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Is This a Palace

 By Antoinette Vanessa June 18, 2022

Avril, who had successfully signed the contract, was to be given a sunny and remote room.

“What is this…”

“This is Lady Avril’s wing.”

“Wow, my wing! Here!”

Avril blinked at the maid’s nonchalant response.

It didn’t at all match the separate annex’s grandeur.

At that point, calling the Duke Lancester’s residence a palace would be more accurate.

Albeit surprised, Avril was also relieved to hear that her quarters were secluded.

For Avril, who had lived humbly in the servant’s wing of Count Allingham residence, the white castle was too dazzling and uncomfortable.

At the same time.

Who would’ve thought that my annex would be this extravagant…

Towards the overly luxurious building in front of her, Avril had a blank look.

Not only was its structure luxurious, with gorgeous furnishings filling the entire building, the separate annex itself looked similar to the castle-like main building.

When I arrived at the mansion and passed through the gate, I thought this was a neighbor’s house.

But, it’s just a separate building that belongs to the same residence.

“Uhm, could this place be a palace”

“No, it’s nothing more than an old annex of Duke Lancester.”

The maid casually explained to the dumbfounded Avril.

Afterwards, the maid walked past her.

Of course, Avril hurriedly chased after her.

Incidently, Carol, who should’ve been Avril’s maid, had disappeared.

Perhaps, Carol intended to deepen her relationship with the servants of Duke Lancester.

Avril, who understood Carol’s anxiety, decided to leave her alone.

…More than that, her problem was the overly-luxurious annex.

A polished marble wall! A floor that can’t be walked on with muddy shoes after working in the garden! Vases that will cost the entire of the wedding preparation money if smashed!

The escorting maid stared dubiously at Avril who kept wandering around despite being guided to her room.

“…Shouldn’t the Lady Avril Allingham be familiar with this kind of place”

“…! T, that’s right! I’m perfectly used to places like this!”

The Count Allingham family lived modestly due to their financial status.

But, when it came to Corinna’s nightlife, that was an entirely different story.

She was always spending her time around the aristocratic mansion.

Corinna would also go in and out of the mansion at night due to salacious invitations.

No good.

Avril, you HAVE to act like a villainess…!

The reason why Dylan was looking for such a villainess was so that there wouldn’t be any real harm after their divorce.

Even if she were to be sent away, the reputation ofAvril Allingham—’The Villainess’—couldn’t get any lower.

That was because as it was, her reputation was already below the ground.

Surely, if Dylan were to discover that the truth was different, the contract would be terminated.

Avril, who absolutely wanted to avoid that, decided that she’d be a villainess.

I definitely don’t want to return to the Count Allingham family.

Besides, after being discarded, I’ll receive a lot of compensation.

…Moreover, I want to do something for Keira and the others.

As such, I have to fulfil my contract properly as a villainess…!

As she was ruminating her decision, the maid told her to do as she saw fit.

“The lord has allowed you to use this place as you like.”

“As I like! Really! This dream-like place!”


After enduring the maid’s frigid stare, Avril decided to change the topic.

Surely, many negative assumptions were swirling inside the maid’s head as of that moment.

…If it were Corinna, the actual villainess, she’d surely go wild with her night activities.

Had she been here instead of me, I can’t imagine how happy she’d be.

“By any chance, does the former duke spend his in this detached building As it’s hunting season, his presence here wouldn’t be strange…”

“No, Milady.

He has been staying in his territory all this time.

Also, it’s not unheard for a separate annex to be built for the concubines to spend their time.”

“I see, as they are mistresses, it’s no wonder they’d spend their time away from the main home.”

As I expected, the ‘lecherous old duke of a remote land’ seemed refer to the previous duke.

From the maid’s attitude, she could conclude that the separate annex was used for that kind of activity.

Good… The duke, Dylan, seems to be a decent man, after all.

While she felt relieved again, the maid, who had been expressionless for a long time, exuded a little emotion.

“The lord told us to never bring up the topic about Lady Avril’s behavior. However, us servants disagree.

We’d like you to exercise some self-control when the lord is present.”

“Uh, what…”

“Therefore, please refrain from inviting other lords to visit as much as possible.

If you absolutely have to, then please do so when the lord is absent.”


Before Avril could understand what she was implying, the maid left and slammed the door shut.

Avril muttered while staring towards the door.

“I wonder if I can be as villainous as Corinna…”

No matter how she looked at it, Corinna was a great villainess.

So great that she used Avril as a scapegoat for her misdemeanors.

I’m a little worried, though…

“But I already signed it.

As such, I’ll have to become the perfect villainess…!”

—After Avril had decided to become a villainess, tomorrow soon arrived.

***T/N: Hence why.


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