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Rowena tried to shake his hands off, struggling against the unexpected surprise.

She tried to turn her head and slap his cheek, but her body gradually lost its strength.

Killian swallowed every last drop of her saliva, relentlessly as if he were a snake binding its prey.

Then he tucked a strand of her messy blonde hair behind her ear.

“Don’t misbehave and keep your mouth shut.

Miss Philone.”

It was the last warning.

It was a tone that would have horrified other people nearby if they had heard it, but Rowena calmly wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“If you don’t have anything else to say, may I go to sleep now”


“I was so restless last night I didn’t get any sleep.

So I’m very tired.”

She pretended to be indifferent, but her words were trembling.

Killian, who laughed as if he were dumbfounded, called the crew to set up the space for the night.

As soon as the spacious seat was turned into a comfortable bed, Rowena pulled the blanket over her head and lay down.

Fatigue forced her eyelids down.

An approaching dream took her back eight years.

Boo woo woo.

The train arrived at the platform, breaking the heavy morning mist.

The passengers who had been waiting were boarding in lines, like fish swarms traveling.

In front of the third class compartments, Rowena hugged her small luggage bag and looked up at the massive engine for a moment.

It was even bigger than the ones she had seen in the books, and she felt both frightened and excited.

“stop stealing my translations and credit me properly” 

Five years ago she had been a miserable slave, even though she wore dazzlingly expensive dresses, necklaces that cost an entire house, and bags and shoes made by foreign craftsmen.

A slave to this man, bound in mind and body.

“‘…It can’t be.

I know my place.”

Those were the days when love blinded her eyes and deafened her ears.

She was foolish to dare.

Meanwhile, the man in front of her remained as firm and solid as an impregnable fortress.

She thought she had gotten stronger after all the things she had been through in the past five years.

However, even sitting across from him was starting to suffocate her.

Even though they were just breathing the same air, her body tensed nervously.

Rowena, who stiffened her back, added slowly.

“I just sat away from you because it might interfere with your concentration.”

At the bland answer, Killian shifted the newspaper nervously to the next page.

A silence descended on the cabin. Buu, the long sound of the roaring train horn signalled the beginning of the journey, and the train began to move slowly.

Killian stared at her as he read the last page and folded the newspaper.

“You said you’d grasp your place, but I’m not so sure.”

“stop stealing my translations and credit me properly” 


“Do you think Miss Philone will affect me that much”

He looked sincerely curious, Rowena’s eyes wavered, he was as brutal as ever.

The corner of Killian’s mouth turned up, forming a smile at the sight.


Just one thing.

I’ll give you credit for leaving that brat behind.”


“Now, keep your mouth shut like that the entire way there.”

Crossing his long legs, Killian rested his elbows on the window sill, using his palms as pillows to support his chin.

“stop stealing my translations and credit me properly” 


‘How dare he call Damian that How dare such a man be the father of my son’

Rowena grabbed the hem of her skirt with her white hands.

This man…he suddenly invaded her peaceful life, stomped on her, and dragged her back to hell.

She hated him so much that she wanted to kill him.

She hated the past of the man who had lived a rich life unlike her own, who had been so shabby and miserable.

Her anger finally boiled over like an active volcano.

“…Can I ask you one question first”

She didn’t expect an answer.

Closing his eyes, Killian seemed to have decided to ignore her words.

Still, Rowena did not give in and continued speaking.

“If I can’t influence the Duke in any way…”

“stop stealing my translations and credit me properly” 


“Why have you come to seek me out again”

Killian slowly opened his eyes.

Despite the quiet warning, she could not control the urges that filled her head.

A string of angry questions followed as she spat them out.

“Why would you break into my house, drag away me and my son, who were doing just fine, and take us to Rockford….Ah!”

Before she could finish the sentence, a large hand grabbed her chin and Killian whispered through the close gap.

It was so close that it seemed as if their lips were about to touch.

“I told you, didn’t I”


“I told you it was right for me to pick up the trash I threw away.

I also told you to shut up.

Are you that stupid that I have to tell you everything twice”


It was a completely incomprehensible reply.

It must just be a whim.

Rowena clasped both of her hands over the hand that was gripping her chin.

For a second, his hand seemed to loosen a bit, but it must have been an illusion.


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