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The approaching ship slowly pulled into the small harbor, and one of the sailors lowered an anchor onto the deck.


Rowena made her way forward through the crowd of people while gasping for breath.

She could see Killian standing behind the workers as they unloaded the cargo.


He was somehow a little thinner than when she had seen him at the townhouse in the capital, but he still had the same sculpted eyes and nose that made her admire him.


It was when the Regent moved to stand at the front of the room that she noticed the unusual atmosphere.

The Regent, who looked at Rowena with a strange expression, opened his mouth.

He had no time to realize what was happening, and Rowena looked over his shoulder again.






Before she could call out his name which he had allowed her to use, a smooth, graceful voice called out to him.

At the same time, all the people who gathered to see the duke instantly opened their mouths in awe.


He had brought with him a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Rowena.

Gorgeous blonde hair, as gorgeous as the sun and vivid green eyes.

Even her height and build.

She looked a bit more sharp, but standing side by side, they could easily be mistaken for sisters.


While everyone was shifting their eyes back and forth—because they didn’t know what the situation was—Killian, who escorted the woman from the boat in a friendly manner, belatedly cast his eyes upon Rowena.


She stood still and watched the two of them as if she had suddenly been shot unexpectedly.

He introduced Rowena to the woman who accompanied him, seeing how her eyes shook in disbelief.



This is Rowena Philone.”



It’s our first time meeting, it’s nice to finally meet you.”


Smiling brightly, Chloe shook Rowena’s hand.

But instead of returning the handshake properly, Rowena stared at Killian, who was standing beside Chloe.


The conversation between the servants, on the other side of her memory, echoed in her head.


the dead finance who resembles her, and this woman who resembles herself as well….


She struggled to turn a blind eye to the ominous feeling that washed over her, it seemed like the world around her had suddenly frozen in place.


A distant relative An old friend So he invited them over before the wedding


“Miss Philone.”


As always, his voice was hoarse, and Rowena blinked at him with a blank expression instead of replying.

Killian’s brow narrowed as if he was looking at a misbehaving child, and Chloe, raising her hand awkwardly, scolded him.


“Don’t be so hard on her! Duke.

I can’t imagine how surprised Miss Philone must be.”


Every expression and every word was like a dagger in Rowena’s heart.

With an expressionless face, Killian introduced Chloe.


“Miss Philone, this is Chloe Everdeen, who will be my wife.”


There was no room to turn a blind eye and say, “I must have misheard it”, the scene that was happening in front of her was clear as day. 


He placed the ring on her right hand and smiled at her… but…


[The woman who would be my wife.]


It felt like a sharp sword had pierced through her heart.

Rowena’s face turned pale as all energy and strength was drained from her.


“My Lady!!”


Melisa followed her, supporting her body from behind.


“Are you all right”


Rowena nodded instead of answering.

In the midst of the tension, she saw people frozen in shock. 


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