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The uproar at Count Rachel’s had utterly changed how the public viewed and regarded Rowena who, up until now, had been openly criticized.

Although the South region was not as competitive when it came to winning Rowena’s favor, more and more people began to show fondness for her in public.

The crucial moment came when she entered the salon of Countess Rachel.

At just over forty years of age, the Countess, who ruled the upper social circles, was a straightforward and candid woman.

Once she opened her heart to the polite and friendly Rowena, she readily confided in her everything from trivial rumors to high-level information that was difficult to obtain.

Rowena knew she needed to remember any information that seemed credible and valuable; Perhaps it might be helpful to her escape.

Thinking back to the day of the party still made her heart skip a beat.

The word “illegitimate child” made her heart flutter as she came to the lounge, but she never dreamed that her impulsive action would have such consequences.

On the inside, she was worried about what would happen if her words, a mistress, caught the ears of the royal family, but surprisingly, Killian’s reaction was indifferent.

―Let’s do that from now on.


She couldn’t believe her ears, but instead of replying, he tugged on her wrist.

In the blink of an eye, he had her laid down on the bed, and Killian climbed on top of her.

―Don’t allow anyone to treat you like a fool; deal with it just like you did this time.

It’s better than keeping it inside you and crying about it behind my back.


Rowena’s pupils fluttered at the bland words.

She had never cried in front of him before, not once.

Apart from that night five years ago…

―It makes me want to give you an award.

―When have I ever cried …… ah!

Before she could finish her question, Killian’s hands and lips made their way skillfully toward her, distracting her thoughts.

“Normally, I would have told you that you did  something presumptuous…”

She was relieved by Killian’s attitude, though somewhat surprised at how strange it was.

Despite the generosity he has been showing lately, gentle actions and soft touches.

Neither in the past nor now did he say sweet words of love to her.

Unlike when she used to feel like she was standing on a narrow and dangerous line when standing beside him, now, unbeknownst to her, she no longer feels suffocated when she was in his presence for a certain length of time.

The other day she even dozed off involuntarily beside him as he was reading a book.

Just then, a knock on the door brought Rowena out of her thoughts while she sat in the dining room.


Miss Philone, You’re here today!”

A tall gentleman entered the room with a bright smile.



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