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I’ve Been Invited to an Outing, but Our Distance is Close (3)

 By Antoinette Vanessa September 19, 2022

“Good evening.”


When Avril greeted him, the boy gave her a quizzical look.

He had sparkling, blond, hair and a pair of amethyst eyes.

…He’ll grow up to be a fine young lad in the future, no doubt.

Wait, that’s not it.

Upon realizing that she was fascinated by the boy’s beauty, Avril lightly shook her head.

“When I was passing by, I heard a wonderful tune and I couldn’t help but listen… Is it possible that you’ll be appearing in the salon concert”

“Yes, but I can’t seem to do it.”

“What do you mean… Even though you’re so good at it… Are you still practicing”

To Avril who tilted her head, the boy clarified.

“I forgot the sheet music.

When I get nervous, my mind goes blank.

That’s why I can’t do it.”


The reason was too simple—yet ruthless.

Towards the boy’s childish language and the brazenness that oozed out of it, Avril held back her laughter.

Not good.

The child was in trouble.

Most likely, the reason why he had been playing the same tune incorrectly the entire time was that.

The boy was probably too nervous to realize that he had been playing off tune.

In other words, if he has the sheet music, he’ll be able to do it.

While Avril was lost in thought, the boy muttered.

“Even though I’ve practiced a lot.

The sheet music is supposed to be my good luck charm, yet I forgot to bring even it.

I’m such an idiot.

Everyone is going to think that I used my family connections to get this role.

Mommy will be so disappointed…”


The child, who spoke in a very adult-like manner, still referred to his mother as ‘mommy.’ Considering his age, it was quite childish.

I see, then…

Avril bent down a little and met the boy’s eyes.

“Then, do you have a blank piece of sheet music”

“I do, but…”

Avril smiled gently at the puzzled boy.

“I also played this piece when I was a child, so I still remember the sheet music.

I can write it down for you, if you like.”

“You don’t have to.

I might blank during the performance.”

“It’s alright, I’ll write it properly.”

Avril reaffirmed it to the boy who shook his head in disappointment.

“But keep in mind that the evil Avril is the one who wrote this for you…!”


The boy blinked his eyes.

Perhaps, it was too complicated for a child to understand.

With a silly smile, Avril picked up a pen and started writing the score.

Ten minutes later.

“I’ve finished it.

Could you check it for me”

“…Wow, you’ve even wrote all the symbols properly! Also, your handwriting is beautiful!”

“Thank you, I used to be responsible for replying to piles of letters my father had accumulated as my job.”

“…Somehow, being an adult seems to be difficult.”

“You’re not wrong, ohoho…”


When dealing with children, she tended to relax and forget her role as villainess.

After hurriedly making up for it, the boy asked in concern.

“You look a little strange.”

“S, strange…”

Suddenly, Corinna’s crumpled expression flashed across her mind.

“—No matter how you think about it, it’s just strange! Who the hell memorizes everything at a single glance”

D-did I frighten this child

“If you don’t mind, can you clarify”

“I don’t want to be rude, so I’m going to be vague.

But if I were to compare it, it’s like a soup that has been overcooked to the point that the taste of the high-class ingredients are ruined…”

“…Sounds delicious.”

“This is the part of you that I’m referring to.”

At least the boy didn’t seem to despise Avril for it.

She was relieved that she hadn’t frightened himn.

Even though he had been on full alert until just a while ago, the boy showed a genuine smile.

“My family has a musical background.

Today’s concert is also possible because of those connections.

I’ll tell mommy that I’m indebted to you.

Please wait a moment.”

Oh, my…

What a lofty child.

However, Avril didn’t do it for the money.

“Thank you very much.

My name is Avril Allingham, a villainess.

Do you mind telling me your name”

“My name is Samuel Brandner.”

“Samuel Brand… ner…”

The ones hosting the salon concert were said to be of a prestigious family with a long history.

Earlier, she and Dylan had a conversation about it.

I, I didn’t offend him, right!

The boy respectfully told Avril who was holding her breath.

“Lady Avril, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My mommy is a strict person, but I think she’d like you very much.”

“I’m unworthy of such polite words of gratitude—for I’m Avril Allingham, the villainess.”

“No problem, Lady Avril.”

How cute…

Samuel, the little gentleman, was very cute and at the same time, beautiful.

Avril was a little worried that her name might become known to the heavyweights in charge of the salon concert, but she did emphasize three times that she was a villainess.

It should be fine, right

With this, there won’t be any misunderstandings…

…Or so she thought.


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