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Shopping as a Villainess is Difficult

 By Antoinette Vanessa June 30, 2022

Along with Carol, Avril come to a dress shop in the city.

Incidentally, after just one day, Carol had become familiar with all the servants.

T, this is…

In front of Avril, who went agape, a dress shaped like a camisole with a wide opening in the chest area was on display.

As for the skirt, it had a high slit that reached up to the thigh, and it was red in color.

Just by looking at it, Avril blushed.

“Carol, is this… the sort of dress that Corinna would prefer”

“If you’re that embarrassed, to the point that your face becomes beet red, why don’t you just give up Lady Avril, a formal and simple dress would suit you better.”

The less motivated Carol pointed to a pale blue, long-sleeved, dress.

Although minimal in terms of decorations, she could very well see that the dress was made of fine fabric.

Not to mention, the embroidery was also intricate.

Undoubtedly, that dress suited the image of a duchess.

Even if so, it’s no good…!

To become a proper villainess, Avril needed to model her behavior after Corinna’s.

For the upcoming tea party, she had to pick a reasonably villainous dress, one that also wouldn’t compromise the dignity of Duke Lancester.

In the first place, Avril had only brought few dresses with her.

By the way, her family also especially told her if the duke were to tailor her a dress, she had to pick one that Corinna liked.

Afterwards, Avril was supposed to send said dress home.

Of course, she wasn’t going to adhere to those instructions.

After confirming that Chris, who appeared to be supervising her, was far away, Avril whispered to Carol.

“This bright red dress, Corinna would definitely like it, wouldn’t she”


Lady Corinna absolutely would.

By the way, if you do decide on this dress, I’ll send it to Lady Corinna before you can lay a finger on it.”

“Oh, well.”

Carol wasn’t Avril’s, but Corinna’s ally.

Apparently, even if she were to forcibly buy a villainous dress, she wouldn’t even be allowed the opportunity of wearing it.

In that case…

The strategy needed to be changed.

Assuming that I am giving up upon the villainous dress, I’ll just spend a lot of money and go home.

Then, I’ll make it quick.

The most expensive thing in that shop should be jewelry.

“J, jewelry, do you have any”

“Yes, of course.”

With that single line from Avril, a locked jewelry case was brought.

With a nimble movement, the clerk unlocked it.

Then, the jewelry was laid upon the table.

W, what is this…!

Naturally, Avril never possessed a single piece of jewelry in her entire life.

All the finer things were reserved for her stepmother and Corinna.

In fact, until recently, Avril always believed that.

…Wow, this is my first time beholding such a beautiful gem up close.

It’s clear and beautiful in color… The design is also nice.

“Please choose whichever you like.

Lord Dylan has especially told me to buy everything that Lady Avril likes.”

“W, what luxury…! No, I mean, of course—…”

“Although, considering how often Lady Avril must receive gifts from men, this must be commonplace.”


She almost slipped-up in front of Chris.

Avril glanced sideways at the prices.

However, she couldn’t find a single price tag.

These luxury items don’t have any price tag…!! Even though I planned on buying the most affordable one, I can’t even do that…!!

At first, Avril wanted to flip the jewelry over to check for a price tag.

But she was too afraid to do so.

The clerk was smiling at her from a close distance as part of the customer service.

At the same time, Chris was also staring at her from behind.

Both of their gazes stung.

 “…There’s nothing that particularly interests me.

Maybe next time.”

Unable to endure the tension, Avril finally released those words.

The clerk seemed to be dejected.

No matter how much I aspired to become a villainess, I can’t buy something that I don’t know the price of! Forgive me…!

Avril was completely exhausted.

Not only did she have to look at a dress that seemed to almost resemble lingerie, the jewelry she had wanted to buy also didn’t come with a price tag.

When she decided to return home for the day, she was met with Chris’ smile.

“—Lady Avril.”


“Have you finished shopping as per Lord Dylan’s instruction Where are your bags Aren’t I supposed to carry them”


She couldn’t refute any of Chris’ words.

At that rate, she was unlikely to return.

***T/N: Someone stop me.

I want to backhand that Carol so bad. I hate her more than the thotty sister rn.


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