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Suddenly, Dylan is Overprotective

…He’s worried if I’m out of his sight

With her mouth agape, Avril stared at Dylan.

Why, did he view her as some sort of toddler who’d get lost once he let go of her hand No, for she was the villainess.

…Suddenly regaining her composure, Avril spoke timidly.

“Lord Dylan, while I appreciate your concern, I’ll be fine.”

“Of course, I’m very aware of Avril’s fondness towards ‘the palace’, but this is for the sake of your safety.”

At Dylan and his stern stare, Avril tilted her head.

Lord Dylan is truly a kind person.

Well, now that I understand his concern, perhaps it’ll be better to just obey and be affectionate…

After all, if Avril merely behaved as a stereotypical villain, instead of also fulfilling her role as the Duchess of Lancester, she’d be kicked out.

Even if she left the palace, her obligations wouldn’t change.

“I understand.

Then, from now on, I’ll be living in the main house.

I’ll finish the preparation soon—”

“—No, you can’t start preparing now.

Come here, tonight.”

“F, from tonight…”

But that’s too fast!

As Avril blinked, Dylan summoned his aides.

“Chris, Avril will fully move tomorrow, but for tonight, please escort her to the guest room.

The room on the South side, which has the most sunlight and is spacious.”

“There’s a room that meets those conditions right besides yours, Lord Dylan.

I’ll have the arrangements made for her to move in tomorrow.”


Instead of replying, Dylan merely coughed.

…Will he be alright

“Are you alright, Lord Dylan”

“Be rest assured, it’s nothing to worry about, Avril.”

Without even glancing at Avril, Dylan glared at Chris.

“…Chris, I’m telling you to arrange the guest room for Avril, and not the room next to mine.

This is the order from the head of the family.”

“Very serious, indeed.”

“Just go.”

The conversation between Dylan and Chris was friendly.

While admiring Dylan, who was loved and respected by both his aides and servants, the two ended up alone in the study.

However, when she looked at the clock, it was already time for bed.

No wonder I’m sleepy…

As sleepiness encroached, Avril concealed her mouth with both hands and yawned.

At that moment, their gazes met.

At night, the study was illuminated by an orange radiance.

Dylan—who had slightly loosen his collar and seemed more disheveled than the day, was truly picturesque.

Lord Dylan always works late…

Suddenly, she remembered that she used to help her father in the Count of Allingham household.

She was living comfortably now, but when surrounded by the scent of paper and ink, she couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.

“…I’m sorry for keeping you until this late.

Can you wait a little longer until the room is ready”

“I delight in the nightlife, so there’s no problem.”

“Aren’t you hungry I’ll arrange for a midnight snack.”

…Even though she was supposed to be a villainess, she was instead being treated like a child.

“No, I’d like to sleep, for I’ve had a large dinner.”

“…That’s good to hear.”

When Avril told him that day’s dinner was also scrumptious, Dylan’s tense expression somewhat relaxed.

“Does Lord Dylan always work until this late”

“Most of the time, yes.”

“Then, I’ll cook your dinner next time.

Despite how I look, I’m confident in my cooking skills.”


There was a glint of surprise in his sky-blue eyes.

But soon, she couldn’t see it anymore, for Dylan had lowered his gaze and pursed his lips.

…Come to think of it, Lord Dylan was surprised when he saw my breakfast menu!

Perhaps, the profound expression on his face was a protest to her cooking skills.

Thus, Avril hastily apologized. 

“D, don’t worry, I won’t serve stale bread or mushy and cold soup! I’ll be sure to cook something that’ll suit your palate, so please have confident in me!”

“No, I’m not worried about that… In fact, I believe that there must be nothing you can’t do.”

When she tried to deny that, Dylan reached out to her cheek.

Then, he scooped the pink-blonde lock that’d fallen to Avril’s cheek and put it behind her ear.

Lord Dylan…

As they were the only ones in that room, he had no obligation to fulfill his role as an amiable fiancé like he did during the tea party or at the salon concert.

…It’s as if we’re a real married couple.

When Avril was about to tilt her head, the study door swung open and a maid appeared.

“The room for Lady Avril is ready.”

“…I understand.”

After lightly replying, Dylan turned to face Avril and withdrew a step.

“…Just now, I’m sorry.

It seems that the room is ready.

Rest well.”

“… Yes, thank you.”

The servants are unaware of the contract marriage, yes Then, since I’ll be staying in the main house, am I expected to behave like this from now on I see, that’s certainly must be it—!

After somehow convincing herself, Avril was escorted out of the room by the maid.

—Avril, at any rate, was extremely dense.

***T/N: At this point Dylan should just sharpie the word I like you on his forehead


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