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I’ve Been Invited to an Outing, but Our Distance is Close (5)

“Let me introduce you once again—this is Avril Allingham.

She’s the daughter of Count Allingham and is about to marry into my family.

We’re still in our engagement period, but when the time comes, we’ll formally hold the ceremony.”

“My name is Avril Allingham.”

For the time being, she had no choice but give her greeting.

After she had finished giving a curtsy, Avril wondered if she should’ve added some wicked flair to it.

At that moment, Dylan suddenly and gently pulled her shoulder towards himself.

We look like a romantic couple…!

It seemed that Marquess Brandner thought the same as she inquired with her eyes closed.

“Oh my, the two of you seem to be on good terms.

By the way, I heard rumors about Lady Avril from my son.”

“…Son Avril, what is she talking about”

As Dylan turned at her, looking somewhat confused, Avril averted her gaze.

Isn’t this situation kind of bad!

She had no choice but to feign ignorance.

“I am clueless to what she’s saying…”

“As you can see, my wife has a penchant for trying to convince everyone and herself that she’s a villain.

It’d be helpful if you could tell me what happened between her and your son.”

…Is it just my imagination or is he holding back his laughter

“You see, this very woman wrote the music sheet for my son who forgot his.

As such, I’d like to express my gratitude.”

“…Such a thing. It’s wonderful that my fiancée was able to help your son.”

…Oh no! I, I’m sorry…

It was too late to regret it.

After all, as a villain, shouldn’t she have been bullying children instead of helping them

However, she just couldn’t bear not to help Samuel…

In other words, she had no choice but to get through that on her own.

Thus, Avril, ‘The Bad’, declared in a snarky tone.

“…I merely wrote it in a spontaneous and careless way.

To give such a wonderful performance, that was entirely his own fault.

It just so happens that he was feeling encouraged during the concert.

Therefore, there’s no reason to thank me, really.”

“So, it’s just like my son said.”

“What did Lord Samuel say”

Seriously, what did he say

Avril tilted her head and entwined her fingers.

In response, the marquess said.

“Lady Avril Allingham is a modest person who’ll decline your offer to thank her.”



Why, just why did he interpret it that way—!

Even though I emphasized my villain status to him thrice, why did he still get it wrong…!

“What’s that—oh…”

“Thank you for earlier.

Thanks to you, I was able to perform well.”

The person who stood there was none other than Samuel himself.

As he thanked her like a small gentleman, Avril quietly asked him.

“There’s no need to thank me.

Samuel, your performance was truly outstanding.

…But, why didn’t you explain properly to your mother about me”

“…Since you repeated the ‘villain’ part three times, I thought it must be important.

So, I told my mother, but I ended up getting scolded for referring to my benefactor as such.”

…I see.

“I, I ‘m sorry…!”

As Avril bowed her head, Dylan burst into laughter.

“I apologize.

As you can see, this is the kind of person my fiancée is.”

“Fufufu, judging solely on the rumors, I was concerned about the future of Duke Lancester.

However, it appears that there’s no need for me to worry.

From the generation of your father, the bond between our houses has been estranged.

But considering that someone like Lady Avril is here, I’m looking forward to rekindle our relationship again.

She seems to have an interest in music.”

“I’m also thinking that I have to change things little by little from now on.

After all, there are many excellent people in the Marquis Brandner family.

Actually, I’m wondering if you can assist me with a trouble I’m having.”

Feeling that Dylan’s soft tone had changed to a firmer one, Avril looked up.

I see, it’s about work…!

Avril decided to leave the place with Samuel.

“Samuel, can you play the violin some more I’ll play the piano.”

“Yes, then I shall guide you to the piano.”

The petite gentleman offered his hand to her, and Avril took it.

It seems that I failed to pretend to be a villain…

…At the same time, everyone other than Marquess Brandner seems to think that I’m exactly as the rumors say, so let’s just leave it at that—!

More than anything else, it seemed that she was able to help Dylan.

Of course, maintaining her charade as a villain was important.

However, contributing to the Duke of Lancester family, whom were taking care of her despite it being a contract marriage, was also important for Avril.


As she saw off Avril and Samuel, Marquess Brandner looked somewhat puzzled.

“Strange… In the Count Allingham family, shouldn’t the one who’s skilled at violin be the other daughter I recall her having a different name.

If I’m not mistaken, that girl even performed at a salon concert about ten years ago.

I remembered her so vividly because she was so imposing, nothing fazed her.”

Dylan smiled upon hearing that.

“…That may be a mistake in your memory.

My wife, Avril, is the only one in the Count of Allingham household who has a background in music.”


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