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The Duke is Somewhat Strange

After the other day’s tea party.

At first, Avril was worried about whether she’d be able to adhere to the contract while maintaining her bad reputation.

However, judging from the reactions of those around her, the result was surprisingly …not that bad

Let’s stay quiet in this palace as a villainess for the time being…

For now, she felt as if she had made it across the highest mountain.

Basking in the morning sun, Avril nibbled on her favorite hard bread on the terrace.

On her first day, Avril’s breakfast was served as it was without opening the window.

However, as of recently, when the weather was nice, breakfast was served on the terrace.

The morning breeze feels good… Still, eating alone feels a little lonely…

An idea flashed across her mind.

The next moment, Avril called to Grace who was waiting at the edge of the terrace.

“Hey, would you like to join me”


Inherently, Avril was quite withdrawn.

But as of the present, she had a reputation to uphold.

Avril’s former maid, Keira, had made it apparent that the servants struggled with Corinna’s selfishness.

If that was the case, then Avril should act a little selfish, or better yet, pushy.

When Avril smiled at her, Grace’s expression twitched.

Avril didn’t forget to add, “Since you’ve set up a table in such a wonderful place, why don’t you sit across from me”

“No, I can’t do that.”

“No one’s watching, though Oh, is it because of the hard bread Don’t worry, I’ll give you a soft piece! Pardon me for not noticing.

Please wait a moment, I’ll fetch some—”

“…! No, that’s not—!”

When Grace withdrew with embarrassment due to the sudden momentum of Avril—

“—I’ll sit there.”

“Oh, Lord Dylan.”

For some reason, Dylan joined her at the terrace and sat across from her.

Grace, who seemed truly relieved, quickly disappeared from the room, “I’m going to retrieve the lord’s breakfast!”

Dylan saw her off with a tinge of amusement in his eyes.

“That’s enough, Avril.

The servants also have a set of rules they have to follow.”

“My apologies.

As you know, I’m a villain.

The concept of inviting someone else doesn’t exist in my book.

As such, I was harassing her to eat with me.”

“…What kind of villain is that”


“No, never mind.”

For some reason, Avril felt as if she had missed something important.

However, when she regained her composure and turned to the breakfast in front of her, she noticed a slight change in Dylan.

Dylan’s gaze was sharp.

…The duke, seems odd

“…What is this menu I shall summon Grace Fisher right away.”


At that moment, Avril recalled that her food preferences were a little bit unusual.

The breakfast consisted of burnt fried eggs and old, slightly overbaked, bread.

To Dylan, it might look as if the servants were pulling some sort of cruel prank on her.

“It’s not what you think! I love this kind of food, so I begged them to—I mean, I ordered them to make my breakfast in this way!”

“…Is that true You could just be shielding those maids.”

“What Ever since the day I came here, I’ve never done such a thing, though”

She didn’t think of herself as that lofty of a person.

After all, she got kicked out of her house.

As Avril went on with smiling, Dylan sighed.

“…Alright, then.

More importantly, how did Avril come to like this type of food”

“Uhm… because I wanted to harass the cook, of course!”

Avril was aware that she had to be consistent with her role of villainess.

But when she thought that Dylan would accept it, he didn’t.

He then told her with a serious look.

“I won’t judge other’s food preferences, I also won’t pry into your private matters.

But you don’t have to live like this anymore.”


…As I thought, Lord Dylan is behaving somewhat strangely today.

The fact that he has stayed in this palace all morning in itself is already unusual.

Avril tilted her head before giving him some of her bread.

“…Hard bread is quite delicious, too.”

Without hesitation, Dylan received the bread offered by Avril.

“…It is.”

“Isn’t it”

When she guffawed, the corner of Dylan’s lips rose somewhat bashfully.

What’s with this sweet atmosphere

When Avril tilted her head to the other side, after swallowing the bread, Dylan finally cut to the case.

“A letter has arrived from the Count of Allingham’s house.”

Afterwards, Dylan laid an envelope on the table.

Judging from the coarse handwriting, it had definitely been written by her father.



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