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A Perfect Visitor for a Villainess

 By Antoinette Vanessa November 8, 2022

Several months had passed since Avril came to reside in the Duke of Lancester’s house at the royal capital, and the peaceful season was about to change.

From the window of the “palace,” she watched as the trees in the garden that used to be in full bloom with spring flowers turned lush green.

Then, she beckoned to a certain maid she hadn’t seen in a while.

“Carol, have you been in touch with the Count of Allingham recently”

“…Well, kind of.”

“The other day, Lord Dylan bought me a dress.

While the design isn’t to Corinna’s liking, the fabric is delicate and of high-quality… I kept wondering when it’d disappear from the closet, but it never did!”

When Avril tried to implicitly ask, “Is it okay for you to not sell the dress as per Corinna’s order” Carol only showed her a twisted smile.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Lady Avril always spoke like that That way, you’d sound like a full-fledged villainess.”

“Fufufu, I’m honored!”

It had been a long time since Avril last met Carol.

Even though Carol came to accompany Avril as her maid, she seldom tended to her.

In the Count of Allingham family, Corinna is akin to a princess and a queen.

As Corinna’s maid, Carol is also considered superior to me… Thus, there’s no way she’d tend me, someone of inferior standing…

Despite that, even someone like Avril could guess Carol’s true objective.

Most probably, she was tasked with divulging information about Avril.

The fact that the marriage between Dylan and Avril was contractual in nature was discreet information.

Therefore, only Dylan, Avril, and Chris knew about it.

Of course, Carol didn’t know.

As long as Corinna didn’t know about the contractual marriage, then it didn’t matter to Avril.

She didn’t care if Carol were to be a spy or whatever.


Avril was aware that Carol obeyed Corinna and keep her entertained due to underlying circumstances.

Carol had an ailing mother and younger siblings, and she had to work for the Count of Allingham as her family’s breadwinner.

As such, if she were to offend her mistress, she and her family would end up on the streets.

Since her arrival at the residence of Duke Lancester, she has neglected Avril, but also assumed proper duties in the main house—probably in preparation for an emergency.

Given the circumstances, Avril couldn’t help but worry about her.

She is someone who was forced to live in the royal capital alongside her.

But, am I in the position to ask her that

As Avril hesitated, Carol remarked stiffly.

“Since the weather is nice today, why don’t we take a stroll in the garden”’


How rare for Carol to behave this way…

Perhaps, Carol was homesick, after all…

…Thus, Avril took it as an opportunity to ask her.

“How is it on your end, Carol Do you want to return to the Count of Allingham family, soon To be away from your hometown for so long must make you anxious.

If you don’t mind, why don’t you ask someone else to substitute for your spying In fact, if it’s only divulging information, I can manage it on my own!”


Carol seemed genuinely taken aback by Avril’s words.

After letting her gaze wander for a moment, Carol groaned.

“Then, which part of it would be called ‘spying’ Lady Avril, how incompetent of you.”

“I was being serious, though…”

Avril spoke with a smile.

In response, Carol rushed to tell her with an expression as if she’d bitten a bug.

“…Don’t concern yourself with unnecessary things.”

“Eh, where are you going What about the stroll”

“There’s no longer any need for that! Because of you, I’ve become incompetent as well!!!”

“Oh, my…”

Before Avril could say anything in return, Carol had left the room.

…What did she come to do

Chris came in to replace her.

“Were you arguing with the personal maid you met with after so long”

“Yes, I think I was a bit too mean to her.”

Instead of replying, Chris simply laughed.

“—Just for clarification, a gigolo has arrived at the gate.

He said that he has an appointment with Lady Avril, so he’d like to come in.

Did you summon him”

“…A gigolo.”

“Yes, a gigolo.”



—The word “gigolo” echoed in Avril’s blank head.

She in fact had seen Corinna hire one secretly to “fill in the gaps between her schedule.” When Avril went to Corinna’s room to serve tea, despite her wearing a long skirt, it was apparent that Corinna was sitting on top the handsome guest.

…Just by remembering that scene, her face went a blaze.

…A, a gigolo is THAT kind of thing, right—!

Looking at Avril’s face, which turned red in an instant, Chris gave a lukewarm smile.

“As I thought, I should’ve seen this coming.

I apologize for acting foolishly.”

“I, uh, I’ve called one before… b, b, but how strange I don’t remember having called one today, I, I was planning to, uh, call one, in the future… y-yes, to call one—…”

“You don’t have to force yourself, Milady.

Although, a word of advice, it’d be better if you refrained from mention that in front of Dylan, even as a joke.

It’s for your own sake.”

“Understood! Anyway, I haven’t called one today!”

She didn’t know what was going on anymore…

While such may be a natural visitor for a villainess, she had never summoned one.

She couldn’t think of the proper way to respond.

When Avril hid her face in embarrassment, Chris erased his sly smile and assumed a serious expression.

“…Then, this is a bit of an issue.

Shall we discuss it with Lord Dylan upon his return”

***T/N: First, to ask Avril what she thinks a “gigolo” means…


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