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Anger raged at the woman who had stirred his mind and disturbed his heart.

The memory of the woman who tossed the money and threw it away without hesitation was still haunting him, but apparently, she completely erased him from her mind.

He shook off the useless idea in his mind and knocked directly on the door himself.

He clicked his tongue at the sight of the house that seemed as if it was about to collapse while he waited for the door to open.

But the woman who opened the door was a completely different woman.

“Who is it”


As soon as the cold eyes knew it wasn’t Rowena, the attendant spotted the knife in the woman’s hand and pulled out a gun.

The woman, startled by the bright blue muzzle, sank into a sitting position.


Her death was imminent.

The woman with her hair wrapped around her trembled as if she were standing in front of the serpent’s fangs.

Behind her, they could hear the voices of children calling for their mother.

As the attendants asked what to do, Killian helped the woman to her feet.

“Gili-Gili, Mr.

Gilitars… Is it that you’re trying to catch Rebecca because of her debt.”

Harriet asked as she stuttered, unable to even look Killian in the face.

Killian’s eyes widened as he heard her voice tremble with fear.

The misunderstanding that had filled the woman’s head was now apparent.

Gilitars was Genok’s last name.

It was also the name he put forward because he could not be at the forefront of the world due to his title as a duke.

The name Rebecca was probably an alias for Rowena.

Killian, who had finished his quick assessment of the situation, raised his mouth thinly.

“In fact, I’d say it’s the other way around.”


Harriet slowly raised her head at the incomprehensible words.

When he took off his hat, her pupils shook violently for some reason.

“I’m going to make a good offer for you, Mrs.


After that, everything went smoothly.

Everything was going according to plan.

The Headaches that have been bothering him all the time have also subsided since he returned to Ethelwood and discovered the woman’s whereabouts.

The only thing left to do was to set things right.


That was when the carriage stopped in front of the hotel; a man on his horse hurriedly knocked on the carriage door.

“What’s going on”

The attendant reported breathlessly in response to Genok’s question.

“The woman who had sold the ring to the jewelry store… She’s been found dead!”

Rowena was in danger.

It was one of two things.

Either the queen could already smell it, or there were enemies on the inside… Gritting his teeth, Killian kicked the carriage door open and climbed onto his horse that his attendants had ridden on earlier.

‘Rowena… Rowena,’


Genok hurriedly followed after him.


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