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“How is Damians health”

“Hes been doing fine lately.

He does have a bit of a cough, though.”

With a faint smile, Rowena squeezed her teacup with all her might.

The most challenging part of the journey was getting her footing.

She recalls the nights she cried as she held the feverish child in her arms.

It would have been unbearable if it hadnt been for Harriet, who gladly extended a helping hand each time.

“Thats a relief.”

Harriet, who had watched over Rowena through those difficult days, patted her lightly on the shoulder.

“Actually, Im getting a promotion this time.”

“Are you sure”


Yes, to a chief.”

“Congratulations! Thats great.”

Smiling, Rowena firmly squeezed Harriets hand.

“Im glad it all turned out well.

Still, Im happy to be making more money.

I have two children; their father is also out there making a living.”

“If there is anything I can do to help you later, please let me know.

Ill roll up my sleeves and help.”

“Gosh, honey! Youre sleepy.

Thank you for saying that, though; you have to leave right now, right You were on duty last night, tonight too… try to get some rest, okay”

“Its okay.

Ill be back to pick him up in the morning.

Thank you.”

“You dont have to thank me for every single thing; it isnt necessary between us.”

Smiling, Harriet glanced at her and changed the subject.

“So, how is it going with the doctor at the clinic”


Although she anticipated it, Harriet sighed deeply at Rowenas naïve reaction.

This was the reason why Harriet had always been curious about Rowena, despite the fact that Rowena was only two years younger than herself.

She looked so innocent and girlish that it was hard to believe she was the mother of a child…

“He seems to be interested in you, Rebecca.

Havent you felt it”

Rowena only blinked instead of responding.

The question was unexpected.

Rowena forgot her words in embarrassment before shaking her head.

“Impossible! You must be mistaken, Harriet.

Im a woman with a child.

I am a woman with a child, and I am not young anymore.


Phillip, on the other hand, is younger than I am and single.”

Her smooth skin, which had once been glistening and cared for with rose water, was now rough from years of hard work, and the back of her hand, which had once been smooth and soft, was now chapped and no longer resembled its former self.

Harriet shook her head at the self-deprecating tone in Rowenas voice.

“Youre only a year younger than me.

If I were to count the men who have shown an interest in you so far, Id say that theres more than what I can count on my ten fingers.

You know that.”

It was a fact, not an exaggeration.

Contrary to how her confidence had been shattered, Rowena, as Harriet had seen her, was already beautiful enough, to the point she could have remarried if she wanted to.

Some were quite rich among the men who had shown interest in Rebecca, and some were very handsome.


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