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Damian was thrilled when he heard they were moving soon.

“Then I can always play with Lawrence and Rosalyn! And see Auntie Harriet too”

“Do you miss them that much, even though you see them every day”

“Yes! I wont be lonely.”

His reply came out of nowhere and stuck in her mind.

Although Damian was still very young, he was a good son, and he never acted spoiled.

It broke her heart to think that she had made him feel lonely.


Damian raised his head with a curious look on his face.

“Is something wrong”

“No, no, my love, Can you hold mommys hand tighter There are too many people.”

“I will!”

It was the weekend and they decided to go grocery shopping together for the first time in a while.

The market was full of people buying fruits and flowers and merchants displaying their goods in stalls.

Rowena was filling her shopping bags in the midst of the crowd when suddenly, Damian grabbed her.

“Mom! Look over there!”


“The doctor is over there!”

Rowena looked at where Damian was pointing and blinked.



Damian let go of Rowenas hand and ran towards Philip.

She hurried to follow him as he disappeared into the distance.



When she waded through the crowd to look for Damian, she found him with a blank look on his face.

But Philip was nowhere to be found.

“Whats wrong”

“The doctor just walked right past me.

Im pretty sure he saw my face…..”

Damian murmured, his shoulders drooping.

“He probably didnt recognize you because its been a while, or maybe hes just too busy.”

Rowena nudged her son gently and thought internally to herself that Maybe he didnt like the idea of talking to a woman with a son.

There were many people who had shown her fondness, but had gradually changed their minds.

That type of favor she had never wanted at all, nor had she begged them for it.

Rowena, who swallowed a bitter smile, quietly changed the subject.

“Ill buy you some candy today.”

“Really! You dont buy them for me much since you said it will give me a toothache.”

“Its an award since youve behaved well at Auntie Harriets place.”

“Mom, youre the best!”

Rowena smiled when she saw Damians eyes light up instantly as if he hadnt puffed up just a second ago.


Rowena gently patted her sons cheek and took his small hand in hers.

It was time to head back to her shopping when she bumped into a boy who was passing by.

“Im sorry.”

“Its all right.”

Even though it was a short moment, she felt something strange… Standing still in wonder, Rowena felt Damian grabbing her hand.

“Mom What are you doing”

“‘No, nothing.


With a faint smile, Rowena continued walking.


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