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“Are you all right”

Rowena nodded instead of answering.

In the midst of the tension, she saw people frozen in shock. 


Rowena looked around, then slowly looked at Killian again.


Shock, anger, sadness, resentment…


A whirlwind of emotions lingered in her chest, but the only word that came out was one.




She wanted to know how long it had been.


How long had he been engaged to another woman and prepared to marry her, without her knowledge


But there was no response.

Killian, who had been watching her go pale, ordered Melissa instead of responding.


“Miss Philone does not seem to be feeling well, so please take her back inside.”


“As you wish.”


Melissa pressed her lips together and replied, as she held Rowena’s arm.


“My lady, we need to get out of here.”


“No…I can’t…….”


She couldn’t accept it.

It was a sight she had never seen before, not even in her nightmares.

Rowena shook her head with a blank look as if she had seen a ghost.


“No, no…….”


“My lady, please………”


Melisa pleaded in a tearful voice.


“Let’s just get out of here.



Contempt, anger, pity.

Melissa felt like the eyes in her surroundings were piercing through them both, similar to thorns.

The eyes that had been filled with nothing but fondness and curiosity changed as soon as they learned that Rowena was a “mistress”.


The people involved were so lost in thought that they didn’t seem to notice, but that made it all the more tragic and heartbreaking.

Above all, the fact that Melissa sympathized with her throughout the past four months made her heart ache.




“Come on, miss.

I’ll take you to your room…….”


Melissa nudged Rowena, who kept shaking her head in denial endlessly, and made her way toward the villa.


She quietly watched the islanders who had opened the way for them without saying a word as they moved away.




The same was true for the Duke, who couldn’t take his eyes off the diminishing figure.

After watching her disappear completely behind the high wall, Killian turned to the Regent.


“We’re tired after travelling such a long way.

Where is Miss Everdeen’s room”


“Oh…yes, of course.

We have prepared the room.”


The regent, who had been standing dumbfounded by the commotion, answered quickly.

At the same time, his face quivered with fear.


Contrary to the smooth voice, the man in front of him was now like a taut string.

If he made even the slightest mistake, he seemed like he would cut him mercilessly.


It was an unexpected appearance for a man who had just trampled on a person’s heart with an indifferent face.


While the Regent was secretly wondering, Killian, who had turned his head to Chloe, spoke softly.


“My mistress was rude, but please overlook that, she didn’t know anything.”


It was a vague apology, but it implied that she should keep it quiet.

Chloe, realizing his true intentions, smiled and shook her head.


“No, no need.”


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