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I was Asked to Help in a Way Different than Expected


In order to “help”, Avril was brought to Dylan’s study.

The room itself was more than several times the size of the study used by her father, Count Allingham.

In addition to Dylan’s office desk, there were other desks—probably belonging to Chris and other aides, along with a heavy reception set.

The furnishing was calm, while the white marble interior gave a slightly different atmosphere than the gorgeous chalk castle.

I really like this study…!

As Avril took a deep breath, Dylan smiled at her.

“Do you like it here”

“Yes, very.”

“Then, you may sit there as long as you like.

You can come and go as you please, but please inform Chris when you’re about to return to your room or when you move around the mansion.”

Sit there…

She was told to sit on a soft and fluffy sofa that seemed very comfortable.

Avril, who was prepared to assist him with anything, tilted her head.

How is me sitting there going to help

“I’ll prepare some tea.”

“Eh, uhm…”

Without listening to Avril, the maid smiled and took her leave.

Incidentally, she was the same maid who had served cold tea to Avril upon her arrival.

Then, she saw that the table in front of her was ladened with collections of stories and poems popular among noble women.

Isn’t this supposed to be a study

Then what are THESE things doing here

Chris, who seemed to have been overseeing the situation nearby, whispered to the clueless Avril.

“As long as Lady Avril is here, Lord Dylan’s work will make steady progress.

You understand what I’m saying, right”

“! Lord Chris, why did you say that all of the sudden!”

“There’s nothing sudden about it.”

“Oh, well…”

Avril had a bad habit of speaking her thoughts.

Thus, she hastily shut her mouth.

Apparently, no matter how much Avril refused, Dylan intended to cram a lot of books into “Avril’s Exclusive Library.”

As proof of that, Chris had just ordered a frightening number of books.

Yet when Avril tried to intervene, she was told that it was but a trivial purchase when compared to the piece of jewelry she bought when she first arrived, and Avril froze.

I wonder how much that necklace actually cost…

She was glad that he had given her a present—

—Well, not really.

After all, once she left that house, she’d have to part with those gifts.

Even though she didn’t consider that a problem, she still worried it’d be deducted from her alimony.

By the time Avril regained her bearings, several sheets of paper drifted towards her.


“I’m sorry, Avril.

That’s mine.”

“No, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Due to the open window, a gust of wind had blown them away.

Before Dylan could get up to retrieve them, Avril picked up the papers.

Then, as she approached his desk, she sorted the documents and returned them to their designated box.

For Avril, it was nothing serious, but Dylan—who was watching carefully, suddenly became stern.

“…As I thought, you seem to be quite accustomed to handling these kinds of documents.”


Nevertheless, I’m still a villainess.”

Since it was her usual behavior in the Count of Allingham, Avril didn’t understand what Dylan was implying.

While ignoring her claim as a villainess, Dylan inquired of her.

“If you’re here to help, what is it that you’re capable of”

“Well, menial tasks, I suppose.

Just tell me what to do, I’ll be sure to help.”

All I want is for you to not cut my alimony…

Assign me anything, please…

When she smiled and held out her hands, Dylan gave her one of the papers that she had just put into the box.

“I see.

Then, are you going to be my secretary”

“! Uhm… Well, I guess I can do that, but I don’t have the authority… Also, what am I supposed to do with this document”

In no way did being handed an important document count as doing a menial task.

…I just caught a glimpse of it, but it’s some kind of petition.

Moreover, it’s the kind that is normally difficult to accepted.

Considering that their marriage was only contractual in nature, she didn’t think that she should examine the document too closely.

After all, with just a glance, she’d end up memorizing the entire thing.

Although that sounded convenient, more often than not, it wasn’t—

—Otherwise, her family wouldn’t have hated her.

Upon remembering her ability, Avril tried to not look at the document as much as possible—

—At that moment, Dylan burst out laughing.

“I’d like to do something about this matter, but nothing comes to mind.”

Unlike her father, Dylan smiled at her.

In an instant, the hesitation she felt just a moment ago vanished.

…I got it.

With this, I’ll be helping him!

“Is it okay if I take a look”

Even though she was aware that she mustn’t get involved, Avril still looked at the document.


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