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Even the Employees are Confused (Grace’s POV)

“—Grace! Lady Avril’s breakfast is ready!”

Grace, one of the maids caring to the wife of Duke Lancester, perked up after hearing the voice of the chef.

“Thank you, I’ll be sure to deliver it to Lady Avril.”

“Alright, thanks… But, is it truly okay I mean, this menu is…”

Towards the chef’s complicated expression, Grace’s expression twitched.

“Yes, it’ll be fine.

It’s what Lady Avril wants.”

“Well, she seems to enjoy it…”



Both Grace and the chef fell silent.

After all, the menu consisted of half-burnt fried eggs, hard bread, cold soup, and slimy orange juice.

The day when Avril Allingham, the supposed villainess, arrived as the new madam of the house, all the servants unanimously agreed to get rid of her.

Hopefully, she’d soon reveal her repulsive nature and be kicked out of that house.

Because of that, the servants neglected their duties.

The chefs would prepare lackluster menus.

The maids refrained from tending to the surroundings, resulting in cold water being prepared in the bathroom.

For the sake of their prestigious master, all the servants resorted to such a bullish method.

They expected Avril to be angry, but surprisingly, she wasn’t.

Instead, Avril praised the breakfast menu.

She’d also got changed by herself.

In fact, she even attempted to reheat the bath herself.

Avril Allingham’s personality… is quite different from what I’ve heard.

Incidentally, the maid that accompanied Avril was too immersed in her surroundings to take care of her.

Grace was the first to notice that.

Upon discovering that even Avril’s own maid derided her, Grace became even more shocked.

As Grace began to push the cart, the chef showed a particular note.

“The other day, this letter was attached to the plate. ‘Thank you for the cooking.’ The best words of gratitude were written in the postscript.

It doesn’t make sense.

Moreover, the note itself seems to have been rewritten many times.

The characters were polite and beautiful.

Just what on earth is that person thinking”


Behind Grace, who was utterly astonished by the note, a maid she was acquainted with began to get excited.

“By the way, do you remember the tea party that was held the other day I was worried, y’know After all, the crown prince was also in attendance.

However, instead of disgracing the Duke of Lancester, the crown prince became quite fond of her.

Not to mention, I heard that the duke blushed! Oh my, don’t they look like a happy couple”

“Oh, I know that! Didn’t the genius Lady Alexandra of the Count Lindbergh also attend I heard that Lady Alexandra liked her a lot.

I can’t believe Lady Avril’s infamous for being problematic and obnoxious…”

“Certainly, she’s doing better than expected.

Isn’t she… too wonderful Instead of tarnishing the duke’s reputation, she managed to uphold it.

What do you think, Grace”

Grace, still shaken, looked up from the note and nodded.

“Y, yes… Moreover, she even defended the servants without expecting anything in return.

I heard of her vile reputation, but it’s strange no matter how you think about it.”

“Grace, is that truly her menu for breakfast If anything, I’d expect a complaint for serving such a thing.”


When the chef asked once again, all the servants stared at the breakfast before tilting their heads in confusion.

***T/N: Seriously, is it that good, Avril I’d like to try it!


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