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“By the way, have you gotten closer to that woman She seems to be showing up more and more lately.”

“Mother said she’s a friend who has helped her so much in the past.

But, why don’t you like Melissa so much, teacher”

“It’s not that I don’t like her…”

Jeremy’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment at the unexpectedly insightful remark, and then he scratched the back of his head.

“Do you know what a hunch is”

“Hunch…is it”


It’s when you have some kind of a feeling… hmmm, like you know it isn’t a good thing or something doesn’t feel right.”

“And you feel something is wrong”

Although he tried to explain it as much as possible, Damian’s response was still a question itself.

Jeremy smiled sheepishly and tried to change the subject quickly.

“By the way, did you do all the homework I told you to do yesterday”

“Yeah, that’s…”

Startled by the sudden question, Damian stopped talking as if he were trying to make up a reply.

“You haven’t, have you”

“It’s not class time yet! I only have a few left.

I—I can just do it before class…”

His stuttering was definitely suspicious.

Jeremy narrowed his eyes, reaching behind Damian to take the note he hid behind his back.

“Hmm, Let’s see where and how far you’ve gotten.”

“Oh, no!”

* * *

“It is done.

Lady Rowena.”

Melissa, who had adjusted Rowena’s, spoke politely. 

“The snow has melted, and it’s much warmer now, but it will probably be a cold night when you reach the capital, so please put on the warm sable scarf and your fox fur coat.”


That would be great.

Thank you.


Rowena smiled as she stood in front of the full-length mirror and buttoned the top button on her neck.

Melissa, who looked at her in the mirror, also smiled.

“Then I’ll bring it right away.”

“See you later.”

Joanne, who was also fixing Rowena’s hair, glanced at Melissa.

As Melissa left the room to get her scarf and coat, Joanne spoke softly to Rowena after seeing the door shut.



Don’t you think Melissa has changed a bit lately”

“Changed how”

Rowena turned, wide-eyed at the sudden statement.


Bringing over a nearby chair for Rowen to sit at, Joanne, who was also sitting at the other chair herself, lowered her voice as if she was about to tell an exciting secret.

“Perhaps Melissa is in a relationship.”

“In a relationship”


The other person is none other than…” 

As Rowena stared at her with curiosity, Joanne, who paused for a moment, continued to speak.


Jenok, His excellency’s aide!”

“No way! Really”

Although People’s love lives were always the most exciting things in the world, this news was just unexpected.

A few moments later, Rowena, who had been feeling down about leaving Damian and returning to the capital, brightened up as she listened to Joanne’s story.

“I’m sharing the room next to Melissa’s, but recently, late at night, Melissa would leave her room.”

“Maybe she just didn’t feel well and went out for a walk or something, or maybe she needed to get some water.”

“Yes, that might be true if it was for a day or two.

But she goes out almost every night! and-..”


“Yesterday, I followed her when she stepped out, And to my surprise, she was alone with Mr.

Jenok in the employee mess hall.”

“Is that true…”

Rowena exclaimed and covered her mouth.

“I saw it clearly with my own eyes.

The two of them were spending a relaxing time together.”

“If it’s true that they are dating… Why are they meeting in secret”

“All sort of things could happen, Miss! Mr.

Jenok is His Excellency’s closest aide, so his social standing is a bit too far from Melissa’s, not to mention His Excellency forbids relationships among staff within the duke’s mansion…”

As Joanne was quietly explaining the reasons, there was a light knock at the door. 



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