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I don’t even know how I broke up with Yurtha.



Hearing his words, I was stunned for a moment.


What is he talking about now


You killed that woman Who is she I wanted to ask more.


However, Yurtha could not handle this moment and hid in my arms.




He Hanging around like a child and just begged.


It was quite the opposite of any Yurtha personality I had seen before.


After a while, Yurtha got up and stood up as if he had been able to control his emotions.





It was a voice with a strong determination as if he would never let me go.


… I will do anything to stop it.


Why doesn’t he know


The more he act like that, the harder my heart becomes.


‘The fiancee of the Marquis Evantes.’


It is a position that can hold considerable power in her hands.


At the same time, it will be a sure shield to protect me.


It’s not that there aren’t any issues.


Still, if you carry the power of Evantes on your back, it will be difficult for him to touch me for a while.


No one else.


No, did I have a choice in the first place


If I reject Argen’s offer here, I will be immediately retaliated.


In that case, it would be better to take a friendly stance.


Let’s meet Argen.


‘But what was that about’



It has nothing to do with me, but I keep worrying about it as if I’m involved with it.


Who is that woman Who did he kill

And whether he killed her or not.

The more I think about it, the more complicated it gets.


I don’t know.


It has nothing to do with me, so don’t worry about it.


The more I thought about the conversation, the more I felt like I was going to the ground.


I feel like I should never know.


“I came to see the Marquis.”


While I was thinking, I had arrived in front of Argen’s room.


I winked at the knight standing in front of the door to open it.


“The Marquis went for a walk in the garden.”


At this time


Isn’t it too late to go out for a walk


I nodded in agreement and headed straight to the garden.


As I left the mansion, a strong wind blew.

My body was trembling.

I’m already sensitive to the cold.


I went to Argen, expressing my dissatisfaction with my weak body.


If I couldn’t find him right away because it was cold, I thought I’d come back to Argen tomorrow.


At that moment, Argen, who was stroking a dry branch, came into view.


He turned to look at me as if he had found me late.




“Aren’t you cold”


“You look cold.”


It was me who asked, but Argen looked at me pathetic as I was shaking.





I looked at Argen.


Looking around this garden with a thin shirt on his body, he could stand it.


“You look cold, let’s go inside the mansion.”


“It’s okay.

I’m kinda used to it.

Let’s talk here.”


It really was.

It was less cold because the body temperature had adapted to the outside temperature.


I didn’t want to waste time by moving to the mansion.


“I’m here to ask you something.

It’s natural to be engaged to the Marquis first, but what will you do with the false accusation that I’m a criminal”


“Have you made a decision”


I nodded.

I don’t even have a choice in the first place.


“You can’t be a criminal if you’re my fiancee.”


For now, this is a solution


“Then will you help Baron Sablen maintain the aide position”




Argen answered bluntly.


“You seem quite obsessed with the Sablen family.”


“… Obsessed”


“Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to come to accept this offer.”


No, you didn’t give me a choice in the first place.

What are you talking about


I sighed and answered.


“Because that was my life.”


3 years was a pretty long time.


All the things I’ve built up during that time, all the things I’ve made in this world are there.


These were things that were difficult to give up right away.


“And Marquis Evantes’s fiancee position isn’t bad either.

Isn’t it a place that everyone covets”


“Are you greedy too”


… To be honest, I’m a little greedy.


… It’s funny, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to imprison me.


However, it is a very unstable place because we do not know what the future of Argen will be.


The problem is that it comes with fatal flaws as much as its strengths, but…


‘How many times have the originals been twisted’


Almost everything was twisted.


So maybe this time it will be different


And the distant future.

I wondered if it would be okay if I twisted and fell.


“I’m going to try to be greedy from now on.”


Argen was speechless.


He looked at me with silent eyes, not knowing what was going on.


“If I get engaged to the Marquis, what should I do”


I don’t know why, but he said he needed me.


What are you trying to make me do


“You just have to quietly do what I tell you to do.”


“I don’t know what to do, so you’re telling me to just get engaged”




Argen called me with a steady voice.


“If you want to know, I can tell you.”


… Then why didn’t you tell me right away


As he frowned, a soft smile was drawn on Argen’s lips.


As soon as I was mesmerized by his pretty smile, Argen opened his mouth again in a low voice.


“But the more you know, the harder it will be to get out of it.”




“I’ll tell you if you can handle it.”


“That’s Okay.

I won’t listen.”


Argen’s eyebrows twitched.

He looked unhappy with something.


Then should I try to stay with you


“Aren’t you going to make me do something strange”


“Well, sometimes I might ask you to sing a song.”




It looks like he’s trying to do something really weird.


I sighed.


I don’t think I’m gonna kill him.

He says when he only needs it.


“How long is the engagement period”


“… Engagement period”


“Are you going to marry someone else”


Argen is an arrogant aristocrat to the bone.

I was quite surprised when he offered me an engagement.


This is because I didn’t know that he would make such a proposal to a commoner who he regarded as insignificant.


“How long do I have to be by your side, Marquis I want to hear the clear time.”


Argen narrowed his brow.

Judging by the expression on his face, it seems that something I said was against his heart.


However, it was something that had to be pointed out before I sat down with him.


‘If the time is indefinite, let’s run away.’


This was the part I was most worried about in the current situation.


Because of threats, I accepted the absurd condition to become his fiancée, but I didn’t decide to run away immediately because there are many benefits.


But if the period is long, it cannot be complied with.


I have my life, and I can’t live with him.


“A year at most.”


“A year”


I thought you’d say “Stay until I’m satisfied,” but it was unexpected.


“Is a year enough”


“One year would be enough.

After that, I will guarantee you freedom and reward.”


“What kind of reward will you give me”


“I’ll give you anything you want.”


It’s a pretty generous condition for a threatening criminal.


As the start was not good, I was a little afraid of this situation that was going in my favor.


“… Why are you calling for such generous terms”


It was so strange that I couldn’t help but ask.




Argen shut his mouth again.


Oddly enough, his smile seemed a little faint.




I didn’t know it was really a rumor.


As soon as Argen’s proposal was accepted, the rumors spread immediately.






After hearing all the noises floating around in the northern castle, it felt dark.


It’s better than being a criminal, but….


Argen, can’t we just spread rumors normally


I felt like crying.


It was when I was walking down the hallway with a sigh.


I ran into a man in a pure white priest’s uniform.


Suddenly, my body stiffened.


Why are you here…


I heard that he had left the North.


“You’re getting engaged, Rosie.”


Richard smiled softly and looked at me.


It was a good smile, as if celebrating an engagement, but the inside was twisted.



I am engaged.”


Richard looked down at me like that.


Suddenly, the smile on his lips disappeared.


“You already kissed me, but you marry another man”


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