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Rowenas eyes fluttered at the unexpected news.

“She disappeared Is she not answering the door”


Do you have any idea where she is”

“I dont think so.

Were not that close.”

“She suddenly requested to be given next months monthly salary in advance and disappeared without a trace.

From what I hear—….”

The colleague who had been speaking lowered her voice.

“They said there was a guy she was living with, and she left with that guy.

Maybe they won the jackpot at a gambling place or something.”

“I see.”

Although she showed an insincere attitude towards her work, Rowena didnt think she would do such a thing.

When Rowena seemed to know nothing, the colleague shrugged and finished her speech.

“They said they contacted the police, but Im sure that it will be swept under the rug soon enough.

Thought I would ask just in case.”

“I hope its nothing serious.”

“Okay, I understand.

Well then, have a safe trip home.”

The smiling colleague raised her hand.

The coachman, who was taking several people onto the wagon, pulled the reins.

“Please be careful on your way home.”

Shortly after, Rowena also got off in front of Harriets house.


When Damian noticed Rowenas arrival, he jumped into his mothers arms.

When the boy settled in her arms, she hugged him tightly and asked softly.

“How have you been Did you listen to your aunt and not start any quarrels with Lawrence and Rosaline”


Yes, of course.

Who do you think I am”

Shrugging his shoulders, Damian looked at Harriet as if seeking her agreement on what he just said.

Harriet looked at Rowena as if observing her for a moment, then nodded in agreement.

“Of course.

Of course.

As I always say, Damian plays well with the twins, so I feel more comfortable.”

“Thats good to hear.”

Smiling with relief, Rowena hugged Damian.

It seemed like only yesterday that she was able to hold him with one hand, but now her son had grown so fast that she had to use both arms to hold him.

As he grew more and more, she felt her heart become fuller, and at the same time, she became more worried.

She couldnt live in a place such as this area where the security was unstable forever.


Rowena, who had pressed her lips to Damians cheek with a loving gaze, turned to look at Harriet.


“Damian has grown a lot now… Isnt it too small for the two of you tolive in that house Its old and dangerous.”



To Rowena, the question came as if she read her mind.

When she nodded her head in surprise, Harriet continued to speak carefully.

“In fact, a friend of mine has offered to rent a house to me on good terms.”


Rowena inquired with a curious look.

“What are the conditions”

“The rent is about half of what Im paying now.”

“No way.”

It was unexpectedly good news.

This area was much safer and had more children compared to the area where she currently lives, which was full of drunks, bars, prostitutes, and gamblers.

“Are you interested”

“Oh my god, yes! By the way, why are they renting the house on such terms”

“They said theyre just going to be gone for a while and it looks like itll be for about a year or so.

They said instead of leaving the house vacant, theyd rent it out to me for cheap.

This deal is only coming from acquaintances to acquaintances.”

“I see…”

“If youre considering it, I can introduce them to you.”

“Yes, thank you so much.


She could trust Harriets introduction without any questions.

Rowena felt like one heavyweight had been lifted from her shoulders and thanked her again.

There was a distant look on her back.

Her eyes made eye contact with Harriet and the gaze disappeared quietly.


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