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When Damian arrived in the capital after the long train journey, he was in a state of excitement at seeing such scenery for the first time in his life.

“Wow! What is that”

“That’s called a gaslight, young master.”

“What about that building There are so many people!”

“That is called a ‘department store.’ They sell everything you could want inside, starting with dresses, men’s clothing, groceries, jewelry—you name it.”

“There really are a lot of carriages and a lot of people!”

The nannies giggled a little at the cheerful exclamation.

“Oh my, young master! and here I thought you would be disappointed that your teacher was not with us, but everything seems alright now”

“Not really, he’ll be following us tomorrow anyway.

It’s okay since its just for a day later.”

Damian shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“I’ll see my mother soon too! so I’ll be fine.

We’re also two days ahead of schedule!”

“Indeed, young master.”

The elder nanny exchanged glances with the other nannies for a second and then suggested.

“How about we stop by the largest park in the world Just you and me, young master.”


Sounds great, but do we have to do it now”

“Of course! The weather is nice outside, on warm days like this an outing to the park is a must!” 

Then the nanny added, “You will be able to see the ducks as well.”


The mention of animals overpowered the image of his mother in his mind.


As it was the weekend, the park was more crowded than usual.

The park, about as vast as the royal castle, was bustling with children walking their pets.

Wives pushed strollers along on a sunny day and common families enjoyed picnics leisurely.

Even young lovers could be seen enjoying a wholesome date.

Luckily, the nanny found a long bench near the lakeside and sat down for a bit.

While Damian was engrossed in looking at the duck family floating across the lake, the nanny gently stood up.

“You must be hungry, I’ll get you a snack.

Please stay right here while I go.

You mustn’t wander around, young master.”

“I understand, see ya!”

Damian waved, his eyes still fixed on the duck family.

As he counted the number of ducklings following their mother, he heard someone sit down next to him.

When Demian turned his head to see if the nanny had already returned, he saw a strange man sitting where the nanny had left just now.

He pursed his lips, and the beautiful face muttered softly.

“There’s a seat right there…”

“A seat”

The gentleman, looking at the lake with his long legs crossed, turned to Damian.

He was wearing a hat over his head, and the brim shadowed his face and Damien could only see his lips and sharp chin.

“That’s the first time I have heard someone claim the public benches as their own..”

The deep, low voice penetrated Damian’s ears.

The corner of the man’s mouth lifted, an unknown sensation swept through Damien.

He felt somewhat nostalgic and attracted, he wanted to see the face hidden in the shadows.

The man’s smile grew bigger as he stared into the boy’s eyes.

“Child, What’s your name”

“My mother told me not to tell strangers.”

Damian, who came back to his senses, was alert now due to the stranger sitting next to him.

However, the man only laughed in a low voice and spoke.

“Your mother’s name is Rowena Philone, right”

“You know… my mother”

“Hmm, I wonder.”

The reply was vague.

Damian, who tilted his head, looked at the man cautiously.

It was indeed the first time he ever met this man, but for some reason his heart was drawn to him.

The man didn’t seem to be a bad person at all.

He had a gut feeling that the man in front of him was not going to harm him or do anything bad to him.


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