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“It must have been a very painful thing to go through.

Hateful and tormenting, isn’t it”

It was like the devil whispering into her ear.

Killian Devonshire said in regards to the man who had once again forced her to become his mistress.

Appearing as if he was an actual devil who held an unshakeable prestige in the deepest depths of hell.

Rowena was clear of that very well, but she couldn’t shake her head in refusing out of resistance.

It was as if a heavy mass of fog was slowly rising up her chest, seemingly suffocating her breath…

“I’ve prepared all sorts of torturing equipments for you.

So just say the word, and your orders will  immediately be carried out by someone else.”

The temptation at present was both persistent and endless.

The hand on her shoulder gradually moved down to her hand which he covered with his large palms.

“Or better yet, we can just finish the job cleanly with a fire of a gun.”

Recalling back to the first few days when she arrived in the capital made her heartbeat race.  The memories of such were still as vivid as if they were yesterday.

The days of moving from one cheap hostel to another with no place to call home, the nights when she ran out of money to use; the times where she wandered around the dangerous streets as the snow piled up during the cold season

That was how she met this man that night, and he was…

“You must return the favor you’ve received back in turn, Rowena.”

The moment she thought of Damian, whose face looked exactly like the man before her—-  Rowena’s sentience which had been submerged within the depths of the ocean of her consciousness, very quickly surfaced at that moment.

“I refuse.”


‘If I continue to do whatever this man bids at his beck and call..

One day, sooner or later I would eventually end up doing something that I would not be able to redeem myself for.’ 

In some sense, a strong feeling had engulfed her entire being that she would cross this road but she could never turn back to regret.

“It was true that it had been a hateful and tormenting experience.

I did not hold just mere resentment against her to curse her out of ill will.

I made a promise to myself to punch her in the gut as soon as I found her because she had used me like some tool and let me down time after time.”

As she confessed her heartfelt emotions she felt deep inside her heart , Rowena shook off his hand.

“Even so, I don’t intend to seek revenge.

The reason being that this act of revenge alone is a crime itself.”

“Had the thought never crossed your mind that what that woman had done to you wasn’t considered a crime, then.”

The low murmur came accompanied by a hint of slight anger in his words.

Rowena, oblivious to that, squeezed her eyes shut tightly before opening them slowly.

“Then if I were to do the same thing as her in this situation, wouldn’t that make me the same type of person she is Taking revenge will only sprout the root of hatred and vengeance’s seeds.”

She sounded vague with her words playing round the bush.Yet, the meaning behind them was clear. I am not like you, and I will not live like you, Killian Devonshire. She said those words without any trace of hesitation or fear.

Even so, she received no reply.

Rowena’s lips quivered as the cold air breezed past her skin, making the tiny hairs on the back of her hands stand on end.

Nevertheless, instead of turning around she chose to slowly approach Carol, who was tied up with tight ropes, Carol was almost on the verge of breaking down as a result of a bunch of burly men surrounding her.

“No! I don’t want to be tortured like this! Please spare me!”

Standing in front of Carol who was screaming her lungs out, Rowena turned to walk behind the chair and untied the rope string that bound Carol’s waist to the chair.

She also went to loosen the tight knots that were trapping Carol’s limbs on both her wrists and ankles..

It was just for all that but before she could complete doing so,she released a shaky breath as she felt a tingling sensation surge up her neck all the way to her head.

Rowena’s eyelids immediately closed even before she could figure out what had happened.



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