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The day the banquet was held was busier.


I had to check with the maids from the morning to see if there were any problems with the party being held this time.


“It’s done—”


Around the afternoon, I was allowed to take time to rest.

But when the party began, I started working again.


I attended the banquet hall and quietly placed myself in the corner.


As a maid here, I was obliged to attend when the nobles called her.


“Just kill it—”


The other maids who stood by also muttered in amazement whether it was a joke to consume stamina. 


I turned my eyes and looked at the banquet hall.


“Viscount Hessen is entering!”


Nobles were busily entering the banquet hall.


I held back my yawn and looked at the scene indifferently.


“The Marquis Moldke’s Young Lady Reina Moldke is entering!”


“Noble Sian Argo—”


How much time has passed The shout of the man standing at the door decreased.


It seemed that most of the nobles had entered.


It was time to lean on the wall, hoping that this party would end soon.


“Count Herthas’ Yurtha Herthas is entering!”


Now, what—


Did I hear it correctly


I stared blankly at the man entering the banquet hall with everyone’s attention.


Black hair and red eyes like rubies.


—For sure.

It was the sub-male lead. 


—And I’m probably the older sister who, with a high probability, doesn’t have the same drop of blood. 


No way, did he come to catch me


No way.

As far as I know, he never had an excuse before. 


I sneaked behind Emily’s back.


I should never let my existence be discovered.

Fortunately, my body was completely hidden by Emily’s body, which is one of the women with the best physique.


A cold sweat formed on the back of my back at the thought that the moment I was found out by him, it was over.


“Rosie, what’s wrong with you”


“That’s— I have a phobia that makes me nauseous when there are a lot of people—”


“Really Why didn’t you tell me that you have such a phobia”


Because I didn’t know he’d come here!


‘I just have to endure this moment without getting caught.’


I hope I can move on safely.


My heart pounded like crazy.


Gently pressing on my trembling chest, I thought that I had to get away from Yurtha, but at that moment he turned his head and looked around. 


As if looking for someone.


As soon as he couldn’t see the person he was looking for, Yurtha gave a disappointed look. 


She’s not here.


The upset open mouth was clear. 


I was wondering what to do, what to do, but Argen appeared from far away and began to give a congratulatory speech.


It was a moment when the chaotic atmosphere was concentrated in one place.


Emily anxiously asked if she felt sorry for me, who kept crouching down.


“…Emily, I feel like throwing up because I’m not feeling well.

Can I stop today and go”


“If you’re sick, there’s nothing we can do about it.

I’ll tell the other kids and the head maid, Rosie, so you can go now.” 


When Emily opened her chest and said, as if she was going to take responsibility for everything, I was strangely reassured. 


“What can I do when you’re sick”


Well, I’m going to quit soon anyway, so there was nothing to be afraid of. 


“Thank you, Emily.”


Finally, when Argen’s congratulatory speech was over, the party got excited.

I took the opportunity to step out to quietly escape. 


I walked toward the door of the banquet hall that was covered by crowds.


I glanced at Yurtha.

Fortunately, it seemed that Yurtha had not yet noticed my existence. 



That’s good.

Just like this—.


While I was distracted by Yurtha, I didn’t see anyone in front of me and bumped into him.




I fell down to the point where it was in vain to move quietly.


I covered my mouth, which had spit out loudly in a hurry.


Damn it, damn it.


Don’t tell me that Yurtha saw me—.


“Who do you, such a lowly maid, dare to bump into!”


I was worried that I would be caught by Yurtha, but the noble family shouted without hiding their anger, drawing attention from the surrounding people in an instant.


To make matters worse.




Emily, who saw me bump into a noble, ran loudly calling my name.


The sense of cold sweat flowing diagonally down the spine was clear.


Even though it wasn’t a cold day, I slowly closed my eyes and lifted them up as I felt the back of my neck naturally. 


I tried hard to move my stiff neck like a wooden stone and threw my eyes in the direction where Yurtha was.


Sure enough, Yurtha was looking this way.




I met his red eyes.

When I faced the red eyes that were bending pleasantly, my whole body was chilling and the temperature subsided coldly.


“Hurry, what are you doing without asking for an apology!”


The nobleman, who didn’t pay attention to Yurtha, raised his voice.


I only bit my lips in frustration. 


“I, I apologize!”


Emily, who appeared then, apologized to him for me.


She hurriedly raised my body with strong power and hid me behind her back.


“R, Rosie is very sick—!”


“Because your vulgar b*tches is sick—!”




It was a time when the man didn’t care about the attention of his surroundings.


Argen, the owner of today’s party, came over here.

It was then that the man called the Viscount looked at Argen with a softened expression. 


“Do you have to raise your voice on a good day”


“…Marquis Evantes.”


“There’s nothing good about breaking the good atmosphere.” 


He was telling him to shut up. 


The Viscount, who quickly understood the words, shrugged and retreated.

It was a thorough ‘strength and weakness’. 


I was relieved when the nobleman left after raising his voice.


However, it is still too early to be relieved. 


This is because Yurtha was still looking this way.


His red eyes, which discovered me, shone horribly brightly.


—I think I’m screwed. 



“Why aren’t you leaving”


It was fortunate that Argen gave me a hint as if to go there.


I bowed my head and left the banquet hall as if I were running away at a quick pace.


I had to get away from here quickly.


Rosie’s body reacted violently when I saw Yurtha.

My whole body trembled thinly as if it were a physiological phenomenon. 


It was my first time, so I had an unfamiliar sense. 


As I breathed in a trembling breath, I heard slow footsteps clinging to the quiet space. 


The moment I was startled by the sound of footsteps, I could hear the sound of the dry soil being trampled around me as if I had taken one more step. 


I couldn’t bear to look back.


The shadow of the person behind me stretched dimly in front of me.

It was a man’s shadow. 


Rosie’s body spoke to me.

Her beating heart made me scream.


Who is it Is it Yurtha


At a time when I couldn’t breathe properly due to extreme tension, the man behind my back opened his mouth. 




The one who calls me is not Yurtha. 


Then who is it


It was only then that I turned around.


There was a gray-haired handsome man wearing one-sided glasses standing there.


After reading the original work, I already knew who he was.


“…No, should I call you Herthas Young Lady”


“You saw the wrong person.”


“Even if I saw it wrong, it doesn’t matter.

My master saw it as I told him.”


Damn it.

My head hurts. 


I stared at the man without avoiding him, pointing to my dizzy head.


Who was it If I can’t avoid it, just enjoy it. 


What on earth did he say that with


“My master told me to tell Young Lady this.”




“He told you not to sleep today, but to wait.

He will come to you soon.”




“Now that I’ve told you, I’ll get going.”


His master was obvious.

It was Yurtha. 


He’ll come to me soon


Does that mean I have to be dragged by the crazy guy


After reading the original work, I know how crazy Yurtha is.


But I read it only in text and it didn’t really make sense to me.


The problem was Rosie’s dream.

The moment I had that dream, Yurtha was imprinted on me as the worst person ever, and Rosie’s body screamed as if rejecting him.


“What do you mean meet”


When Asher, a man who called Yurtha the master, left, I muttered alone in a quiet night without anyone.


I have to run away right now.


But how 


—I had to run away to a place where at least no one was there.


But where is that place


I don’t know where it is.

However, strangely, the body was already heading for the correct answer.


By the time the tension reached the roof, my feet stopped.


—Ironically, it has been a place I have been trying to avoid so far.


It was the basement where Richard is.


I’m not sure, but this was the only room to escape from Yurtha. 


The gatekeeper guarding the front was dozing off.


As I entered this basement, I thought countless times.


No matter how much I think about it, this is crazy.

Am I really coming into the tiger’s den to avoid a fox


Is this right


A crazy fox and a tiger who is not willing to attack yet.


I weighed it, but the balance did not easily tilt to either side.


I forced myself to step into Richard’s room.



When the rusty door rang with a sharp sound, I looked back worried that the gatekeeper would wake up.


But unfortunately, it wasn’t the gatekeeper that I had to worry about now.


Blue eyes with a desperate desire revealed.


It was so clear even at night.


He stared at me as if he were going to eat me right away.


The feeling of being eaten by just his gaze already made my head go numb. 


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