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Chapter 113

Thank you Kiki for the kofi~

“Rosie, I have a suggestion for you…”

Argen’s green eyes are curved.

It was a pleasant smile that was rarely seen on his face.

“Don’t you want to get engaged to me”

At that moment, I almost asked him if he was crazy.

“… I don’t know what you mean by that all of a sudden.”

“Isn’t it difficult to say that we got engaged”

The embarrassing words slowed my brain for a moment.

“Oh, yes.

Rosie Did you say you want to marry the person you love”

When did I

I had to think again about what Argen meant.

Not just Argen, I don’t know why you think I’ll remember the details of what happened three years ago.

“But I need you, Rosie.”


“You are very suspicious and try to deceive me by lying that you do not remember.”


“Besides, you know my secret, but the reason I’m keeping you alive is because I need you.”


“I am showing you a lot of mercy.”

A mercy.

I don’t know what mercy is, but given that I recklessly captured and imprisoned Richard, leaving me like this might be really Argen’s own mercy.

“But you’d better remember that my patience has reached its limit as I’ve endured three years.”

“… What happens if I refuse”

“It must be hard to forgive the fact that Baron Sablen hid the criminal.”

He was going to threaten Michelle.

A trash human.

“It wouldn’t be too bad for you to be by my side.”


“As the fiancée of the Marquis Evantes, you too will have that much power.

Isn’t it good for the future of Baron Sablen and you”

My head started spinning quickly.

Argen branded me as a criminal for the crime of entering Evantes mansion by deceiving my identity.

And I can’t run away right now.


I changed my mind.

As he said, if it were the power that I could enjoy for a while as his fiancee.

It will help me in the future and also to protect me from those crazy dogs everywhere.

Argen freed me.

He seemed to know that my answer had been decided.

I went round and round the castle with such meaningless worries, and I sat down.

Hoping that the fluttering cold snow cools my heated head.

Then I met Yurtha.

I was so upset back then.

Because he was one of the culprits who ruined my escape plan.

So I smiled and said,


What do you mean engaged.

What did Rose say now

“… What do you mean, sister”

“It’s true.

Marquis Evantes has proposed me.”


Yurtha could not accept the current situation.

“… Sister, are you joking”


“Such prank jokes are no fun.”

“Why would I play pranks on you”

Rose’s red lips curled up.

It was a charming and beautiful smile, but Yurtha felt hot under his eyes looking at it.

If that story was true, he was not confident of maintaining reason.

“Did the Marquis of Evantes threaten you”



I think I know now.”

Yurtha smiled brightly and walked to Rose, who was sitting.

Poor sister.

As in the days when she was in Herthas, if she doesn’t have confidence, she still has no power.

“My sister was threatened by Marquis Evantes.”

As if he knew now, he repeated the same thing.

Rose looked at Yurtha with dull eyes.

“You don’t want to believe that, I was threatened”

As if to ridicule him, the corner of Rose’s mouth lifted up at an angle.

“Unfortunately, you are mistaken.”

She lightly shattered Yurtha’s illusion.

Yurtha wrinkled his eyes.

A little while ago, she had definitely told him to save her.

But now, Rose smiled brightly amid the fluttering snow.

Just as the moonlight in the dark night sky only illuminates Rose, Yurtha’s gaze contained her.

“Actually, I had a crush on Marquis Evantes three years ago.”


“Maybe that dream has come true”

It was like a dream girl, but she didn’t know that it was just a mockery of him.

“You are joking.”

“That’s right.

It’s actually a joke.

But being engaged is serious.”

“Do you think I’ll leave it alone”

“Is that the only thing you know how to say”

Rose had a face that said that Yurtha was funny.

“If I go crazy and kidnap my sister, what are you going to do”

“Go back to the capital.”

Yurtha wrinkled his eyes.

He didn’t like what his sister had said a while ago.

It seemed that she would disappear with the fluttering snow.

He finally couldn’t stand it and reached out to her.

He grabbed Rose’s arm and looked straight into her eyes.

“Sister, you’re mine.”


“So engagement is impossible.”

Rose looked at Yurtha without any emotion and burst into laughter.

“Really, you…”

That faint smile was so pretty that it seemed like it would stop his heart.

“It never goes beyond expectations.”

She raised a hand that was not held by him and patted his chest.

“You said you’d change, but you’re still coercive.

I don’t know what’s changed about you.”


Yurtha wanted to deny that.

If you stay by my side, I can change.

But you don’t even give me a chance.

A feeling that had been suppressed for a long time soared.

At that moment, Rose raised her hand and stroked Yurtha’s cheek.

He looked at her in amazement.

Rose’s hands were cold as they had been sitting there for a long time.

“Are you offended”

Her voice was gentle and soft.


“… Sister.”

“I’m sorry I got angry.”

Even for a moment, the emotions were boiling over, and Yurtha’s expression was relieved by that warmth.

He didn’t want to lose that warmth.


He knelt down, calling Rose.

Looking up at her eagerly, Rose smiles softly.

But the pink eyes looking at him were still cold.

He didn’t know why.

Somehow he wanted to cry.

Rose is still stuck in ‘that thing’.

like Yurtha.

“… I didn’t do that.”


“I didn’t do that.”

He hugged her by the waist and made an unknown plea.


What’s wrong with you all of a sudden

It was quite embarrassing.

I couldn’t understand Yurtha, who suddenly begged like a child in my arms.

‘Is it because you are cold’

Since Yurtha is a madman, I tried not to touch his heart if possible.

I thought it was better to be as gentle as possible, but strangely, when I stopped looking at it, irritation and disgust soared on its own.

I came to my senses late and changed to a kind attitude, but…

“… When are you going to trust me”

That’s what it looks like.

Why are you doing this

What the hell happened with Rose I was very frustrated because I didn’t know.

“Yurtha, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Please tell me in detail.”

I suppressed my irritation as much as I could and lifted his head.

Then Yurtha looks at me.

“What are you talking about”

“You are doing this because of ‘that’, isn’t it Maybe that’s why you’re engaged”

‘That thing’

Come to think of it, even three years ago, he said something I couldn’t understand.

Suddenly, I remembered the moment when Richard escaped a long time ago.

As I was going down the stairs of the Evantes mansion, I met Yurtha.

He offered to help me and I declined.

What did Yurta say when I said that

Buried between Rose and Yurtha, the past I don’t know.

I’m getting sick of it again.

“That’s thing.

I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Please explain, Yurtha.”

He looked at me with a contorted face, as if his throat was choked.

“… Sister, I really didn’t do that.”


“I didn’t do that….”

He seemed to be trapped in a shackle that he could not escape.

The figure made me take off his body for a moment and become curious.

“Tell me, Yurtha.”

I know.

If I treat you like this, Yurtha will never reject me.

In the end, he opened his mouth painfully like a prisoner pierced by a thorn.

“I… You’re blaming me for killing ‘that woman’.”


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