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The Duke is Angry for Some Reason

 By Antoinette Vanessa July 8, 2022

Upon returning from shopping and thanking Chris, Avril was exhausted.

I want to take a bath…

The moment she looked at the bathtub, she saw that one had already been drawn.

The servants were even kind enough to prepare hot water.

Perhaps, it had been done in preparation of her return.

However, when she tried to put her hand inside, the water was cold.

“…Uhm, I’m sure it must have cooled down due to my late return.”

Back in the Count Allingham family, Avril could only bath in the servants’ bathroom.

Back then, she often prepared Corinna’s bath.

Therefore, she knew that the water in the tub couldn’t be reheated.

“I shall head to the kitchen, fetch some hot water, and repeat.

After a few trips, the temperature should be right.”

Immediately, Avril brought up the issue with the kitchen.

Terrified, the cook boiled some water.

Under the wide-eyed gazes of the servants, Avril proceeded to carry it to her room.

As I thought, this is much more relaxing than shopping at a high-end store…

“L, Lady Avril, what on earth…”

“Oh, hello.

I was going to take a bath, but the hot water in the bathtub has cooled.

I’m just fetching some hot water, now.”

“T, the water, in the bathtub! T, that’s… I’m truly sorry!!”

Avril smiled at Grace who apologized for some reason.

“No problem.

I’m sorry, I must’ve taken too long to return.

There’s no need to worry.”

“…I don’t think that’s the reason.

Another servant was in charge of Lady Avril’s room today.

I’ll make sure to reprimand the person.

Also, let me take care of this…”

“No, no, it’s actually fine I think the water will reach the right temperature, soon!”

Avril, who had been treated as a servant by the Count Allingham family, had a difficult time noticing that her actions were strange for a duchess.

As a proof of that, not a trace of the Grace who was upset with her on their first meeting remained.

Grace pondered for a moment and then hesitantly spoke.

“…Lady Avril… is quite different from the rumors.”


…She’s right.

There’s no way Corinna would prepare her own bath!

Even if she had noticed, it was already too late.

The attitude of a servant was deeply ingrained into her, it was completely inextricable.

W, what should I do…

When she fell into thought, her hands suddenly became lighter.

“—What are you doing”

“M, Master…!”

Grace paled and shouted.

When Avril turned around, she soon spotted Dylan.

He had taken the bucket from Avril’s hands.

…Even when he’s holding a bucket, this man is still picturesque…

While Avril was impressed, Dylan sullenly lifted his eyebrows.

“…Why is the woman who’s about to become my wife carrying a bucket of hot water”

“I, it isn’t that heavy…”

“That’s not what I’m asking.

Explain, Grace Fisher.”

Dylan interrupted Avril’s words, leaving her dumbfounded.

At the same time, Grace, whose full name was called, turned aghast and apologized.

“I, I’m truly sorry, it’s an oversight on my behalf—”

“…Lady Avril, how did you get dressed this morning What happened to the maid you brought here”


Avril gently averted her gaze.

Most likely, he was implying that her attire wasn’t quite right.

But rather than having anyone serve her in life, the opposite was true for her.

She always helped her stepmother and Corinna get dressed.

Her first morning as a villainess in the Duke’s family—that was, no one came to wake her.

Thus, Avril herself changed her garments and styled her hair for the outing.

Upon hearing that the destination was a dress shop in the city.

She carefully prepared herself and even devilishly put on some lipstick.

She was especially satisfied with the finish.

…Could it be, the duke is worried that the servants are neglecting their duties

She sneaked a glance at Dylan’s expression.

The man, who was still holding a bucket of hot water, seemed angry.

Avril couldn’t imagine being angry at someone else for not helping her put on some dress.

At such times… What would Corinna do

It was unlikely for Corinna to be in a similar situation, but…

If I were Corinna—the villainess, I’d shift the blame on someone else for some leeway.

Avril, who came up with an idea, stared straight into Dylan’s cool gaze.

***T/N: Avril, the jig is double up.

…Also, I saw the cover art for this novel.


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