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Damian noticed that the presence of people had gone away, and as soon as the door closed, he ran into Rowena’s arms.



“Are you okay Who’s that guy”

“That man is…”

Rowena’s mouth was agape at the boy’s question.

She didn’t know what to say.

In actuality, she didn’t want to say that Killian was his father.

However, that didn’t change the fact that he was… they looked so much alike after all.

After chewing on the answer in her mouth for a while, Rowena’s lips slowly quivered.

“He used to be a friend of mine….”



He’s really rich, and he’s going to help us.

He’s going to be coming with us from now on to….”

The more she spoke, the more her throat tightened.

She felt like she was stepping into a muddy trap again, just when she finally got out of it.

It felt like she was caught in a spider’s web and was struggling to escape.

She wanted to collapse and cry out for someone to help her.

But Damian was there.

It was different from five years ago.

She had to be strong.

Rowena could never cry in front of her child.

She barely managed to lift her mouth and hugged her son.

“He will live with us.

He’s a very wealthy man…he knew about your mother’s situation, and he said he would help us out of compassion.”



It was an unexpected reaction.

Damian shook his head as he clung to the startled Rowena.

“I’d rather live alone with my mother!”


Harriet’s words echoed in her head, “Children are easily influenced by their mother’s emotions.” 

Taking a deep breath, Rowena rested her forehead against Damian’s.

“It’s a place that can’t even be compared to here.

You get to wear better clothes, play with all your favorite toys and eat as much candy as you want.”

The soft voice made Damian falter, and he was released from Rowena’s arms.

“Still, I don’t want to.

I don’t like it when there is someone between my mother and me.….”

“You’re the only person your mother has.”

Rowena said again as she grabbed both of Damien’s arms.

“Really, you’re the only… You’re all I have.”

There was a time when her world was all about Killian Devonshire.

But that was not the case now.

She remembered the days when she wandered from place to place with a swollen belly.

When she was about to give up on her life, the thing that held her back was the child in her belly.

Killian had killed her, but Damian had saved her.

From that moment on, Damian was everything to her.



There is no one I love more than my son.”

Rowena whispered, hugging the child tightly.


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