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Lord Dylan Seems Worried for Some Reason

“…What do you mean I can’t get through”

Before the main gate of the house of Duke of Lancester, Corinna was indignant.

She had tucked her hair—which bore the same color as Avril’s—under a hat and wore colored glasses.

However, the gatekeeper only responded with a smile.

“That’s right.

First and foremost, we’d like to ask you some questions.

Do you mind entering through the back gate”

“T-the back gate! Are we not allowed to enter through the main gate!”


After passing through the back gate, the steward will ask you to clarify your situation.

One thing I can say with certainty is that Lady Avril won’t be coming here.”

“I have an appointment with Avril Allingham.

After a long break, that villainess has called for them again.

She may have withdrawn herself and be acting quiet these days, but don’t be fooled… Anyway, can you let us through”

Corinna pointed her chin at one of the beautiful young men with a sales smile.

After all, she took the trouble to bring two of her favorite gigolos to the royal capital.

…It shouldn’t be like this! What’s going on!

Upon arriving at the royal capital, instead of heading to the Count of Lindbergh, Corinna went to the Duke of Lancester.

Corinna had planned to take advantage of Avril’s bad reputation to sneak into the Duke of Lancester’s mansion, kidnap Avril, and then take her place.

Once inside the mansion, she’d have her partner in crime—Carol.

That Avril had never met the servants, much else the duke, helped.

Therefore, it should be easy—


Where’s Carol I told her to go on a stroll with Avril at this time…!

However, Carol didn’t show up.

Not only that, the gatekeeper refused to let her through.

“Well, if it’s that important, I shall clarify with Lady Avril herself.”

Corinna frowned at the gatekeeper’s words.

…I see.

Even though she’s married into the duke’s house, the gatekeeper still refers to her by name instead of ‘Mrs.’

It’s like Carol said—Avril has never met the duke, and is ignored by the servants…!

Corinna decided that it’d be useless to remain there any longer that today, so she decided to retreat for the time being.

“I, it’s fine.

Maybe, I made a mistake with the appointment time.”

“…Ha, that’s completely different from what you said a while ago.”

“It isn’t like she’ll mess around with gigolos in the middle of the day like this, right Are you mad”


She had to escape before the gatekeeper started to suspect her.

Avoiding the gatekeeper, Corinna took the two handsome young men by their hands and got into her carriage.

Then, as the carriage moved, Corinna showed a villainous smile.

“If Carol had brought Avril to the gate, things would’ve gone well! There’s no next time! Did she forget that the future of her family is in my hands”


At night.

Called to Dylan’s study in the main resident, Avril remained perplexed as the soothing, nostalgic scent of books lingered around her.

…How can the smell of paper and ink in the study be so calming!

…Wait, that’s not why I am here for.

In contrast to the laidback Avril, Chris and Dylan had stern expressions.

“Chris, can you explain what happened today once again”

“Of course, Lord Dylan.

During the daytime, a suspicious group of two men and a woman visited Lady Avril while Lord Dylan was away.

In order to ensure her safety, I immediately began accompanying her after receiving the report.”

“Good job.”

While Dylan seemed pretty satisfied, Avril remembered it to be quite a stuffy afternoon.

She wasn’t used to acting like a villainess for more than a few minutes a day.

Her best performance was during the one day outing with Dylan.

As she reflected on the hardships of the day, Dylan asked her.

“Avril, do you have any idea about today’s visitor”

“…Ever since I arrived at the royal capital, I haven’t summoned one, yet.

Although, recently, I did think of calling them.”

“A gigolo…”


I’ve been bored.

I’d like to read books with them again one of these days.”



Chris burst out laughing, while Dylan froze.

Certainly, Avril witnessed Corinna acting close with the handsome male guest who was invited to Count Allingham.

However, Avril was frightened by the dubious atmosphere.

She left the place as soon as she’d served the tea.

Therefore, she didn’t know anything beyond that.

…Please, please don’t question me any further.

With a complicated look on his face, Dylan said.

“Reading, was it What a… sophisticated pastime activity.”

But, in the next moment—

“—Avril, would you like to use this opportunity to move to the main resident Security will be tightened, but still, when you’re out of my sight, I can’t help but worry.”


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