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The next day, people seemed surprised by Rowena’s sudden announcement that she was quitting the factory.

“Suddenly Why”

“Even if it wasn’t, the atmosphere is unsettling because of Anna, but…”

“I’m so sorry.

I would normally stay until my replacement arrives, but I’ve got some urgent business to attend to.”

“It can’t be helped if that’s the case.”

The tongue-tied colleagues exchanged glances with each other.

Unconcerned, Rowena bowed her head like a sinner.

When she raised her head in silence, she saw a colorful bouquet of flowers.

“This is…..”

“We’ve all prepared this together.

You’ve worked so hard all this time.”

Her colleagues smiled at the startled look in Rowena’s eyes and gave her the bouquet.

“It’s sad to see you leave so abruptly, but we’re still grateful that you’ve been able to fill in for us and taken the lead on the hard and nasty stuff.


“That’s right.

I’m indebted to you for the past four years, too.”

“Me too.”

A warm feeling spread inside her chest at the overflowing words of gratitude from each of them.

Rowena’s eyes turned red, and she hugged the bouquet.

“How did you know I was quitting…”

“I told them…”


Harriet made her way through the crowd of factory workers and placed her hand on Rowena’s shoulder as she made a confession in a whisper.

“I told him where you live.”

“What What do you mean…”

It was a confusing statement.

Harriet, smiling at Rowena, who had only her eyes wide open, said in an attempt to soothe her.

“Sorry…I didn’t listen to what you asked me to do.

But… Rebecca… No, Rowena.

I don’t know what happened in the past, but that person seemed to love you.”

Oh, Harriet…

This explains how he made his way into her house.

“I want you to live happily ever after, Rowena.

I will always pray for you.”

Hearing those heartfelt words, she barely managed to raise the corner of her mouth to reassure Harriet.

Still, her expression clouded before she could muster anything resembling a smile.

Indeed, it wasn’t that Harriet had any harmful intentions.

Still, regardless of the outcome, Rowena swallowed down a great number of words and said her goodbyes.

“No, thank you so much for everything.”

“Thank you, and I hope you live happily, Rowena; if there is anything I can do to help, be sure to let me know.”

Harriet squeezed her hand.

The sad, affectionate farewell ended, and Rowena turned around and started to walk away.


Harriet, who had been watching her back, was startled.


“Actually, I have one last… favor to ask.”

* * *

Rowena couldn’t even finish her last shift because of Killian’s words, “I’ll pick you up around noon.”

When she left the factory early in the morning, she was alone and saw black-suited men everywhere.

She was not surprised, as she had expected them to be following her in case she attempted to escape.

Just then, a man approached and greeted her.

“It’s been a while, Miss Philone.”

The man had dark blond hair, dark eyes, a slender stature, and a sharp look in his eyes.

Rowena recognized him instantly.



He was a member of Killian’s aides whom she had met several times five years ago.

It wasn’t that they had exchanged a lot of words, but they had simply bowed to each other a couple of times.

It was pointless to ask him how he was doing when they both knew each other’s past.

Genok was direct, and he got right to the point.

“I’ve got a carriage waiting for you, so come with me.

His Excellency is waiting for us.”

“Now Oh, there’s still time, isn’t there And I have to bring my luggage…”

“I was told to throw everything away, of course, except for what you’re wearing…”

The subject was omitted, but they both knew it without daring to say it.

“…I see.”

Rowena was not surprised by the duke’s arbitrary action.

However, knowing that her son was at stake.

Rowena didn’t have time to complain whatsoever since Genok caught her off guard.


Normally I wouldn’t complain about reactions or comments but comparing the amount we get to the amount aggregator sites gets, it makes me wonder which one of us is the thief, it’s disappointing


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