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At that Time, in the Count Allingham Family

 By Antoinette Vanessa July 18, 2022

Most of the preparation money that Avril should’ve received for her marriage was going to be for repaying the debt of Count Allingham.

They needed the money even more after Corinna, the villainess, had played with fire and got burnt.

The sum charged from that accident, however, was actually small.

Most of the debts that needed to be urgently repaid were old.

However, the ex-fiancée of the man Corinna had a tryst with was both graceful and fierce.

The woman obviously meant to deprive Corinna’s position in the social circles.

Corinna, who wasn’t aware of her position, proudly shrugged.

As she did so, her pink blonde hair bounced softly.

“Mother, has Avril sent the money, yet It’s been three days! Did that perverted old duke forget to hand her the preparation money”

“Be patient, Corinna.

Considering Avril’s lack of awareness, she must’ve forgotten.

If I knew this was going to happen, I should’ve only sent her after the money had been delivered.”

Instead of money, a mysterious letter had arrived to Count of Allingham family.

“…Corinna, this letter is addressed to you.”

“To me From who”

“It’s from Lady Alexandra of Count Lindberg—the fiancée of your playmate.

In the letter, she has expressed her willingness to hire Corinna Allingham as a maid.”


To the words of her father, Corinna’s face grew bright red in resentment.

“What did she say—! The sheer audacity—!! That’s an absolutely unbecoming, unforgiveable, insult—!! Father, please file a complaint to the Count of Lindbergh—!!”

“…Since you’ve been passing yourself off yourself as Avril, Lady Alexandra probably thought that the real Avril is called Corinna.”

“Who cares! To tell me that I should be a maid, I can’t forgive her!!”

Instead of calming her, her father’s words only agitated her even more.

“I thought Avril was going to obediently send the preparation money… But, if the worst happens, our family will be in trouble.

For the time being, I shall contact the Duke of Lancester and urge him to pay.”

“Yes, can you do that, Father Me, working Not to mention, to be someone else’s maid This is no joke! This is an offense to our house!”

“But Corinna… the Count of Lindbergh said that if you were to serve as Lady Alexandra’s maid, our debt will be paid off—”

“—So The debt has nothing to do with me.”

While ignoring the circumstances of her house, Corinna kept spending lavishly.

Looking at Corinna’s prideful demeanor, her father only sighed.

“Well, in the situation that Lady Alexandra actually annuls her engagement, rumor has it that Lady Alexandra will become the crown prince’s fiancée.”

“…What She’s going to be engaged with the crown prince Are you kidding me”

That year, the crown prince would turn 24-years-old.

Despite being of marriageable age, he didn’t have a fiancée.

Popular in social circles due to his beautiful appearance and gentle demeanor, he was said to be an unattainable flower.

In truth, Corinna wanted to meet the crown prince at a masquerade.

Of course, that wasn’t possible.

“There’s another piece news that might anger you.”

“What I had enough of all this bad news!”

“I’ll tell you now because you’ll find out, either way.

Apparently, the Duke of Lancester has been replaced.

I also heard that the new duke isn’t old.”


At what her father had to say, Corinna’s eyes went wide and her mouth agape.

“I didn’t know because the new Duke of Lancester rarely appears at the social gatherings, but I heard that the current duke, Dylan Lancester, is 22-years-old.

Moreover, he has a close bond with His Highness.

Therefore, Avril now has an opportunity to acquaint herself with the royal family.”

Understanding the direction of the story, Corinna snorted.

“C’mon, Father.

That kind of news won’t make me upset.

Even if he’s a rich duke, it’s impossible for someone like Avril to be loved.

Besides, as if she could get along with the crown prince.

Isn’t that right, Mother”

“Y, yes, that’s true.

Avril is a repulsive child.”

“R, right, that may be so…”

Amongst the three, only the father had a blank look.

***T/N: If Avril is required to send anything back, then it should be Carol.


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