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My Destination is Revealed not to be a Remote Region

 By Antoinette Vanessa June 6, 2022

For some reason, the carriage and the train delivered Avril to the royal capital.

“…Uhm, why are we in the royal capital If I recall correctly, the Duke of Lancester’s territory is supposed to be located in a remote region further South of Count Allingham’s territory.”

“I’m confused, as well.

After all, Lady Corinna said that the destination is a countryside faraway from here…”

The one who replied in dissatisfaction to the confused question of Avril was Carol.

She was Corinna’s former maid.

So that the dignity of Count Allingham wouldn’t be compromised, Carol was tasked with accompanying Avril.

Had the maid been Keira, Avril’s good friend, she’d have been much happier…

However, Carol was chosen, instead.

Carol used to tend to Corinna’s personal belongings.

Despite being a servant, the maid looked down on Avril.

I’m sure it’s due to Corinna’s influence… At the same time, I feel sorry for Carol.

She had to leave her home for my sake…

Avril decided to not judge Carol and took in the scenery reflected against the window of the carriage.

The royal capital, which was filled with brick buildings, was utterly gorgeous.

The cobbled boulevard was lined with many shops and restaurants.

The place was bustling with people.

Even from where she was sitting, she could hear its liveliness.

“Hey, look.

The royal capital is so gorgeous…! This is my first time seeing so many people…!”


“Carol, look! There’s a market over there! In such an open area, too! How nice, I want to try shopping there!”

However, she recalled that she was penniless.

I can’t.

I’ll soon become a bride.

It’s quite likely I will be expelled.

That’d be very welcomed.

But… I’ll have to save money in preparation of that!

Of course, for the time she left the house one day, Avril had saved some money.

She didn’t know when she’d need it, so she didn’t dare touch a single cent.

As Avril re-tied her purse, she reminded herself to not be careless with money.

The moody Carol constantly made a fool of her.

“Look at how relaxed you are.

I wonder what’s so good about Milady Even if you have a good memory, did you know the reason everyone hates you is because you’re an airhead”

“Oh, my.

Carol likes to talk a lot, doesn’t she”

Fufufu, while laughing sarcastically at Carol, Avril recalled the longing of her stepsister.

Corinna had always longed to live a glamorous life in the royal capital.

If she knew that my destination was the royal capital and not some remote place, Corinna would surely have thrown a tantrum and insisted to go in my stead.

But no, I can’t give up.

I’ve finally attained my freedom…!

It didn’t matter whether or not the destination was the royal capital or a rural village.

All that mattered to Avril was the fact that she was able to leave her house with grace.

Upon thinking such, the carriage stopped.

Apparently, she had reached her destination.

W, what the hell is this…!

The moment the door of the carriage was opened, a vast land and a palace-like mansion greeted her eyes.

…Actually, that was to be expected for a duke lived there.

In the garden, the flowers were in full bloom.

A rainbow floated in the spray of the fountain.

After walking through the dreamlike scenery, she arrived at a chalk white castle.

She was immediately escorted in.

With beaming eyes, Avril took her surroundings in.

The wall of the mansion, which was made of white marble, was decorated with red roses.

Elegant chandeliers could be seen hanging on the ceiling.

A castle-like mansion in such a gorgeous royal capital…! Not only that, the entire marble entrance looks polished!

The reason why her focus was concentrated on the floor had to be because she was accustomed to the life of a servant.

If I were to be ordered to scrub the floor, I wonder from which direction I should start from…

…When Avril was roughly measuring the distance, a voice was heard.

“You’ve arrived, Lady Avril Allingham.”



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