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Apparently, I was Going to be Married Off as a ‘Villain’

 By Antoinette Vanessa May 16, 2022

“Avril, it has been decided that you’ll be the one marrying instead of Corinna.”

A year ago, Avril blinked at the words of her father—Count Allingham.

“…But Corinna is the one responsible for the debt.

Why do I have to shoulder the blame”

“What an innocent way to say it.

Refrain from speaking any further, Avril.”

Even at the harsh rebuke of her father, Avril remained calm.

She wasn’t particularly disturbed—for it was a daily occurrence.

For some reason, her parents and stepsister were standing in front of her, forcing her to take responsibility once again.

She had to admit that she was accustomed to most of the misfortune.

However, Avril was aware that things were different that time around.

—About ten days ago, her stepsister, Corinna, returned home in the morning.

Unbeknownst to her parents, Corinna often went out at night.

She was the famous ‘bad girl’ in that world.

She seemed to have attended a masquerade the night before.

Corinna had become acquainted with a marquis she met there and spend the rest of the night with him.

As always, she misbehaved.

The fiancée of said marquis was the daughter of a millionaire to whom the Count of Allingham had borrowed money from.

After she was crushed, they were told to repay the debt immediately.

“…I, I didn’t mean to do it.

I didn’t know he had a fiancée.”

“Corinna, everyone made mistakes.

It’s alright, we’ve found a substitute for you.”

The conversation between her stepsister and stepmother was making Avril dizzy.

…I don’t think it’s okay at all

To Avril, who was outright told to shoulder the blame, her stepmother smiled as if she had won.

“For Corinna to have such a nightlife, isn’t it just unthinkable Who’d believe it After all, she’s the beautiful, clever, and adorable Corinna.”

“Indeed, mother.

‘Corinna Allingham’ didn’t attend a masquerade.

The name I gave to the Marquis and his fiancée was ‘Avril Allingham.’”

Towards Corinna’s explanation, Avril tilted her head to the other side.

Uhm, which means…

…Apparently, Avril wasn’t only being married off as a substitute for her stepsister, but also as a vile woman.

What came afterwards was an expected development.

“Well then, Avril.

You’re going to marry the Duke of Lancester—who is famous for being the ‘Lecherous Old Duke of the Remote Area’—to repay your debt.”

“…Wow, what a nickname.”

“Be quiet, the Duke of Lancester will give you a lot of dowry by simply agreeing to be his second wife.

For him to be alright with Avril, a woman of nasty reputation, it just shows you what kind of individual he is.”

Speaking of the Duke Lancester, it was a prestigious family connected to the royal family.

However, the man himself rarely appeared in the social circles.

He had a mysterious existence.

…While the Duke of Lancester is certainly an old man, for him to have a new wife…

…But I mean, in exchange for a large amount of money, as Corinna’s substitute, I’d have to get married.

Perhaps, to Corinna, Avril appeared stunned.

While smiling from ear to ear, Corinna approached Avril and whispered to her.

“Avril, honestly speaking, I find you repulsive.

Despite what some might say, your ability is nothing but a curse.

Since you are an incompetence, why don’t you just leave this house”

…Finally, this day has arrived!

…I can finally leave this house!

Avril nodded faintly, suppressing her excitement.

“…I understand.”

***T/N: The heck man, they just gonna turn a deaf ear to whatever she has to say


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