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Chloe Everdeen, daughter of the President of the Everdeen Bank—she entered Ethelwood two days later.

It was also the beginning of the rumors that she was about to be engaged to Killian Devonshire, Duke of Rockford.

The island where Rowena was staying was the second largest island in the Devonshire family’s territory.

It had a population of about ten thousand and earned its income mainly from pearl farming and tourism.

It was in Killian’s generation that the island, which was originally just a large farm, had been reclaimed and developed.

As it gradually developed, the dying economy of the island and the islanders, who had been far away, came back and built their homes again.

The young Duke, who had transformed their homeland in unimaginable ways, was gradually worshipped like a King by the islanders.

Even though the duke only visited the island once or twice a year, the islanders piled up a mountain of papers requesting an audience with him.

And their grateful attitude was also extended toward Rowena, who was not even his legal wife.

During her stay at the Duke of Devonshire’s villa under the care of the Regent, Rowena was the subject of many curious looks and attention.

When it came to children, that interest was expressed more openly.


Rowena, who had been walking barefoot on the beach, turned around toward the innocent voice.

The emerald sea glistened like scales behind her gently flowing blonde hair.

She was stopped by nine-year-old Tommy, the son of the regent and the leader of the island boys’ alley.

Rowena bent her knees and made eye contact with the child.

“Don’t call me Ma’am, you can just call me Rowena.”

“But you’re a high ranking person, I can’t just call you by your name…”

Rowena let out a small laugh at his awkward attitude, even though he had called out to her while she was taking a walk.

“As I’ve said many times, I’m not a high profile person.


Did the Regent send you here”

“No, it’s not…I just saw you walking…”

Tommy’s cheeks flushed and he crossed his legs several times, as if he were embarrassed.

Smiling, Rowena stood up and held out her hand.

“Would you like to go for a walk with me It’s a beautiful day and the weather is nice for a walk.”


“Wuxia stop stealing my translations and credit me properly”  

Tommy answered immediately and took Rowena’s hand in his.

Rowena held the child’s hand with one hand and put her straw hat back on with the other.

The innocent face looked up at her as if he were bewitched by the sight.

She was the most beautiful person that existed in his nine-year-old life.

Her hair was like strands of melted gold and her eyes were like the verdant green grass.

When he first snuck a peak at her getting off the ship, he and his friends were thrilled that an angel had arrived.

And it wasn’t just her appearance that was beautiful.

Despite her high status, Rowena was kind to everyone and never ignored anyone, even if they were children.

It had only been half a month since Rowena had arrived here, but the islanders already liked her.

“My father told me that Rowena is someone the Duke cares for deeply.

So I have to be careful with my actions and gestures.”

While Tommy was chattering away, Rowena looked out over the white foam of the ocean.

The island was bustling with nobles who came to enjoy the beautiful scenery during the holiday season, but otherwise it was a quiet, secluded place where simple, friendly people lived in harmony.

It was a bit distant from the outside world, and the newspapers were delivered no more than once a month, so the news was late.

There had been no telegrams from Killian so far.

Although he said he would follow her soon, she was growing more impatient as time went on.

At that moment, Tommy’s words aroused Rowena’s attention, as she was immersed in her thoughts.

“It’s also Rowena and the Duke’s wedding that my father was preparing for little by little, isn’t it I know all about it!”


“Wuxia stop stealing my translations and credit me properly”  

Rowena stopped and blinked in surprise.

But the words that followed surprised her even more.

“Yes! That and the Duke is coming today…Whoops!”



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