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“stop stealing my translations and credit me properly” 

-“Jeremy… Dish… the famous novelist”

Someone is after Rowena Philone.

And they’re doing it in a very obvious way.

As soon as he got interested in her again, Killian slowly choked and started laughing at the approaching danger.

Killing Anna Eden was most likely a warning.

On his way out of the coroner’s office, he realized once again that he was a disaster to that woman.


Killian, who had climbed into the carriage, sank deep into the backrest.

His bodyguard, who took his hat, answered quickly.

“Master Genok has gone to pick up Miss Philone to take her to the train station.”

Killian nodded instead of replying and picked up the newspaper.

While reading it, the guard, noticing his master’s displeasure, quietly closed the curtains.

“The child”

“Master Genok booked a separate cabin for him.”

“Good, keep him out of my sight.”

“Yes, sir.”

Five years ago, it wasn’t enough that she had betrayed him; she had given birth to a child as well.

The moment he heard the low voice that called her “Mother,” he wanted to burn the entire building.

He was going to throw the child and Rowena Philone into it and watch them suffocate and die.

The only reason he couldn’t do that was because of his headache.

If he could only get rid of the headache or clean up the mess he couldn’t five years ago, that would have been better.

“Don’t you remember how you threw money at me and abandoned me”

As Killian recalled the pair of resentful eyes, the headache came over to haunt him again.

read at sleepy translations.

He closed his eyes as the carriage rattled off.

He was disgusted by the unfamiliar emotion within him.


As soon as she opened the door to the cabin, Damian’s face lit up, and she hugged him tightly.


She had expected him to be crying after being taken by strange men; yet surprisingly, the child’s reaction was cheerful.

Damian lifted something and showed it to his dumbfounded Rowena.

“Mom, look at this!”

The moment she saw it, Rowena exhaled dryly.

It was the toy model train that had been lined up in front of the toy store display; Damian had wanted and drooled over it again and again.

“And not just that! There’s more, this one! And this as well! The uncle said it was my present! And these clothes!”

Rowena’s gaze turned from the toys to Damian’s clothes.

She hadn’t seen him earlier, i sent to wuxia to take down my translations, yet after shamelessly asking for which novels i’m talking about, they ignored me, so wow but Damian in this children’s suit and leather shoes, by all means, looked like a wealthy family’s young master.

“What do you think Cool Does it look good on me”

“Yeah, great.

My son looks so cool.”

Rowena’s eyes reddened at the sight of him looking like any other child.

Over the past five years, she hadn’t been able to buy him even a single piece of clothing.

They had been so poor that they just were struggling just to survive.

Something stirred in Rowena’s heart as she saw her son happy, experiencing the luxury for the first time in his life.

Damian put the toy down gently on his mother’s ever-changing face and asked a question while looking around.


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