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William came out dressed as if he were a man who had come on a date with his lover, which was weird, considering that he had informed her to come out to the park for the manuscript.

They sat side by side on a bench, and after a brief chat, he invited her to join him at the restaurant.

It was a cozy-looking restaurant, where lovers frequented, but most customers were couples of man and woman who sat across from each other, unlike them.

Other customers kept glancing at Rowena and William.

“This is the usual sequence of dates for lovers, you know.”

When the meal was somewhat over, William held out a contract with the publishers seal stamped on it and offered it to Rowena, After a moments hesitation, She took the contract.

“I thought you didnt like my novel.”

“I also said that I liked the atmosphere and the writing style.

Then since you borrowed my words today, I think I said that there is plenty of potential for further development.”

William smiled brightly and took something from behind his back.

It was a bouquet of ten roses.

Startled by the gesture, Rowenas eyes widened while he held out his hand with flowers as if to urge her to take it.

“This is a flower to celebrate the signing of the contract.”

“Do you usually go…..this far”

In a situation where two men sitting cozily in a restaurant like this looked strange to the eyes of strangers, receiving flowers was a good way to mislead them.

“Isnt this your first contract I give roses to all my first contract writers.

Its a kind of ritual.”


“My hands started to hurt.


She had no choice but to accept the gift since he said so much.

That was the end of their meeting.

She took the contract and stamped it with her seal, which she had brought just in case, and handed it over again.

They agreed to communicate through Melissa for any future inquiries.

Now that the contract was signed, all that was left was the manuscript.

Although she had written most of the novel, it was still a rough draft and she had to hold on to it in order to fix some of the points that William has pointed out and polish the final draft.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Killian didnt come to see her during the first week of her immersion in the manuscript.

“It seems like his grace has a lot of work to do.

Gertrude says that he isnt in the capital at the moment.”

“Is that so”


Thats strange.

Normally, when he is away for such a long period, he would either say something to the young lady beforehand or send a word with a messenger.”

“He must be busy.”

Chuckling at Melissas words, Rowena added the final touch on her manuscript.

When he was around, she could hardly breathe or look at him, but without him, she couldnt get a good nights sleep.

As a result, she often woke up at dawn.


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