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“Its really hard to believe, but Miss Philone was having a secret meeting with him.”

The serious declaration made the air freeze.

Benedict bit his lower lip as he felt a pressure that prevented him from breathing properly.

It was only when he managed to lower his head down that he heard something.


Killian, who had been pressuring him coldly, laughed.

He narrowed his eyes at Benedict, who was frozen in place.

“If youre going to make something up, you should have at least used a straight man for it.

I cant believe you are trying to use a homosexual as an opponent.

Didnt Gertrude give you a heads up She knows.”

“We have a witness.”

Benedict opened the door with a sad expression on his face, as if he had been waiting for her.

A girl nodded, scared.

“My name is Melissa.


Benedict gulped as he watched the trembling girl.

Three years ago, Gertrudes greatest mistake was suggesting to the duke, who had never let any woman near him, that he should take Rowena Philone as his mistress!

Benedict was extremely dismayed to hear that Killian had appointed a mistress while he was abroad! He was a man capable of doing so much! If he had a mistress, she would just drag him down.

So, before anyone knew it, he assigned this country girl, Melissa, to stay next to Rowena Philone and act friendly towards her.

If Killian had kicked the mistress out himself over time, Benedict wouldnt have needed to use this method.

But, Rowena Philone was far beyond his expectations in every way.

As time went on, the Duke took an interest in her that she was unaware of, and that interest grew deeper by the day.

Without him even being aware of it.

For the past three years, Benedict had been watching the duke closely and suppressing his impatience and anxiety.

Killian Maximilian Devonshire, his wise lord, should not be swayed by anyone.

The boy who he followed and was so fascinated by was someone that would rule everyone—with no one else above him.

Especially a woman like that, who was not his equal.

Thats why Miss Philone was the one who had to stay away from his master.

Since realizing that fact, it had been a long time since he had steadily built up his foundation and carefully prepared this trap.

“Melissa Brown.”

Benedict, who called out to his servant on behalf of the expressionless Killian, opened his mouth with a serious look.

“You have been with your master every step of the way, except for the times she was asleep, correct”


“You have something to report about Miss Philone, dont you”

Benedict waited patiently for an answer.

Since the safety of her own family was at stake, Melissa only had one thing to say.

“Yes, Lady—No, Miss Philone…”

Fighting back tears, Melissa nodded.

“She had an affair with Mr.


She even dressed as a man to avoid the attention of others.”



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