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At that moment, Marie realized.

This freaking girl had never given in. 


Rather, she’s even telling her that she knew about the drugs. 


But Marie quickly regained her composure.

Yes, it was a useless action. 


“So what Do you have proof” 


“Do you acknowledge your actions” 


“What do you mean, Rosie I’ve never done that.

It’s because you said some weird things that I asked about evidence.” 


“But Marie.” 


Rosie gently caressed Marie’s hair.

Marie roughly hit Rosie’s hand in a bad mood. 


Rosie’s face briefly showed signs of sorry. 


This pretentious girl—! 


“Normally, when someone says ‘It’s you,’ shouldn’t you first ask ‘What is it’.

I didn’t say anything at all, but you seem to already know.” 




She was speechless.

Marie bit her lips in frustration. 


“—Don’t you know that it’s useless even if you interrogate me You can’t catch a person without proof.” 



Then let’s go.” 




Before she could even understand Rosie’s contextless words, she pulled Marie’s arm. 


Marie ended up following her. 


Rosie led her to the hall on the first floor, and there was—


“You’re here, Marie.” 


The butler looked at her with a cold face. 


Marie looked around with trembling eyes. 


The chef was standing next to the butler with a bloody face, and next to him was Emily, the maid with a confident expression.



—The kitchen maid with her knees boiling in front of them. 


What’s going on 


Marie’s fingertips trembled. 


At that moment, Rosie, who had her arms crossed, looked back at her.

There was a soft smile floating on her mouth. 


“Okay, then explain it now, Marie.” 




In fact, I knew a simple way to solve the drug problem in Richard’s food. 


It was to catch the moment where the kitchen maid placed something suspicious in it. 


So, I told the chef and Emily to monitor the kitchen maid. 


I was the only one paying attention to the kitchen maid, so she wouldn’t have thought they were watching her. 


And as I expected, at night, the kitchen maid appeared to mix fruits with the ingredients for Richart’s food in advance. 


I told them in advance so that the chef and Emily could catch the kitchen maid doing the work. 


Just like that, at that moment. 


All the servants were gathered on the first floor, and it had been four months. 


“Tell me exactly what you were trying to put in the food! Hurry up!” 


The butler shouted sternly at the kitchen maid sitting on her knees. 


When I saw that, I felt half liberated. 


I realized this when I saw the butler I saw for the first time today. 


The fact that the blonde man I reported Richard’s escape attempt to last time wasn’t the butler. 


No way, I hope I didn’t mistake them with someone from a high position right 


If the man I called the butler at the time was Argen— 


‘No, it’s not him.’ 


Doubt suddenly turned into certainty and distrust, but I had no choice but to believe with tears in my eyes. 


“What were you trying to put in! Do you know that you’ve made a huge mistake!” 


“T, that… I thought it would be good to put it in the food because it would make it more flavorful…” 


No one else was deceived by the lie of the gibberish kitchen maid. 


I winked at Emily. 


Emily, who understood my signal, nodded and approached the butler. 




“What is it” 


“It’s an illustrated plant book.” 


When Emily handed over a thick book to the butler, he received it with frustration. 


He opened the page with the bookmark on it. 


“I saw the kitchen maid putting in something suspicious, so I quickly borrowed it because I didn’t think she was going to say anything true.” 


There was a gleam in the butler’s eyes. 


“Is that what you thought” 


When the butler asked Emily, her eyes turned to me.

I winked again. 


Just say you did it! 


Emily smiled as if she understood the signal between us.

As expected, smart Emily—! 


“No, it’s not me.

It’s Rosie!” 


—Wait, Emily 


“And Rosie was the one who noticed that the kitchen maid was acting suspiciously!” 


No, Emily! That’s not it! 


“You’re a pretty smart maid.” 


The butler looked me up and down and turned to the plant’s picture. 


I thought there was nothing special, so I decided to just let it go. 


“Is this true” 


After reading the plant book, the butler opened the book in front of the kitchen maid. 


The kitchen maid shook her head desperately and denied it, but it was in an instant that the falsehood was revealed. 


Realizing that she could no longer lie, the kitchen maid eventually confessed the truth, and under the call of the butler, I brought Marie. 


“Say what you just said again.” 


The butler ordered the kitchen maid with cold eyes, and she looked at Marie with tearful eyes. 


“Maid Marie found out that I had a sick sister and gave me money to put the drug in his meal!” 


“What are you saying—! Butler, she’s framing me!” 


“Shut up!” 


The kitchen maid confessed all the circumstances so far, so she would not be the only one to suffer. 


Marie shouted ‘no’ with a red face, but too many circumstances fit. 


“That kitchen maid is framing me!” 


“Why does the kitchen maid want to frame you” 


“I don’t know, but It’s unfair to me! It’s unfair!” 


The butler’s gaze was cold even after seeing Marie crying sadly. 


“First of all, I’ll tell the Marquis about this.

Keep the maid of the kitchen locked up, and Marie you should self-reflect.

There are still only circumstances, so as soon as the evidence comes out, we will punish you.” 


When Marie gritted her teeth and looked at me at the cold butler’s words, I turned my head away. 


I had to block all the problems while I was on duty for meals. 


This was also good for the next maid who came to replace me. 


“And Rosie.” 


I opened my eyes wide because I didn’t know the butler would call me. 


“Do you have any intention of becoming an exclusive maid” 




“The thing that the Marquis brought in is called a monster.

They say it curses and charms people.

But contrary to the rumors, it’s not like that.” 


Hold on, butler.

What are you talking about 


As if trying to convince me, the butler tried to unravel the image of Richard that Argen had created so far as gently as possible. 


However, I knew what happened to the exclusive maids of the original work. 


“The job now will be easier than what you were doing before.

And the salary will go up.” 




“It’s not a bad condition.

Rather, there are no other conditions like this.” 


“—Butler, I.” 


As if he could read the refusal on my face, the butler spoke before I could even finish my words. 


“Think about it a little and answer it—” 


“I thought about it, but I don’t like it.” 


The butler put on a bewildered expression as if I had answered too firmly.

But right away, skillfully, the expression returned to its original state. 



If you don’t like it, I will not recommend it anymore.” 


“Thank you for giving me such a generous offer.” 


Fortunately, the butler did not continue to recommend it. 


Because I was going to leave this Marquis State as soon as I collected some money. 


Later, it will float right before Richard runs away. 


Therefore, I never intended to be an exclusive maid with a strong death flag. 


With that determination, I came to deliver Richard’s dinner— 


“I heard that you rejected the offer to be an exclusive maid.” 


How the hell do you know that 


“Why did you refuse” 


Incomprehensible, his eyes darkened. 




When Marie’s problem was resolved, I was on my way to bring dinner for Richard with relief. 


“I heard that you rejected the offer to be an exclusive maid.” 


But as soon as I entered the room, Richard suddenly asked. 


How does he know that fact 


Richard was smiling, but he didn’t seem to smile because he was truly happy. 


“The gatekeeper told me.” 


Realizing my question, he immediately told me the source of the information. 


“That person told you—” 


“To be exact, I heard the gatekeeper talking to his close friend outside.” 


You can hear stories from the outside this room 


“Why did you refuse”


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