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The “Job” was Actually for my Sake

 By Antoinette Vanessa October 11, 2022

On the way home.

While being rocked by the carriage, Avril dozed off.

I am so tired…

…Still, today was a lot of fun.

Avril could comfortably doze off because the atmosphere of Dylan created from right beside her was calming and more gentle than usual.

…No can do.

As expected, I’m going to fall asleep here…

Far from being a villainess, she was even disqualified as a lady.

When she tried to somehow fight her drowsiness, Dylan spoke.

“…It looks like we’ve found the assistant we’ll be dispatching to the Count of Allingham’s family.

While he wasn’t on the list I showed you earlier, I originally had an eye on him because he seemed competent.”

Due to the good news, she inadvertently woke up.

“That’s great! Thank you! What kind of person is he When will he start working”

“At the earliest, after finishing the final adjustment, which is within the month.

His name is Cyril Brandner.”

“…Cyril Brandner.”

Avril blinked at the familiar surname.

“As a second son of Marquis Brandner, not only did he graduate from the academy, he’s also currently working as an aide in the royal palace.

He has temporarily agreed to visit the Count of Allingham.

All that remained was to make an inquiry with the Marquis Brandner family, who has become distant from us.

However, thanks to Avril, everything went well.

By the way, Samuel, who played that marvelous violin piece, is the fifth son.”

“…The Marquis of Brandner sure has a lot of children.”


Avril, who learned of the conversation Dylan had with the Marquess of Brandner after the performance, timidly lowered her head.

“…Lord Dylan, I enjoyed tonight’s salon concert without much thought.

How inconsiderate of me… I’m sorry, and thank you very much.”

Lord Dylan did mention ‘work’ as one of the purposes for today’s date… but that was also for my sake…

However, instead of saying anything, Dylan remained nonchalant and easygoing about it.

“Well, I did mention that it’s been a long time since I last attended a salon concert there.”

“You did.”

“Today was much more enjoyable than I expected.

I was able to make a pleasant memory.

I’m delighted at having been able to participate with you.”

“… Lord Dylan…”

At Dylan, who was behaving a little differently than usual, Avril tilted her head.

…Come to think of it, why does Lord Dylan wish for a contract marriage

While Avril had no problem with it, and in fact welcomed it, she had to ponder it after spending so much time with him.

Why didn’t he just find a legitimate wife

However, since the person himself wasn’t speaking a word about it, Avril decided against inquiring any further.

After all, they had promised to not interfere with each other’s affairs.

Upon deciding that she wouldn’t stick her nose where it didn’t belong, Avril changed the topic.

“Lord Dylan, when we return to our palace, I’ll write you a letter.

I’d like to describe all the fun things that happened today.”

“Of course, I look forward to it.”


Thus, Avril wrote a letter to Dylan.

In accordance to Chris’ advice, she didn’t place any lipstick or perfume to the letter.

“In fear that it’ll be too effective, you needn’t perform such a gesture for Lord Dylan.

Otherwise, Lady Avril will find herself in a lot of trouble.”

Avril couldn’t comprehend his words at all.

At the end of the day, he seemed to greatly appreciate the letter.

…As a result, such a situation happened.

“…Why are His Highness the Crown Prince and the prodigal woman of this country in my palace”

“I suppose we’ll find out in a bit.

All I know for certain is that this place isn’t a palace.”

Against the backdrop of Chris’ laughter, Avril once again tried to comprehend the reality before her.

In front of her was the beautiful crown prince, Lawrence, along with the talented and graceful Alexandra.

After the tea party the other day, the two seemed to have become fond of Avril and visited the Duke of Lancester’s residence to talk more.

Avril, Dylan, Lawrence, and Alexandra were seated in the drawing room of her palace’s first floor.

Chris watched from behind along with the maids who seemed tense.

No wonder, since they had to be on high alert.

“…Even so, isn’t it too soon Avril is troubled.”

“L, Lord Dylan, that’s not necessarily—…”

“Avril, if there’s something you’re displeased with, you may express your dismay.

There’s no need to go along with everything.”

“There’s nothing I’m dissatisfied with.

I’m very happy.”

The only thing she’d be dissatisfied with would be being kicked out should it be revealed that she wasn’t a villainess.

Lawrence, who listened in on their conversation, laughed.

“This is my first time seeing Dylan be so attentive towards a woman like this.

How refreshing.”

“His Highness the Crown Prince has been with Dylan for a long time and is on good terms with him, isn’t he”

“That’s right.

I know everything about him.”

Lawrence, who answered Avril’s question, follows up with his implication.

“For example, he’s carefully keeping the letter he received form his fiancée in his notebook.”


T-that’s just…!

At the unexpected words, Avril blinked.

She couldn’t understand what it meant.

“I-is the fiancée… me”

“Who else is there That’s why I came here today.

After chancing upon such a revelation, I’ve been curious as to how the two of you would pass your day.”

“…Enough, Lawrence.”

Seemingly displeased, Dylan covered his mouth.

Oh my, even outside, Lord Dylan is fully dedicated to his dutiful fiancé charade…!

Apparently, that was how much Dylan wanted to keep the contract marriage.

When Avril thought that, Alexandra suddenly stood up.

“I’d like to consult with His Excellency the Duke of Lancester about the prospective employee at my house.

Therefore, can we discuss this in another room”

“…Of course.”

It’s about work…

Avril saw the two of them off and then turned to Lawrence.

Then, he showed her a gentle smile, one that was different from Dylan’s.

“—Lady Avril, may I ask you for a moment”


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