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An Incompetent Woman

 By Antoinette Vanessa May 23, 2022

After having a conversation with her parents and stepsister, Avril stopped by the study.

While closing her eyes, she leaned against the just-closed door.

Are they serious…!

“How wonderful, I’ve always dreamed of leaving this house…!”


18 years ago, Avril Allingham was born as the eldest daughter of Count Allingham.

She had silky, pinkish, pale blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

Avril, who was a stunningly beautiful girl, was cherished by her parents.

It’d seem that she’d lead a happy life.

However, the sudden passing of her mother drastically changed Avril’s environment.

At that time, she was only five-years-old.

Not long after my mother died, my father remarried.

Thus, my stepmother and stepsister, Corinna, came into this house.

Corinna has an uncanny resemblance to me.

During that time, I couldn’t understand why everyone seemed to be pitying me.

But the reason is because Corinna is of the same age as me.

Still, at first, she thought that there was still hope for them to become true family.

However, the situation worsened shortly after it was revealed that Avril had outstanding abilities.

When she was old enough to have a tutor, Avril could recite a book she had read only once.

She could even sing and play the songs she had just heard.

She’d never forgot what she had been taught.

Her memory was flawless.

Being deemed a genius wouldn’t have been strange.

In fact, everyone began to refer to Avril as such.

However, Count Allingham and his wife begged to differ.

I have the same talents as my grandmother, someone who refused to acknowledge my stepmother as a member of the Allingham family until the end.

As such, them loath me might only be natural.

As a result, in Avril’s family, her talents had been established as something to be despised.

Thus, everyone began to deem her as incompetent.

Despite being the countess, she was an intolerable existence to her family.

While being treated like a servant, Avril turned 18 before she knew it.


After finishing her recollections, Avril looked up at the bookshelves that surrounded the study.

…In truth, I didn’t dislike cleaning the mansion, working as an errand girl, or assisting with my father’s job.

It was fun, especially as I got to work with the servants whom I don’t particularly dislike.

…I wonder if it’s truly alright for me to marry

It was a long-cherished dream of Avril’s to leave the Count Allingham family.

At the same time, she wasn’t without her concerns.

“I don’t care about my father and Corinna, but I have to ensure none of my servants are troubled.”

That study actually belonged to her father, Count Allingham.

However, most of the time, Avril was the one using it.

While she was compiling the documents that her father would need for the future management of the house, the door opened to reveal her father.

“Avril, you’re leaving for the duke’s house tomorrow morning.

You’re no longer a part of this household.

You’re now banned from stepping foot in this study.”

“But father, managing these documents has been my responsibility—”

“—Starting from tomorrow, I’ll hire more talented people.

I’m considering some university graduates.

They’ll surely perform much better than you.”

Most likely, their salaries will come from my marriage.

How much did the duke pay for me

Avril slowly blinked.

“While there are many who’re much better than me, regardless of how competent they are, learning the household’s situation all at once will be difficult.”

“Look at you, trying to sound all rational.

Exactly what I dislike in women.

Why can’t you be as cute as Corinna After marriage, just try to be at your best behavior If you end up expelled by the duke, it’ll tarnish my family name.”


Her father spoke as if they were strangers.

By making use of her memory, Avril had always helped her father with work.

Her father disliked his own duties.

As his assistant, she was required to decipher the contents of the massive piles of documents and other files.

Afterwards, she’d summarize them to her father.

Regardless, her father decided to prioritize both his wife and Corinna.

As such, Avril being let go was inevitable.

In truth, instead of my father, I did it for the sake of the servants and the people of this household.

I was merely trying to ensure that everyone who helped me wouldn’t be troubled.

But as she thought, it was impossible.

“I understand, excuse me.”

Thinking of the future of the Count of Allingham, she sighed and left the study.

***T/N: Lmao what’s with her dad. Someone cancel him please.


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