to the point that the tiny bits of fat could be seen.

So far, in her life, Avril hadn’t been able to attend family meals.

After everyone had finished their meals, Avril would sit alone in the dining room to eat.

Ever since she started being treated like a servant, she’d eat with Carol and the others.

But for some reason, just before her meals, she’d always be asked to run errands.

Thus, she didn’t have any opportunities to eat freshly cooked food.

Avril considered the normal breakfast laid before her to be a feast.

“Dried and hardened bread, chilled corn soup… Oh, there’s something in the omelet!”

At the Count Allingham’s house, under the instruction of Corinna, Avril’s omelet was served last.

The head chef always saved eggs for Avril, but despite that, if there was even a little something extra it in, she’d consider it a feast.

To be able to have such a luxurious meal in this wonderful palace… Thank you, Duke!

Avril, entwining her fingers in front of her chest, decided to call her temporary residence a ‘palace.’ She closed her eyes, thanked Dylan, and subsequently reached for her food.

“It’s great! The hardness of the bread is just perfect!”

The maid in charge of serving Avril watched her, seemingly dismayed.

After all, despite having eaten such a disastrous breakfast, Avril’s eyes were beaming.

She was the same maid who was upfront about her dislike towards Avril, the one who requested she refrain from dallying with other men as much as possible yesterday.

Carol, who should’ve followed Avril from the Count of Allingham house, wasn’t there that day, either.

Upon noticing that the maid was tensely eyeing her, Avril set down the bread and spoke.

“Excuse me, have you introduced yourself before”

“By that, are you asking about my name”

“Yes, since we’ll be meeting each other in this palace—no, not a palace… Anyway, my point is, I’d like to refer to you by name.”

“…Okay My name is Grace.”

“Grace. Today’s breakfast is excellent.

I have penchant for bread of this hardness… Of course, that goes without saying.”


“After all, this is a duke’s residence.

As one of his servants, having already grasped the tastes of your guest is a given.”


“Grace, I’m truly grateful that someone like you is beside me.

I’d like to thank you for your continued support.”


When Avril bowed deeply, the deeply unnerved Grace bolted out of the dining room.

…Oh my, did I say something strange

While tilting her head, Avril enjoyed her scrumptious breakfast.

I wonder if I should’ve acted a bit rotten.

What would Corinna have done in such a situation As far as Avril could remember, when Corinna was served delicious food, she’d genuinely act happy and wouldn’t lash out against the servants.

Then, I acted correctly as a villainess.

The tea served in the drawing room when she arrived yesterday was cold.

However, the tea served by Grace after breakfast was steaming.


“There’s going to be a tea party.”

After eating, Avril was summoned to the study.

She blinked upon hearing Dylan’s words.

“A tea party… you mean, that kind of tea party, right An event where everyone gathers to socialize.”

“That’s correct.

It’s a daytime garden party, instead of a night party where can you come and go.

I am clueless about your preferences in dresses, but I’d like you to choose one that befits your title as the Duchess of Lancester.”

 I see.

This is related to the contract—‘To cooperate in activities that’ll maintain the dignity of the Duke of Lancester.’

Avril clenched her fist, determined to give her best.

“Due to the suddenness of the invitation, I can’t order for a custom-made dress.

Will you go to the city and pick out a dress”

“A, alright.”

Then, I shall investigate the venue of the tea party, along with the participants, before deciding what is the most suitable dress for the occasion—

—wait, that’s not it!

After nodding steadily, Avril suddenly regained her senses.

Back at the house of Count Allingham, it was Avril’s obligation to perform such preliminary research.

She also made arrangements to preserve the dignity of her house.

Her stepmother was so utterly senseless, Avril’s grandmother loathed her to the core.

However, her father refused to do anything about it.

When she was about to act like usual, she remembered that she had to act like a villainess.

As such, she mustn’t adhere to the usual norm.

First and foremost, there was no single dress in Corinna’s closet that had low exposure.

In that case, Avril’s next course of action was obvious.

To go shopping with Caro who’s familiar with Corinna’s tastes…!

As she resolved herself to be a villainess, a friendly-looking man appeared before her.

“I shall accompany you, Lady Avril.

My name is Chris.

Please ask me for anything—be it for carrying your bags, or to act as your assistant.”

“Well, Chris, my name is Avril.

I shall apologize for the inconvenience beforehand, and also, thank you.”

Avril spoke with a slight curtsey.

Chris’ eyes immediately went wide.

Seeing that, Avril immediately realized her mistakes.

No! I should’ve acted like a villainess, if it’s Corinna, if it’s her, she’d… uh…

“Chris, uhm, about carrying my bags …I’m looking forward to it.”

“…O, of course.


When she saw Chris, who couldn’t help but laugh, Avril tilted her head.

***T/N: Lol, the servants served her stale food.

Joke on them, she’s into that stuff.


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